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40.2k · Dec 2012
Nature (Sonnet)
Marian Dec 2012
I see the sunlight dappled on the hill,
A balmy afternoon in the late Spring,
I hear the sweet beautiful birdsong still;
It's a time when all the birds sweetly sing!
And the meadows of flowers sweetly blow,
They perfume the air with fragrance so sweet,
Sometimes at evening when I walk slow;
I stop to see those flowers at my feet.
I stop and stoop to smell their dear sweetness,
For they are filled with everlasting grace,
For sometimes they will my fair cheeks caress;
And brush their petals up against my face.
I admire they're so very sweet beauty,
They are a very fond treasure to see!

This is my first Sonnet! It makes me happy to write one!!
26.4k · Jan 2013
Summer Night (Sonnet)
Marian Jan 2013
Cicadas and katydids are calling
Breezes blow in from my open window
Roses are blooming and leaves are falling
The moon's rays hitting my lawn look like snow
Owls are singing from majestic trees
While sweet Bluebirds are sleeping in bushes
Night dances through the softly blowing breeze
And Midnight silently the world hushes
Dewdrops like jewels shine on roses sweet
And the stars twinkle all through the calm night
While the Fairies dance on enchanted feet
And the moon happily shines very bright
And I under my warm covers doth sleep
Until pretty morning brightly doth peep.

Marian Jan 2014

The Beauty Of Flowers (Multiple Tankas I)

A field of tulips
Is where I laid down to sleep
And dream a sweet dream
Dew sparkled on the tulips
And fell upon my fair cheeks

In the shady woods
Ladyslipper Orchids grow
Near a babbling brook.
Yellows and Pinks standing tall
With ferns spreading all around.

Beside the ocean
The hibiscus are blooming
Such a sweet perfume
Lingers on the salty breeze
Such beautiful rainbow hues

Snowdrops are the first
To appear blooming in frost
Pure white heads nodding.
Cold hardy and full of life,
They offer a hope of Spring.

Beside the farmhouse
Gardenias are blooming
White satin blossoms
Their perfume is breathtaking
Rain-washed petals of fragrance

~Timothy & Marian~


La beauté des fleurs (plusieurs Tankas je)

Un champ de tulipes
Est où j'ai prévue de dormir
Et un doux rêve
Rosée brillait sur les tulipes
Et tomba sur mes joues justes

Dans les bois ombragés
Ladyslipper orchidées poussent
Près d'un petit ruisseau.
Jaunes et roses debout
Avec fougères répand tout autour.

À côté de l'océan
L'hibiscus sont en fleurs
Tel un doux parfum
S'attarde sur la brise salée
Ces teintes belle arc-en-ciel

Perce-neige est les premiers
À comparaître fleurissant en gel
Têtes blanches pures hochant la tête.
Résistantes au froid et pleine de vie,
Ils offrent un espoir de printemps.

À côté de la ferme
Gardénias sont en fleurs
Fleurs de satin blancs
Leur parfum est à couper le souffle
Pétales restés du parfum

*~ Timothy et Marian ~
Another Dad and Daughter collaboration.
Hope you enjoy! :)
© Timothy 10 January, 2014.
© Marian 10 January, 2014.
14.4k · Apr 2015
Spring Wishes
Marian Apr 2015
Down a peaceful, quiet lane
The two-story farmhouse awaits
Bathed in evening hues
Of rich lavenders, pinks,
And dusty apricot
The lilac scented breezes blow
Whispering stories of summer
Let me dance in pastures
Of buttercups and wild daisies
Where horses graze contentedly
And Virginia bluebells sway
Where time becomes stuck
And lets me live this golden moment
Just once more

Dedicated to a farmhouse I saw
For sale today online...I really liked it,
So I wrote this poem about it!! :)
It's been awhile, guys,
So I thought I would write something
Today and post it!! ~~~<3
Enjoy!! :)
12.4k · May 2013
Sonnet: Mother's Day
Marian May 2013
Without you Mother's Day wouldn't be the same
It could not be Mother's Day without you
Without you Mother's Day would be a game
Something made up that makes me feel so blue
You're the best Mom in the whole world...Ever
Without you I would not know right from wrong
Would I feel happy without you? Never!
Without you life would not be a glad song
So I want to thank you for ev'rything
And for teaching me of Jesus above
And for making life so happily sing
And for teaching me of dear Jesus' love
Without you life wouldn't so gladly sing
So thank you, Mother for everything!*

Lovingly dedicated to my Mother as a Mother's Day present!!! So sorry it couldn't be more!!! ~<3
12.3k · Apr 2013
Seashell Prayers
Marian Apr 2013
Let us gather seashells
Collect them and dump them in our pails
Then we'll hold a seashell
Then we will bow our heads and close our eyes
And we will say prayers for each other
And pray about things that weigh upon
Our hearts.

Inspired by a Dvd my parents and I like to watch. I dedicate this poem to my Mom!! She is my dearest friend and sister. . . EVER!!!!! :) :) ~<3 ~<3
11.0k · Aug 2015
Marian Aug 2015
Let us help do what we can for animals everywhere
The rest of the world can be animal abusive
But that doesn't mean we have to
We can help do as much as possible
To stop animal abuse
Or we can just go our way
And do nothing whatsoever
Stand up for what's right

Sorry if this steps on anyone's toes,
But I believe that we should do what we can
To help stop animal abuse...
And I am trying to think of what I can do to stop it...
Another thing I don't like is how you have to be rich nowadays
Just to ensure your pet can live longer...
And that is partly why so many animals have to be put to sleep
I know, because it's happened to me and my family
But I intend to do something about it
And I encourage you all to the same...
It doesn't even have to be something big...
Thanks for taking the time to read this...
And sorry if I sound rude here...
I certainly wasn't trying to be...
And thank you for your time!!
10.9k · Jul 2013
The Ocean's Lullaby
Marian Jul 2013
That Night by the ocean
The waves sung me a lullaby
Of palm tree silhouettes
And tropical sunsets
Of singing waves
And gritty white sand
Of lemonade sipped on the shore
Of nocturnal ukuleles singing a melody
Of sandy flip-flops left on the sand
Of little ocean seashells
And ocean treasures beneath the waves
Of hibiscus blossoms in bloom
Of tropical fruits
Of salty breezes stirring my brown hair
Of tropical Nights
And on and on their lullaby went
And hushed me to sleep*

10.6k · Jun 2013
The Waterfall (Cascade)
Marian Jun 2013
I love the flowing waterfall,
With graceful sounds it roars,
And flows down the cliff.

Surrounded by ferns and palm trees,
Is its gushing water,
I love the flowing waterfall.

Such a beautiful waterfall,
It's mighty sound echoes through the mountains,
With graceful sounds it roars.

I love the sound of the waterfall,
As it's roar echoes through the mountains,
And flows down the cliff.

Cascade, a form created by Udit Bhatia, is all about receptiveness, but in a smooth cascading way like a waterfall. The poem does not have any rhyme scheme; therefore, the layout is simple. Say the first verse has three lines. Line one of verse one becomes the last line of verse two. To follow in suit, the second line of verse one becomes the last line of verse three. The third line of verse one now becomes the last line of verse four, the last stanza of the poem. See the structure example below:

a/b/c, d/e/A, f/g/B, h/i/C

To make the Cascade an even longer poem, use more lines in verse one. For example, if verse one has 6 lines, the poem must have seven stanzas so that each line of verse one is reused as a refrain in each following stanza (a cascading effect).
10.1k · Mar 2013
Happy Sunrays
Marian Mar 2013
Happy is the sunray,
That lightens up the break of day,
Happily it will shine;
Sunray so kind!

They are always so pretty,
Especially when they smile at you and me,
As they dance in the meadow;
And sometimes even on the snow.

Sunrays are here to make you glad,
To cheer you up when you feel sad,
Sunrays forever love to dance;
As they smile at you in a trance.

For they are in their own world,
Where no one ever exchanges a cross word,
Where everything is peace and harmony;
And where everything's tranquil and happy.

9.4k · Apr 2014
Woodland (Triolet)
Marian Apr 2014
Sunrays are slanting through the trees
While the sweet tiny bluebells sway
In sweet summertime's blowing breeze
Sunrays are slanting through the trees
While the sweet tiny bluebells sway
In the warmth of the tender day
Sunrays are slanting through the trees
While the sweet tiny bluebells sway

Probably Not One Of My Best
But I Hope You All Enjoy It Anyway!!! :) ~~~~<3
8.4k · May 2013
The Dainty Ballerina
Marian May 2013
Like a gazelle she ballets with gracefulness
Like a ballerina
Dancing to Dance of the Little Swans
With beauty and grace
Oh let me see thy fair face,
Sweet sister of mine
Let me watch you ballet gracefully
Through woods, fields, and meadows
She sleeps soundly in a bed of ferns
Oh sweet sister of mine
With the most prettiest satin wings you ever saw
And a pretty pink flowing gown
And soft pale pink ballet slippers
With the most pristine pink ribbons
Tied around her delicate ankles
She ballets, Oh sister of mine
With a crown of baby rosebuds on her
And rosettes on her gown
She dances with delight, Oh, fair sister of mine
She dances even more beautifully
And gracefully
Than the yellow sunflowers
Of gold that waltz in fields and meadows
Dance for me, Oh fair sister of mine
Dance to me on hills of sublime green
Dance, Oh, beautiful sister of mine
Ballet for me gracefully like the
Lotus ballets upon the sapphire lake
Ballet Oh, sweetest sister of mine
Waltz for me in a field of dancing flowers
Waltz for me, Oh, dear sister of mine
I love you, oh, graceful sister of mine

Written for my sweet sis, Adreiska Moonlight!!! Ballet to Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata played by piano in the Moonlight which dances through my room. But you, dearest sis, can ballet much more finer than Moonlight!!! Because you are those rays!!!! :) ~<3
8.3k · Apr 2013
Flamingo Paradise
Marian Apr 2013
They love where the waves wash up on the shore
And where sunsets and sunrises are always
Seen from the rocky islands
With the silhouettes of palm trees
As the sun goes down behind
The curtain of the west
And takes his rest
Then the Moon and stars
Come out and twinkle
And shine their brightness
For all to see
And the Sea Fairies
Come out on the shore
And dance to the Tropical songs
That all Sea Fairies love to sing
And they dance upon the shore
They dance all Night
When tired they sit upon the cool sand
Of the beach
And sit there
Watching the waves
And the dark blue sea
With it's reflection of the full Moon
The Hibiscus is awake with the
Sea Fairies
And she unfurls her soft sweet petals
Towards the full Moon*

© Marian All Rights Reserved
8.2k · Aug 2016
Flower Girl
Marian Aug 2016
In ancient meadow yonder
She frolics with butterflies
Wearing a halo of wildflowers
Written: August 25, 2016.
Dedicated to my three favorite poets:
My mom, Hilda, and my Dad, Timothy,
And also to my dear friend, Lena S!!! :) ~~~~~<3
After a long hiatus, I have returned!!!
Hopefully I can write more poetry soon!! :)
7.6k · Sep 2014
For You Both ♥
Marian Sep 2014
I sat down with you
In the coolness of the night air
Watching you sip Dr. Pepper
After a long day's work
I listened to the sounds of summer
Watched a few stars twinkling
In the jet colored sky
We were happily chit-chatting
About this and that
We were all together
Just us three
Oh, those summer evenings
Gone forever
Only shadows remain
Touching my heart

For my dad & mom, Timothy & Hilda!!! ~~~~~<3
I wish I could be a better daughter to you...
I am sure that there're over a million ways
I could be much better than I am!!! ~~~~<3
Hope you enjoy this poem!!! :) ~~~~~<3
7.6k · Mar 2013
Sunrays (Haiku)
Marian Mar 2013
I love the sunrays
That brighten up my bedroom
On even dark days.

7.4k · Mar 2013
Marian Mar 2013
Dewdrops shining in the sun
On the sweet hibiscus blooms
Sweet orchids open their satin petals
To greet the sweetly shining sun
Against the royal blue sky
With pink cotton candy clouds
Floating across the pretty sky
Like a slow dream or illusion
Too good to be true
Winding meadows and roaring waterfalls
Make sweet pictures of landscape
Mountains high and ravines sharp
With huge boulders
Paths rocky and steep
Such a lovely place

7.4k · Dec 2012
Marian Dec 2012
I just love the sunray,
To brighten everyday!
I love it! Don't you
When sunshine fills the sky of blue?

I always love to it see,
As it is always a treasure for me,
When the sun hits against the trees;
And looks as if it's burning the leaves.

We always need sunshine,
Along with Jesus to fill our heart, soul, and mind,
Without God;
We're just a piece of sod.

When Jesus cleans our hearts all through,
It's only then that we'll feel happy instead of blue,
He's the Only One Who makes us glad;
Instead of always being sad!
7.2k · Feb 2014
Wind Chimes
Marian Feb 2014
They sing a song of melody
Some beautiful tune
That only Fairies sing at night
They ****** in the daytime
They quietly chime in the distance at night
Wind chimes ****** in the forest
Where the Fairies dance at night
In their beautiful Fairy Ring
Where all Fairies gather for the dance
Where we dance in a Ring
Wind chimes are our music
And they chime in the night breezes
A tune for us to waltz to
Even butterflies join the dance
And I am waltzing with the moon
Who smiles happily from his chair
In the dark, dark midnight sky
I love to hear the wind chimes
When they ****** in the Spring
And Summertime breezes
And in the wind of a thunderstorm
When they may chime vigorously
In the rain-scented winds
That send a twister of leaves
Flying through the air
Wind chimes soothe the mind
And tired body at night
And send sweet dreams
Into your head

7.0k · Feb 2014
Callie (Acrostic)
Marian Feb 2014
Light of my heart
I* loved you dearly
Ever in my heart I cherish you

Dedicated to my kitten, Callie
Who passed away 1-2 years ago!!! ~~~~<3
Today I was thinking about how much
I dearly miss her sweet and comforting presence!!! ~~~~~<3
Rest in peace in the comforting arms of God, Callie dear!!! ~~~~<3
But I shall always miss you
Until the day I die and see you in Heaven!!! ~~~~~<3
Until Then!!! ~~~~<3

I hope you enjoy this poem, my HP friends!!! ~~~~~<3
7.0k · May 2014
Dewdrops (10w)
Marian May 2014
Dewdrops On The Grass Sparkle
Like A Rope Of Diamonds

Another 10w Poem!! :) ~~~<3
Please Enjoy It!!! :) ~~~<3
6.7k · Nov 2012
Moonlight Sailing
Marian Nov 2012
There is a faint sunset ring, yellow, red, pink, and lavender, around the moon,
I hope the ships won't sink anytime soon,
Pray we make it to shore;
Before the storm rises anymore.

Please, dear God the storm keeps rising in the west,
Please don't let us sink down to an ocean-covered rest,
Don't let this be the last time we sail away;
The last time we see an ocean day!

Please let us make it safely to shore,
And see an ocean day once more.
God, lets the moon appear,
To let them know He will protect them and let them make it to shore and to let them know He is near.

6.6k · Feb 2013
Cactus (Haiku)
Marian Feb 2013
Growing purple blooms,
Different shades of colours,
Each one-beautiful!

6.6k · Jan 2014
The Woodland
Marian Jan 2014
The sun is shining through the trees
Tiny rain-washed bluebells
Are growing at my feet
Birds are calling to each other
Moss is growing on the ground
And lichen on the trunks of trees
Dappled sunshine lights my path
Ferns are showing off their green lace
And dewdrops are sparkling on the grass
While the sky couldn't be a bluer sapphire hue
A path of cherry blossoms in bloom
Tower overhead
Their sweet fragrance dancing on the breeze
A circle of mushrooms
Is where the Fairies dance each night
That is where I dance too
Today is such a lovely day
Spent in my enchanted Woodland

Just some random inspiration!!! :) ~~~~<3
Hope you enjoy it!!! (: ~~~~~~~~~~<3
6.4k · Feb 2013
Hibiscus Dreams
Marian Feb 2013
The sweet fragrance of hibiscus
its petals soaked with dew like sparkling jewels
mingling with the tropical song of the waves dashing against the sandy shore
where my mind travels so often to
tropical birds hush to sleep the world and every living thing
but morning wakes with dew sweet hibiscus blooms
and happy dancing butterflies kiss those petals of hibiscus flowers
such ineffable beauty that takes my breath away and when I inhale
I breathe in the sweet hibiscus blooms mingling with the smell of the salty sea
with my pen to paper I describe what I see and witness in my mind's eye
oh how I wish the journeys on the wings of imagination would last forever
but sadly the all too soon end just like sweet hibiscus dreams

6.4k · Jun 2014
Just Remember (15w)
Marian Jun 2014
Just Remember
No Matter How Sad You Are
That Tomorrow Maybe More Brighter
Than Today

Just A Random 15w Poem!!! :) ~~~~<3
Hope You Enjoy It!! ~~~<3
6.4k · Dec 2012
Ode To Lavender
Marian Dec 2012
Lavender, Lavender where do you bloom?
"In the garden but you picked me and put me in a vase in your room."

Lavender, Lavender how did you get there?
"You picked me up and put me in a vase so my perfume could fill the air."

6.1k · Jan 2013
Marian Jan 2013
The lotus floating on the cool mountain stream,
A swirl of light pink,
The water around it seemed to gleam;
A lotus that floats and never sinks!

The other flowers around you aren't quite so pretty,
You're so pretty and pure,
No other flower I admire so much you're the only I see;
Left with me, you pretty dear of that I am sure!

You're quite my treasure,
I love to see you floating on your creek,
Seeing you is my delightful pleasure;
Your beauty I admire and seek.

You float onward on your stream,
And I lay here in my bed asleep,
I quickly awaken from my dream;
I feel so sad that this wasn't real I feel like I could weep.

6.1k · May 2013
Ballerina (Haiku)
Marian May 2013
Lacy pink roses
She is dancing on the stage
She's dainty tonight

5.7k · Apr 2013
Hibiscus (Haiku)
Marian Apr 2013
Dew-kissed Hibiscus
Smell of the sweet salty waves
Dancing green palm trees

© Marian All Rights Reserved
5.7k · Apr 2014
Adorable Vanity
Marian Apr 2014
Your collar bell jingles
And all the other felines
Look at you as though
You are a Queen
You smile and shake your head
The collar bell jingles louder
The sequins on the collar sparkle
The Lady Feline smiles deeply
I put a compact mirror in front
Of her face the other day
(Mind you, cats usually
Don't like looking at themselves in mirrors)
And the Lady Feline stared at herself
For long periods of time
Sometimes blinking
Sometimes squinting
Always smiling though
Such adorable vanity
And her collar bell jingles
As if she's trying to attract
All the male felines
And make them love her

Hahaha!! :) ~~~~~<3
This Is True!! :) ~~~~<3
I Have To Painfully Admit
Lady Jane Is Rather Spoiled (Here I Blush)!!! ~~~<3
But She Is Adorable Though
And I Do Not Know What I Would Do Without
Her Comforting Presence!! :) ~~~~<3
And Yeah, The Other Day I Took Out
My Compact Mirror And Lady Jane Stared At Herself!! :) ~~~<3
Me And My Dad Gave Her A Pink Collar
With Sparkly Sequins And A Bell
And Lady Jane Jerks Her Head
Making Her Collar Bell Jingle As If To
Attract All The Other Felines!!! :) ~~~<3
So That Is Why I Titled This Poem 'Adorable Vanity'!! ;) ~~~<3
Anyways, I Hope You Enjoy This Poem
Written For My Cat Lady Jane!! :) ~~~~<3
5.3k · Jul 2013
A Tropical Evening
Marian Jul 2013
The smell of hibiscus blooms
Fragrance the beautiful evening
From somewhere in the distance
The strings of the ukulele can be heard
Lone tropical girls dance to its beautiful melody
And I begin to play my ukulele too
And I too begin to dance
On that beautiful evening
When the sky had fallen asleep
With a faint sunset in the west
And the salty breezes blew
Across each beautiful palm tree
Such a beautiful evening I can see
Only in the silver cord
Of my mind's eye

5.2k · Mar 2014
Cuddled Up Together
Marian Mar 2014
We're cuddled up together
Your paw clings to my arm
Nails ejecting cling to my arm
"Stay with me, please"
She seems to beg
Eyes of gold look into my blue eyes
And I hurriedly let her have her way
Purring beside me
Keeping my arm warm
Leaning her head into
The warmth in the crook of my arm
She smiles her feline grin
And I gently kiss her furry head
You are like a little candle
Producing happiness and light
So curl up beside me
While I type my poetry
That I dedicate for you
Now and then stopping
Between typing words
To stroke your silky
Furry body, sweet Lady Jane

This is dedicated for my beautiful kitty-cat companion, Lady Jane!!! :) ~~~~<3
She is such a sweetheart and I always cherish her presence!! :) ~~~<3
I enjoy and treasure every minute by her side!!! (: ~~~~<3
She is my very best friend for sure and certain!!! :) ~~~~~<3
Lady Jane, I love you, honey!!! (: ~~~<3
5.2k · Feb 2013
Winter's Blanket Of Snow
Marian Feb 2013
Snow. . . covering each and every branch of every tree
the ground now slumbers with blankets of snow on top of her
Winter now dances through the bitter cold air
with a crown of snowflakes in her hair
and with a robe of grey to match the dull sky
her fair white hands reach out to touch the dazzling snowflakes
which fly through the air
and land upon her hair
snowdrops hidden under their blanket of snow and ice
and all the world is sleeping
all except Mother Nature, the Snow Queen, and Winter
who stay awake to give some light to those who are still awake
dogwood blossoms haven't even opened their buds to greet the bitter air
and the bleeding hearts have never yet greeted Spring
for it is still Winter
and all the birds have flown south while Winter's birds
have flown north to greet the cold
while other birds stay here year round
without leaving whether it's hot or cold or just right
icey covered creeks are frozen cold from Winter's
cold blast
and everything is a white paradise
Wind is blowing every night
to signal it is cold
while I shiver and fall back to sleep under my own warm comforter
and the Moon's shadows dance into my room through my bedroom window
and Stars twinkle in Night's black gown streaked with midnight-blue
such picturesque beauty that only poets can pen
with their quills and feather pens dipped in black ink
stacks of papers describing millions of different themes. . .
God, Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn, Flowers, Night, Midnight,
and many other different themes which poets love

5.2k · Feb 2013
Winter (Part I)
Marian Feb 2013
Pine trees sway in the bitter cold wind,
And Jack Frost has come to stay,
Always to the earth be kind;
Whether at night or day.

Snowdrops awaken from their sleep in a bed of snow,
And bluebells awake with jewels of sparkling dew,
And through the trees sweet breezes blow;
And daisies wake anew.

Marian Nov 2012
Two cardinals sitting on a birch tree,
Are up and over the sea!
Oh! What nice birds they seem to be!

Oh! How sweet and dear,
They are. But I like the way both of them are sitting by
Each other near.

I wrote this poem sometime ago. I got the idea from a puzzle I had put together.
4.8k · Dec 2012
Turtle Bay
Marian Dec 2012
I see a sunset in the west,
The fishes and turtles under the ocean take their rest,
Palm trees here and there;
The sun is fading in the air.

Royal-blue waves crashing in motion,
A sea turtle peeps up out of the ocean,
The sunset bears shades of red and gold;
Colours so vivid and bold!

The sunrays slant under the bay,
It's nearly the end of a beautiful day,
The sun slants under the sea;
This place is so dear to me!

Four palm trees on a high cliff,
I breathe in the salty-sea all in a surprised sniff,
I heave a sigh;
While on the beautiful island I lie.

One cliff and another one in the distance I see,
What a beautiful treasure to see is the pretty sea,
So beautiful is the day;
No wonder people call this beautiful place Turtle Bay!

4.8k · Jan 2013
Enchanted Woodland
Marian Jan 2013
The sunset glistens through the trees,
The forest floor is covered with pine needles and leaves,
The trees in the breezes creak and moan;
I love coming here alone.

Everlasting ferns at my feet,
A pile of rocky boulders make a beautiful seat,
When I come here I think of days of long ago;
And about creeks that bubble and flow.

Written about a month or so ago. This place is my favourite place to sit and think at! It's so beautiful!
4.7k · Apr 2013
Cheer Up, Sweetie!
Marian Apr 2013
Cheer up, sweetie!!
You'll see Budgie again in Heaven
Where God takes all animals to be with Him
And Budgie is up there too
Singing with a voice that's loud
Perhaps Budgie is even playing on a harp
A harp of sparkling glittering gold
Budgie is singing for God
Praising Him with a voice that's sweet
Budgie is happily flying forever in Heaven
Which is literally Paradise
Where flowers grow
Birds sing
Where angels play upon harps
Where the sky is royal
Sapphire blue
And the Fountain of Life
Is reflected by the blue
In the sky
Where kittens chase butterflies
Forever happy
Every bird is singing
Praising God and so is Budgie
And she is happy with the Lord
Her Creator
Who made her in the likeness of Him

For Natasha! My dear sweet friend, I was ever so sorry to hear about your pet bird Budgie passing away so I wrote this poem for you and Budgie. I thought this might comfort you!!! ~<3 Love you, Natasha!!!! ~<3
4.5k · Apr 2013
In The Woods
Marian Apr 2013
The sun shines upon the trees
With its warm red glow
And the sunrays shine upon the trees
Where birds perch in the branches and sing
Where flowers secretly unfurl their soft petals and sweetness
Where bluebells grow and cover the ground
In purplish-blue
Where the sky is forever sapphire blue
Where the violets and moss grow
Where the breezes dance and caress my fair cheeks
Where periwinkles bloom
And peach blossoms unfurl their petals
And lift up their heads
And feel the warm sunshine on their pink cheeks
And where Fairies dance and waltz
At nighttime when Night wears her dark
Majestic gown of celestial beauty
Where the Fairies dance
And play Enchanted instruments
Like the harp
Which brings forth its nocturnal melodies
That dance upon the air
Which is perfumed with dazzling flowers
That bloom at Night
Where mist lingers in the sky
And sunrays dance upon its
Beautiful path
Where sunsets greet the west
And where sunrises say hello to Dawn
And where Dusk settles bringing
The dancing Fairies
That hush the world to sleep
With their sweet lullabies

© Marian All Rights Reserved
4.5k · Sep 2015
In A Dreamy Woodland
Marian Sep 2015
In a dreamy woodland
There's a cottage just for me
And it's waiting there now
Beside a peaceful stream
Where quiet maples grow
And deer are not afraid
Where mushrooms grow in sweet silence
And sunlight glistens amongst the leaves
There's an enchanted cottage
Hidden in those shady woods
Where running cedar
And lady ferns intertwine
Where tears never fall
From any eye
That is where my secret abode
Is found in shadowy canopy
Of sun-dappled trees
Where dewdrops passionately kiss
The demure bluebells
Where breezes whisper
Through tall, swaying pines
And rustle ancient autumn leaves
From many seasons ago
Where time stands still
And woodland fairies dance
Where willow harps are played
Echoing in dreamy breezes
Through the trees and dancing through the air
Waltzing with the butterflies
Touching the lemon citrus sun
With fingers of gold
And spring days bygone
That's where you'll find me
Dreaming riparian
Scent of petrichor
Healing my soul
In summer woodland yonder

Written: September 3, 2015, Around Midnight.
Hope You All Enjoy It!!! :)
4.5k · May 2013
Winter Solstice
Marian May 2013
Nocturnal melodies of the Harp
Sing of Winter's Solstice
Pristine strings chime out
A harmony of sublime beauty
Song of snowdrops hidden in the snow
Song of dogwoods not yet in bloom
Song of snowflakes falling sweetly on my cheeks
Song of footprints in the blanket of snow
Song of firs and pines swaying in the Winter wind
Song of tears being shed at it's beauty
Sung from the sweetest of Harps
O, how I love the Harp
And it's angelic beauty
Which makes me cry
'Tis a song of
Winter Solstice

I am in love with the Harp!! :'') :'') ~<3
4.4k · Oct 2012
The Brook
Marian Oct 2012
I come from haunts of coot and hern;
I make a sudden sally;
I sparkle out among the fern
To bicker down a valley.

By thirty hills I hurry down,
Or slip between the ridges,
By twenty thorps, a little town,
And half a hundred bridges.

At last by Philip's farm I flow
To join the brimming river,
For men may come and men may go,
But I go on forever.

I chatter over stony ways
In sharps and trebles;
I bubble into eddying bay;
I babble on the pebbles.

I chatter, chatter as I flow
To join the brimming river,
For men may come and men may go,
But I go on forever.

I wind about, and in and out,
With here a blossom sailing,
And here and there a ***** trout,
And here and there a grayling.

And here and there a foamy flake
Upon me, as I travel
With many a silvery waterbreak
Above the golden gravel,

And draw them all along, and flow
To joing the brimming river;
For men may come and men may go,
But I go on forever.

I steal by lawns and grassy plots;
I slide by hazel covers;
I move the sweet forget-me-nots
That grow for happy lovers.

I slip, I slide, I gloom, I glance
Among my skimming swallows;
I make the netted sunbeams dance
Against my sandy shallows.

I murmur under moon and stars
In brambly wildernesses;
I linger by my shingly bars;
I loiter round my cresses;

And out again I curve and flow
To join the brimming river;
For men may come and men may go,
But I go on forever.

 **~Alfred Tennyson 1809-1892~
4.3k · Mar 2013
Dewdrop Cottage
Marian Mar 2013
Part I

Where flowers grow and sway
And where dew kisses their satin cheeks
Tall trees provide shade in the hot summertime
And breezes rustle the forest leaves.

Stars twinkle and wink at Night
Happily so merry and gay
And the Moon watches happily o'er
This beautiful enchanted place.

Coblestones provide such a lovely walkway
Leading to the pretty cottage
Where tall rosebushes climb
The trellis where at Night their buds unfurl.

Such beauty that *ONLY
Jesus can create
And as I stand here gazing at the beauty of Nature
I think of the Holy Creator Who made this whole world
And I think of how Jesus smiles while looking at His creation.

4.2k · May 2014
Happy Mother's Day!
Marian May 2014
You're Always There For Me
You've Always Been My Sunshine On A Grey Day
I Appreciate Your Love And Care
Each Little Deed You Do
I Love You So Much
And I Hope Your Day Is Golden
May It Be Pure Perfection
And I Just Like You've Always
Been There For Me
Please Remember
That I Am Always Here For You

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!!! :) ~~~~<3
I Hope Your Day Is Pure Sunshine!! :) ~~~~<3
By The Way, This Poem Is Dedicated To My Mom, Hilda!! :) ~~<3
I Hope She Enjoys Her Special Day!!! :) ~~~<3
4.2k · Jul 2014
Nature Girl
Marian Jul 2014
In sequoia forests
That's where you'll find me
Hidden amongst mountain laurel blooms
Under thicket of pine, is where I dream
On red dirt path, I lay down
To sleep on pillow of tender grass
When winter comes I make my home
Inside trunk of redwood tree
My bed of leaves, I lay upon
And dream the short, cold days away
Once spring finally returns
I shall awaken as before
To join the butterflies as they dance
But for now, I dream

Wrote This Just Awhile Ago In My Notebook
And Decided To Share It Here!! :) ~~~~<3
I Hope You All Enjoy It!! :) ~~~~~<3
4.2k · Jun 2013
Marian Jun 2013
The little snowdrops peeped through
Their bed of fresh white snow and ice
And the sign of spring lingers on the breeze
The heavenly scent of honeysuckles and lilacs
Mingle with that of lavender
And all the air holds
Heavenly scents and sounds
And the veil of celestial sky
Held birds flying in the air
On beautiful wings
And that green hill
Held a cloak
Of a thousand
Daisies and cotton blossoms
And the ocean's
Hibiscus flower
Unfurled it's wings
And sung a song of spring
With the birds that fly
Upon beautiful wings
Cool sand
Upon hot bare feet
Leaving footprints
All along the shore
We picked up
Our treasure box of
Sandy-gritty seashells
And headed back home
Looking back once or twice
At the singing waves
And the dancing palm trees
And the shore of sand
Holding countless footprints
And millions
Of dew-kissed
Hibiscus flowers
And we whispered
On the salty wind

4.1k · Aug 2013
Seaside Evening
Marian Aug 2013
A beautiful sunset
Fading in the west
A path in golden sand of footprints
Leading to the sea
The wind whistles through the trees
All around a heavenly dark golden glow
Shines at the shore
Beyond the sunset is heaven
Beyond that celestial veil
God is making a place for His Saints
Beyond the golden glow
The heavenly choir forever sing
Beyond the sea
God is there
Making many mansions
There will be harps for us to play
Beyond the sunset
He is there!

4.1k · Sep 2013
Dolphin Reef
Marian Sep 2013
The moon's rays shine under the ocean,
The beautiful blue waves are in motion,
There is a full moon tonight;
And it is shining beautiful and bright.
The beautiful fishes are swimming under the ocean,
Listen to the sound of the ocean,
All kinds of ocean plants are growing under the waves;
I love the moonlit rays.
There's only a slight sunset in the sky,
A shooting star falls from way up high,
Little twinkling stars light the dark sky;
It is so beautiful I begin to cry.
Oh I love this enchanting scene,
Everything is so beautiful just like a dream,
This place is beautiful beyond belief;
This beautiful place called Dolphin Reef.

4.1k · May 2013
Green Nature
Marian May 2013
Green hills covered
In a cloak of sparkling dewdrops
Like jewels cast among the green
Glittering in the warm sunshine
As smooth as pearls from the ocean
Hidden under the sea-covered ground
Green meadows
Full of dancing flowers
Kissed by the sunlight
And enchanted by the Moon
Green leaves
For making iced tea
That cools us off in summertime
And green mint
Fresh from the garden
To make mint iced tea
Green grass and catnap
Is a kitty's treat
Along with green herbs
From the garden
Green leaves
On the tree
Are like a fan
Cooling me off
When the wind blows
Green trees
Are a bird's delight
Where they can build their nest
Green stems on the flowers sweet
And green bramble
Green bushes
Planted here and there
Green ferns
Dancing by the creek
Paints a poetic picture
Hunter green moss
Fills the Forest with beauty
Green palm trees
Stand proudly on
The tropical islands
Ivy green
Climbs a walls
And creates a winter scene
Green pairies
Covered in green grass
I just love this

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