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Marian Aug 2013
Above the clouds, way up so high,
Horses made of clouds gallop and rear in the sky,
Is this an optical illusion up there;
Or are they really galloping in the air?
There is a faint half-crescent moon in the sky,
And the sun is sinking--saying goodbye,
It is so beautiful way up in the air;
With those horses made of clouds jumping way up there!
Above the clouds, way up so high,
Horses are galloping and rearing in the sky,
They are so beautiful and mild;
Galloping happily Above The Clouds.

Marian Feb 2014
Miriam And Esther Were Chatting Over Tea One Day.
"My Daughter, Kate Likes To Laugh Too Much.
She Does Nod Behave As An Amish Should Behave."
Said Esther To Miriam.
Miriam Perked Up, Rather Good Naturedly.
"Ach, Vell, If Laughing Means I Am Nod Amish
Then I Guess You Can Put Me Im Der Bahn
Because I Do Nod Mind A Good Ole-Fashioned Joke
Now And Then."
Miriam Replied With A Smile.

Not As Good Humored As Mom's Jokes,
But This Is A Gift For Her
I Am Hoping She Will Write More Jokes Soon!!! :) ~~~~<3
Mom, When Can I See Another One Of Your Jokes?!
They Are Greatly Missed By Me!!! )'': ~~~~~<//3
Marian Mar 2013
The rain drips pitter patter,
On this bitter cold and rainy night,
Drip drip Pitter Patter;
And this evening there were no sunsets bright.

Heaven's tears washing my window,
It's so cosy inside and so I write,
Tomorrow there on the ground will be snow;
Sparkling with the morning light.

But tonight-. . .





Marian Jul 2013
One dark and dismal day
The sun didn't shine
The clouds filled the sky
Small winds rustled the leaves
Tiny drizzles made raindrops fall
Such a dark and dismal day
Shadows gave the sky a haunting look
That dark and dismal day
Distant thunder had rumbled that day
Now yet another storm
Is on it's way
This is a dark and dismal day

It's a mighty dark and dismal day here!!!
I do wish the sun would shine, but as it is
another storm is on the way!!!
So here's my inspiration!!! :P ~<3
Marian Jun 2014
Castles of sand
Torn asunder
By fierce foamy waves
Hidden footprints
Seaweed breezes
Breath of salt
Lullaby of waves
Blue of sky
Tall, towering palm trees
Listen to the seashell's song
Echoes of waves
Bright yellow sun
I can feel it
Bathing me in warmth
Cry of seagulls
Living on rocky coasts
Where some lighthouse stands
Shedding light upon angry waters
On nights when no moon shines
Giving light to all
It's been a long day at sea

Wrote This In My Journal Today!!! :) ~~~~~<3
It Came To Me Out Of Nowhere!!! :) ~~~~<3
I Hope You All Enjoy It!!! :) ~~~~~<3
Marian Jul 2013
Flower petals fall from trees
In a kaleidoscope of colours
Red, pink, blue, white, lavender,
Orange, and yellow
Different instruments
Chime out a melody sweet
Harps, violins, and oboes
Fill the air
Along with violas, cellos,
Acoustic guitars, pianos,
And many more instruments
Each one sounds beautiful in it's own way
But Fairies play and create a melody
That sounds so heavenly
Beautiful rainbows
Fill the sky with a maze of colours
And raindrops refresh the earth
Which feels so nice and warm beneath our feet
Dewdrops kiss those flowers
The same dew that sparkled
On the grass like a million jewels
Enchanted by those honeyed rays
Of earthbound sunshine
Dancing and waltzing in the morning air
We walk down those paths
That seem so large to us
And are spellbound by the shade of the forest
We sit down to rest
On those mushrooms that grow
Alongside that forest path
We love to appear
In front of your eyes
And make you look at us
In a dazzled sort of way
In Winter we love to fly
And walk upon the blanket of snow
And play a tune upon the frozen icicles
Hanging from the pine needles
Covered in white snow
We love to fly about
Those falling snowflakes
And dance with them
Through the grey sky
In Spring we love
To fly and dance
In a meadow of flowers
I could go on forever
But here I stop

I hope this sounds okay!!! :)
Enjoy!! :) ~<3
Marian Apr 2014
Your collar bell jingles
And all the other felines
Look at you as though
You are a Queen
You smile and shake your head
The collar bell jingles louder
The sequins on the collar sparkle
The Lady Feline smiles deeply
I put a compact mirror in front
Of her face the other day
(Mind you, cats usually
Don't like looking at themselves in mirrors)
And the Lady Feline stared at herself
For long periods of time
Sometimes blinking
Sometimes squinting
Always smiling though
Such adorable vanity
And her collar bell jingles
As if she's trying to attract
All the male felines
And make them love her

Hahaha!! :) ~~~~~<3
This Is True!! :) ~~~~<3
I Have To Painfully Admit
Lady Jane Is Rather Spoiled (Here I Blush)!!! ~~~<3
But She Is Adorable Though
And I Do Not Know What I Would Do Without
Her Comforting Presence!! :) ~~~~<3
And Yeah, The Other Day I Took Out
My Compact Mirror And Lady Jane Stared At Herself!! :) ~~~<3
Me And My Dad Gave Her A Pink Collar
With Sparkly Sequins And A Bell
And Lady Jane Jerks Her Head
Making Her Collar Bell Jingle As If To
Attract All The Other Felines!!! :) ~~~<3
So That Is Why I Titled This Poem 'Adorable Vanity'!! ;) ~~~<3
Anyways, I Hope You Enjoy This Poem
Written For My Cat Lady Jane!! :) ~~~~<3
Marian Jun 2013
Your lips were dew-kissed
Under the velvety sky
The air smelled
Of a June rose
Dancing in the meadow
The sky was studded
With twinkling stars
Like diamonds and crystals
I danced through the mist
And waltzed through the trees
And balled on the shimmering lake
I played my Harp with the Fairies
Who showed me the way to Fairyland
I came here through the hidden-secret door
So now I'm in Fairyland
At least I imagine it's so
Listening to the Enchanted music
Played with the most beautiful
Instruments ever
Perhaps, even some you've
Never heard before
Like bluebells kissed in dew
Chiming like crystals across the stream
Oh, how I'd long to soar
And be a Fairy
With a Key
To Wonderland
And to Fairyland
Even in illusions
I'd love to see this place
Called: Fairyland
Where all the Fae Folk dwell
But this is just
A Fantasy
Written in the sand

Marian Apr 2014
I will not be afraid
At morning, noon or eventide
For I know that God is there
Walking by my side.

Even though He may seem
Sometimes so very far away
But I know and trust that He is there
Walking with me day by day.

There is no reason to be scared
There is no reason to fear
For in the darkness we must trust
That His presence is so very near.

Behold, God is my salvation; I will trust, and not be afraid: for the LORD JEHOVAH is my strength and my song; he also is become my salvation. Isaiah 12:2
Hope You All Find This Poem
Of Mine Encouraging, My HP Friends!! ~~~~<3
God Bless You!! ~~~<3
Marian Jun 2013
Part I
The sun shines brightly now
That the storm is over
Fresh raindrops
Sparkle in
The sunlight
On those satin flowers
That dance in the meadow
After the storm the world is
Awaken freshly
And enchantingly

Part II
As I walk through
That familiar woodland
Path that I've walked before
I notice that this looks more
Enchantingly beautiful that before
The mist surrounds the trees and hangs
In that beautiful misty sky
A powdery grey
The leaves look
More greener than
Ever before
'Tis a work of God
One of His mighty

Again, I hope this sounds okay!!! :P I probably should have deleted this instead of posting!!!
Sorry, ladies and gentlemen!!! :( ~<3
Marian Dec 2012
Hidden from our sight,
Because of the cloudy sky,
What a gloomy day!

No birds will sing,
The sun will not shine forth light,
Today is so grey!

So very dismal,
Today is so different,
It is not cheerful!

The sun will not dance,
It won't play it's playful prance,
Nor cast it's sunrays.

Marian Jan 2013
Alas! And did my Saviour bleed? And did my Sov'reign die?
Would He devote that sacred head For such a worm as I?
At the cross, at the cross where I first saw the light, And the
burden of my heart rolled away (rolled away), It was there by faith
I received my sight, And now I am happy all the day!

Was it for crimes that I have done, He groaned upon the tree?
Amazing pity! grace unkown! And love beyond degree!
At the cross, at the cross where I first saw the light, And the
burden of my heart rolled away (rolled away), It was there by faith
I received my sight, And now I am happy all the day!

Well might the sun in darkness hide, And shut his glories in,
When Christ, the mighty Maker, died For man, the creatures's sin.
At the cross, at the cross where I first saw the light, And the
burden of my heart rolled away (rolled away), It was there by faith
I received my sight, And now I am happy all the day!

Thus might I hide my blushing face While His dear cross appears;
Dissolve my heart in thankfulness, And melt mine eyes to tears.
At the cross, at the cross where I first saw the light, And the
burden of my heart rolled away (rolled away), It was there by faith
I received my sight, And now I am happy all the day!

But drops of grief can ne'er repay The debt of love I owe:
Here, Lord, I give myself away, 'Tis all that I can do!
At the cross, at the cross where I first saw the light, And the
burden of my heart rolled away (rolled away), It was there by faith
I received my sight, And now I am happy all the day!

By: Isaac Watts      **1674-1748
Marian Jun 2013
All the world is spinning fast,
She finally hit the ground at last,
Smiling cats and caterpillars of blue;
This world to her was strange and new.

I LOVE Alice In Wonderland and was inspired to write this!!! :) I hope it sounds okay!! ~~<3
Marian Aug 2014
I have danced through the mists
Drifted along many peaceful shores
I have sung in the drizzles and rain showers
I have fallen asleep to many different melodies
Through many seasons I have wandered aimlessly
Warm springs, hotter summers, golden autumns,
And perpetual winters
I have shivered in the cold
Hidden 'neath blankets of ice and snow
I have never withered, not even once
My skin is still fresh and green
I still have many more days to see
Many more seasons to welcome
And though I have become separated
From my beloved old tree
I still live
Though unnoticed by all

Another Poem About A Leaf...
Inspired By Entwined Roses & Joe Cole!! :) ~~~~<3
Thank You Both For The Inspiration!!! ~~~<3
I Hope You Enjoy This!!!
Marian Aug 2013
A little lonesome
Here without you
Even though I can write
In the meantime
But...I'm a little lonely
It's just myself and my notebooks
And the house
I'm kind of scared too
Without you here!
Is there anyone I could talk to
In the meantime?

This is true...I'm alone right now...even though it's not going to be long!!!
My Mom went over next door to visit my Aunt Joy, (she'll be back in an hour) and my Dad's away at a men's meeting and he won't be back 'til sometime tonight!! So it's just me and I'm lonely and bored.... and a bit depressed!!! So thought I'd vent my feelings here!!! Forgive me!!!
Marian Jul 2014
Upon this golden happy day,
I noticed a little rose blooming along the way,
I stopped and gradually she smiled a smile so true;
And it wasn't until afterwards I realized that rose was you!
Happy Birthday, Sye!

Hope You Are Having A Lovely Day, Sye!!! :) ~~~~~<3
Happy Birthday, Sweet Seventeen!!! :D ~~~~~<3
I Wish You Joy & Fun Today & Always!!! ~~~<3
Hope You Enjoy This & Sorry It Couldn't Be More!! ~~~<3
Marian Jun 2014
Sometimes All I Need
Is Just A Great Big Hug

Been Feeling Stressed & Depressed Lately...
Especially After My Aunt Joy Passed Away!!! ~~~~~<3
And Lately All I Want Is Just Someone
To Give Me A Big Warm Sincere Hug!!! :) ~~~~<3
Hope You Enjoy This Random 10w!! ~~~~~<3
Marian Sep 2014
All I’ve got is love to give
Nothing more do I have
But I promise to always love you
And that I’ll try not to be bad

If you’ll only love me
And take me home with you
I’ll love you more than you’ll know
And do everything you want me to

Please take me in and love me, master
Unless you want me to die
Out on these dark and lonely streets
With no one to hear my cry

If only there was someone to love me
Someone who would take me home
I’d give the only thing I have
Until the day I’m gone

I was reading a whole lot of dog poems today
And this came to me out of nowhere!!! ~~~~~<3
I wrote this in first person as a stray dog...
I hope you enjoy this poem!!! ~~~~<3
Thank you for reading!!! :) ~~~~<3
Marian Jun 2014
All I Want Is For You
To Feel Happier Soon

Dedicated To My Mom
Who Dearly Misses Her Sister Joy!! ~~~~~<3
I Hope This Comforts Her & Makes Her Feel
Even A Little More Happier!!! ~~~~~<3
Enjoy!!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<3
Marian Jul 2013
"Even if all my dreams come true, the finest dream would be you"

Written for my Dad Timothy!!! :) <3 You're the greatest dream of all!! :) <3
I hope you feel happier, Dad!!! And I just want to say I want to be a better daughter!!
Hugs and kisses,
Your daughter,
Marian Jan 2014
Even though I sometimes forget to thank you,
Dearest Mom, I appreciate all you do,
For the meals you make;
And for the bread you bake.
Mother dear, I appreciate all you do,
From morning 'til afternoon and evening too,
Though you're tired, you never complain;
And, dearest Mom, I wish to be the same.
For whenever you are near,
There is nothing that I fear,
Dearest Mom, I hope you always know;
How much my love for you doth flow.

For a Mother as sweet as you, I dedicate this poem!!! (: ~~~<3
Dedicated to my Mother...the best Mother in the entire world!!! ~~~~<3 :)
Marian Oct 2013
I don't know what the paths of life will bring
Still I must trust in him I must believe
I received him I know that for sure yet in life there are many
hardships to endure at times there are battles along the path that
make me confused and shaken but about His love I cannot be
He who made the blind man see can surely repair my feeble hands
and weakening knees
He can restore to me my faith, hope and security
I place my problems at Jesus feet in him their is victory not defeat.
We walk down His path day by day
If things are too difficult, He'll show us the way
He is our shelter in the time of storm
And He protects us from harm
When we pray to Him, He is ever near
And every prayer He doth hear
We do not know what the paths of life will bring
But we will continue to praise Him and sing

*Ann Johnson & Marian
Written by Ann Johnson and Marian as a duet of poetesses!! :)
We hope you enjoy it!! :)
God bless!! ~<3
Marian May 2013
The breezes blow through the trees
The sky is light blue
And there are a few clouds passing through
Green are the leaves that stirr in the wind
And the trees waltz and dance
Because it is a lovely day
The breeze softly cools my fair cheeks
And the smell of roses dances through the air
The sunshine dances on the trees
And on the green leaves
Making everything look bright and sunny
Such a lovely day
Warm golden rays shine upon the ground
And kiss the violets with their warmth
The roses sway and dance to the warm
Soft sunshine
And the tiny flowers
And the buttercups
Dance and waltz in the tall green grass
Such a beautiful day

Marian Sep 2013
Bees buzz lazily
Sweet flowers dance in the meadow
Sunshine dances on the grass
Bluebirds call to each other
I'm sitting under a weeping willow tree
Sipping lemonade
Drinking in the beauty around me
Royal white clouds float in the deep blue sky
Honeysuckles perfume the air
Smell the scent of Summer
And listen to the creek
Its always Summer

Marian Jan 2014
I shall never forget that day
When we walked hand and hand along
Beauty of it ne'er fades away
I shall never forget that day
The memory of it shall stay
Singing in my mind some sweet song
I shall never forget that day
When we walked hand and hand along

I wrote this recalling the pleasant time
me and my Dad Timothy spent together the other day!!! (: ~~~~<3
I shall never forget it!!! :) ~~~~<3
Thanks for the lovely time, Dad!!! (: ~~~~<3
By the way, this unforgettable memory occurred January 14, 2014!!!! (: ~~~~<3
Marian Nov 2012
I love the Winter's beauty the snow on the ground and the frozen creek,
In Spring and Summer I treasure it and in Winter it I seek,
The snow covered boughs hang to the snow-covered ground;
Silently the snow falls without a sound.

The mountain behind the trees is snow-covered too,
The sky is a reflected white instead of royal blue,
Numerous trees are covered in ice and snow,
Their branches are so heavy with snow and ice they hang low.

It is so beautiful I begin to cry,
Out of my mouth I heave a crying sigh,
The trees in Spring and Summer have a little peep,
Before they go again to sleep in snow wherefore they call it the Ancients Sleep.

Marian Jul 2014
I dream of a haven in the stars

Some lilac bower sweet

I dream of a cottage nestled in the woods

A place where peace dwells in the air

I dream of harp strings

Singing to me a melody in the clouds

I wish for tranquility instead of war

And so I dream of some place

Where only peace resides

Some place where I can safely lay my head

Upon a pillow of dewy ferns

‘Neath a canopy of mist and fog

Somewhere where we can start life afresh

With a new, happy beginning to our chapter in life

And so I dream, without an end

And so I dream, what may never come

Little breaths of secrets on the wind

And still night breezes

In an enchanting forest

Where dreams do come

And so I dream, e’en though perchance in vain

Just Wrote This Awhile Ago And Thought I'd Share
It Here On HP!!! ~~~~~~<3
I Hope You Enjoy It!!! :) ~~~~~<3
Marian Jun 2013
The breezes caress the pretty pine trees,
Softly dancing in the bright warm sunshine,
The flowers are waltzing in the sweet breeze;
All I can think of is heartbreak and time.

The sweet showers bring back the crescent Moon,
And all the air a sad nostalgia holds,
The sun will so shortly be setting soon;
And the smell of Dusk lulls the distant folds.

The tree frogs murmur their songs in the creek,
And all I can do is heave a sad cry,
The mountains are covered in beauty meek;
And out of the nowhere the breezes sigh.

From the forest the sounds of a harp dance,
Through the sweet solitary blowing breeze,
My head is lost in a sweet dreamy trance;
That runs and joins the sweet greener leaves.

The beauty goes on forever…endless,
Lost in the vast quantities of sea,
Dewdrops the petals of flowers caress;
And leaves but a little moment to me.

Flowers unfurl their petals at sweet Night,
When ev’ryone’s asleep the Fairies dance,
When I perchance see their very sight;
I’m lost into an endless veil of trance.

Marian Aug 2014
I sat down in a meadow full
Of dancing irises
I watched the sunset fade into the west
I fell asleep in the cool forest
When I awoke in morning
Each flower and blade of grass
Was kissed by fresh drops of dew
The sun shone brightly
The promise of a new day
A new kaleidoscope painting
In the eastern sky
I found myself skipping along the path
Dancing to a melody inside my head
Singing a few lines of a familiar song
In my mezzo-soprano voice
I'm on my way back home
To start the day
With a happy beginning

Inspired by a conversation with Jordan Mahaffy!!! :) ~~~~<3
He said he was looking forward to reading
More of my writings, so here is one just for him!! :)
I hope you like it, Jordan!! :) ~~~~<3
Thanks for the inspiration!!! ~~~<3
Marian Aug 2014
Just close your eyes and dream
You'll be safe and warm tonight
And I promise I'll be there for you
Rock you in my arms when the sun shines bright

Hush, my little one
Please don't you cry
I'll be there for you
And sing you another lullaby

Hush, my little one
Wipe those tears from your eyes
Mommy's here for you
So you can quiet those little cries

The moon is shining tonight
He'll watch you when I am asleep
We'll all be dreaming, little one
So close your eyes and do not peep

I'll stay here with you
Until you finally dream
Then I'll tiptoe out of the room
While the moon silently gleams

So shut those pretty eyes
Go to sleep and rest
Fall asleep to the song of chimes
Tinkling in the west
Until morning comes
And wakes you with sunshine's caress

Just A Random Lullaby/Poem!!! :) ~~~~~<3
I Hope You All Enjoy It!!! ~~~~<3
Marian Feb 2014
Sparkling disco *****
And music...
I can hear the music
Playing in my ears
I'm dancing with you
The colorful lights
And paper lanterns
Create flickering shadows
And all the while
The disco ***** are twinkling
And the music is forever playing
Some silent song

Probably not my best, just a random poem/thought/lyrics
That came to me after searching for disco ball wallpaper!! :) ~~~<3
This can also be one of my Valentine's Day poems
Even though this is the day after!!! (: ~~~~~<3
Hope you enjoy it, HP friends!!! :) ~~~~<3
Marian Jul 2013
A book left open
A red poppy lying on its pages
Two bouquets of flowers
A tiny basket holding strawberries
A white tablecloth on the table
And a white crochet doily
Why is it that
Still lives are always
So very beautiful?

Marian May 2013
The wind is picking up
The sky is turning black
My fears are placed into a cup
Then dumped into a sack
I am scared of thunderstorms, you see
Which makes me feel odd
When so many
Like thunderstorms
It's not the thunderstorms
It's the thunder and lightening
That has me scared
No...Not scared
But frightened
Nobody understands
Because... Well, I'm just myself
Where has evening gone?
Not long ago the sun was
Shining brightly
Now.... Something
Worse than Night
Has Visited the sky...

Oops!!! :( I'm feeling frightened again!!! :( ~~<3
Marian Apr 2013

PS. I'll finally say that the last two poems I wrote were dedicated to my Mom who has a birthday: April 9! Happy Birthday, dearest Mom!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!! :D :) <3
Marian May 2013
Through mists and trees
This path leads
This path well chosen
Through fog and haze
Winding on for days and days
This path was well chosen
Winding on and on forever
Whether alone or together
This path is well chosen
'Til all at once it ends
We've with tears reached the end
Of the path well chosen

Marian Jan 2014
I just want to thank you so much
For being so kind to me
Ever since I was born
You have never no never
Been mean to me or ever acted cruel
Quite the opposite...
You have loved me
Ever since day one
You have been gentle and sweet
And good and kind
Loving parents
I couldn't ask for a better
Mom and Dad
Sorry if I have ever
Done anything to offend you
Because you two are very SPECIAL
And there's never been
Another sweeter Mom and Dad
All I want to do though
Is ease your daily stress
I'd rather go through
The stress both of you have
And heap it upon myself
Than for you to EVER feel it
I'd rather place all of your hard times
Upon myself and carry them
Upon my back
Trying to wade through ocean of Life
With your sorrows and ANYTHING unpleasant
All lifted to from you and placed upon me
I feel so happy that you're here
To keep me company
And that's why I have such
A phobia of loneliness when you're not here
It's because I love you dearly
And I hope you'll ALWAYS know that
I'd better bring this to an end
Or else I'll be quick to get longwinded
But I just wanted to thank
Both of you
For all you do
And all you have done
Or ever will do
Since day one

Dedicated to BOTH of my Dad Timothy and Mom Hilda!!! :) ~~~~<3
Thank you so much for all you have done for me since day one!!! :) ~~~~~~<3
Your deeds do NOT remain unseen or unnoticed!!! :) ~~~~<3
Your ugly daughter, ~Marian~ (:
Marian Aug 2014
My smile is ever so slowly ephemeral
My iridescence is becoming opaque
I feel languid from day to day
My broken heart is imbued with pain
There is no elixir for the loss
The hurt is so great at times
My eloquence is laced with somber thoughts
I am efflorescent without my petals
I am demure and brood at night
I feel so woebegone
No one--nothing can take away my pain
I cry tremulous sobs in the corner of my room
By candlelight I pen my tales
My epiphany is heartbreak
Someday I will let go of my pain
But for now I will grieve
And regret the day when I said my last adieu

A Poem Written Especially With
My Mom Hilda & Dear Friend Maria In Mind!!! ~~~~<3
This Is Dedicated Especially For Them
But It Is Also For Anyone Who Has Experienced
The Loss Of A Loved One At Anyone Time In Their Life!!! ~~~<3
Sorry For The Big Words...But I Wanted To Include
Them Inside This Poem...!!!
Please Enjoy It!!! ~~~~<3 :)
God Bless All Of You, Dear People,
Who Have Been Through These Sorrowful Journeys...
It Is Never Easy To Loose A Loved One...
But Know There Is Someone Out There Who Cares
And Deeply Sympathizes With Your Grief...
(That Person Is Me)!!! ~~~<3
Thank Y'all For Reading This...
I Appreciate It!!! ~~~~<3
Marian Jan 2014
My quill I dipped in snow
Instead of ink
The words forever flowed
And inspiration never failed
I wrote some more
And words were golden
They were pure and innocent
Just like the snowflakes
Falling from the sky
I kept on writing
Pouring out the emotions
Felt deep within my heart
Even those emotions
And feelings I have had
That I could never describe
I now could describe
My quill of snow
Never failed to produce
The words I have longed to utter
The feelings I longed to describe
But felt a loss of words for
Finally the words came
And I never felt more happy
I sighed a sigh of happiness and bliss
I dipped my quill in snow
And oh, how the words did flow
Like a stream forever flowing
In it's own special way
I dipped my quill in ice
And finally
My little dream of ecstasy
All too soon
Came to an end

A poem inspired by a poem I had started in one of my notebooks!!!! :)
I doubt I could find it, so I just started over again!!! (: ~~~~~<3
Hope you enjoy it!!! (: ~~~~~<3
Marian Oct 2014
Petrichor breezes mingled
With the scent of mountain laurel
Blew across the cool summer air
The taste of citrus on my tongue
I have a view of the valley below me
Everything looks so small
In hidden caves, I sing
And wade in mossy waterfalls
I watched the moon rise in the velvety sky
I'm falling slowly asleep
Upon a bed of lady's slipper
In the morning, I shall awake
To vibrant creamy pastel skies
And fragrant mists of dawn
I shall walk upon paths
Where no foot has ever trod
Paths bordered by rhododendrons
Where my heart can soar
With evergreens and white pines
Hidden safely with my mountain cove
A haven where I can dream
Nestled in amongst the Appalachian mountains
In a small, but comfortable log cabin
My heart keeps telling me "I am home!"

Haven't posted anything for quite some time,
So I don't know how this sounds!!! :P ~~~~~~<3
I will try to post more frequently, if I can,
Although I can make no promises!!! ~~~~~<3
Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy it!!! :) ~~~~~~<3
Marian Feb 2013
Are there enough shoulders to comfort the world when they cry?
  ­                                                      falling
   ­                                                     forever
    ­                                                    with no
                                                        to be
   ­                                                  Drip
       ­                                               .
                ­                                      .
                         ­                             .
Sorry, friends I had to let it all out!!!!!!
Marian Jun 2013
What goes on forever even past the sea?

Marian Dec 2012
As I wait for Daddy,
I am always hoping to be awake to greet my little laddie,
To always meet him at the door;
I hope to stay up one hour more!

To be there and him greet,
And at the front door meet,
Each time he leaves the house;
When he comes back I love following him around like a little mouse!!

It is something I have always done,
Even at rising or setting of the sun,
Sometimes it maybe afternoon or night;
To be there when he comes and say a sentence bright!!

For my Daddy!! I am usually at the door when he comes home from a men's meeting or when he takes the trash to the dump but I always greet him at the door!! I always have and hope to always do so!!
Marian Apr 2013
Crisp breezes blow
The clouds are a sign of snow. . .
Snow is on the way
Making it's way here today
The Autmn cottage stands strong and tall
The crisp breeze is a sign of Fall
Fall is here ever speak
And brittle leaves lie in heaps
The country lane is full of leaves
Which dance and twirl in the breeze
The trees on either side
Make it seem so very wide
This path was walked by many tired feet
In the coolness and the heat
Lots of leaves piled everywhere
And the strong smell of sweet woodsmoke in the air
This is one of my favourite Seasons
And perhaps you've caught the reason
Because. . . It's so beautiful
This time when Fairies sit upon toad stools
They laugh at the window
And cry with the snow
Their cheeks of warmth a glow
In the rain and in the snow
This is why I love Fall the best
When Autumn wears it's pretty vest!

Dedicated to Autumn, my favourite Season of the year or at least one of my favourites!!! :) Yay!!! :D ~<3
Marian May 2013
A pristine sunset of peach
Kissed the sky
Smells of rain and honeysuckles and rose
Dance across the air
Mingles with that of mown grass
Sunlight dances on the trees
The song of birds
And serenade of crickets
And prelude of cicadas fill the air
Tiny breezes cool the hot air
Fairies dance here at Night
Through the moonlit sky
Dancing and singing
'Tis there enchanted waltz
My blue eyes sparkle
As I look at the beauty around me
The evening that will linger
In my thoughts

For this beautiful evening with it's breezes sweet and it's beauty I dedicate this poem!!! :) ~<3
Marian May 2013
A traveler on a dusty road
Strewed acorns on the lea;
And one took root and sprouted up,
And grew into a tree.

Love sought its shade at evening time,
To breathe its early vows;
And Age was pleased, in heights of noon,
To bask beneath its boughs.
The doormouse loved its dangling twigs,
The birds sweet music bore-
It stood a glory in its place,
A blessing evermore.

A little spring had lost its way
Amid the grass and fern;
A passing stranger scooped a well
Where weary men might turn.
He walled it in, and hung with care
A ladle on the brink;
He thought not of the deed he did,
But judged that Toil might drink.
He passed again; and lo! the well,
By summer never dried,
Had cooled a thousand parched tongues,
And saved a life beside.

A nameless man, amid the crowd
That thronged the daily mart,
Let fall a word of hope and love,
Unstudied from the heart,
A whisper on the tumult thrown,
A transitory breath,
It raised a brother from the dust,
It saved a soul from death.

O seed! O fount! O word of love!
O thought at random cast!
Ye were but little at first,
But mighty at the last.

                                                          ­  *Charles Mackay
Marian Aug 2013
Wind chimes softly sway in the warm breezes
Flowers grow in the fields with tall grass
Trees and roses bud
Water ripples and flows
Sunshine silently hits the ground
Clouds of fluffy white move across the sky
Birds sing in the tall green trees above
Springtime is here again for all
Little birdies build their nests
Daffodils and tulips waltz
Singing a song of Springtime
Watch the lilies bloom
Crocuses unfurl their petals
Crickets and katydids call
To one another on Spring Nights
Silently the Moon glides across the sky
All Night the beautiful Fairies sing
Waterfalls roar
Singing a glad anthem
Little creeks bubble and flow
'Tis a song of Spring
Sung by all

Marian Apr 2014
I purr a thank you
While sitting on the lap
Of my young mistress
I always love it when
My mistress reads me
Your beautiful poems
Thank you, Sally

I always love to read
My feline companion
Lady Jane your fine poetry
I appreciate each of your words
And for all your kind generosity
I wish to humbly say
"Thank you, dear Sally"

**~Lady Jane & Marian~
Lady Jane's Notes: Thank you for every poem! My mistress, Marian reads them to me. :)

Marian's Notes: This Is A Collaboration Written By Me
And My Cat, Lady Jane For Sally A Bayan!! :) <3
Thank You For Your Lovely Poems!!! (: <3

Much Love,

From Lady Jane & Marian

PS. The Poem In Italics Is Written By Lady Jane (My Kitty Cat)
And The Poem In Bold Is Written By Me!!! :) ~~~~~<3
Please Enjoy Them, Sally Dear!! (: ~~~~<3
Marian Apr 2013
A spinner of dreams I am
What a tangled web I weave
Both Night and day
My web is made of colours grey

Oh what a dream I can spin
One for me and one for you
Under the Moon's shimmering rays
And under morning's misty haze

Oh you would love the dreams I can spin
If only you could see beyond the simple world
That this world is an enchanted one full of delight
Whether it be day or whether it be Night

I sit alone on my chair in a huge tower
Spinning those dreams and weaving upon my tangled web
A spinner of dreams I am
Oh what a tangled web I weave

Marian Mar 2014
We were lying on the ground
Listening to the sound of driftwood
Cascading in the turquoise river
Taking in the beauty of the stars
While an orchestra of whippoorwills
And katydids sung the birds to sleep
We listened as the owls hooted in the darkness
And tree frogs warned us that spring is here
The beauty of that spring night
The softness of that tender grass
Like a pillow against my head
The fragrance of dewy lavender
Still lingers with me in my mind
Creating such a pleasant scene
As soothing as music to the soul
Creating such beautiful dreams
That dance inside my head at night

Just Another Random Poem!!! :P ~~~~~<3
Hope You All Enjoy It!! (: ~~~<3
Marian Jul 2013
A jar of honey
Lies next to basket
Holding a pitcher
And some unfinished lace
A bouquet of clover
Tied together with a
Greenish-yellow ribbon
Lays next to a glass of water
'Tis yet another still life
That I quite enjoy!

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