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Undone May 2018
Nights like these
By myself
At the mercy of the strangers around me
I weep for your arms
I want you to hold me
And protect me
And to lay my head against your chest
And have you sing away my fears
And kiss away my tears
And tell me everything is going to be okay
Cause baby I’m so sad
I’m so alone
I’m so in need of you
But you don’t deserve this
You don’t deserve me
You deserve someone who can lift you up
Not drag you down
And as much as I want you
As much as I want you to hold me
I’m too heavy for your arms
Im sorry
Undone May 2018
Everyone deserves love

Not everyone deserves your love
Undone Apr 2018
I stopped taking my meds
They’re for people who are crazy
And even though I am crazy
I am no longer a person.
If you do take meds that doesn’t at all make you crazy, this is just how I feel about myself.
Undone Apr 2018
This pounding in my chest
It hurts my love
It hurts so much

Because my mind well it's decaying
And what used to help has stopped
Everything has stopped

So I need you
I need you to do me a favor

Take my heart
And unravel the veins
Like you're untying your shoelaces
Then kiss me tenderly
Let me close my eyes
And weave flowers in my hair
(daisies if you can)
And tip the mortician so she does a good job on me

Then when my body turns cold
And my lips are sealed with glue
Just know in my final moments
I was thinking of you

So wipe away your tears and get rid of that frown
Cause baby I'll be happiest when I'm in the ground
It hurts
Undone Apr 2018
I just want someone to look at me and think

"How precious."
I want you.
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