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Leseywut Apr 2015
We've tried our best to align the fragments of our bones to form a connection. A bond only you and I know of and the kind of bond that others will never ever understand.

I've tried my best to show you what it's like out there. I've tried my best to show you who I really am. The kind of girl who'd do everything to make things right but not at that instance.

Cause I've liked what we had. I've pleasured over the things that shouldn't be done. I liked how you chose to be with me than to be with her. And I thought, you'd choose me.

I was wrong.
Leseywut Apr 2015
I don't write about you anymore
I've found that I'm better off with just myself

I don't listen to your favorite songs anymore
I've learned that songs aren't supposed to make you sad

I don't think about you anymore
I've managed to take care of my own thoughts now

I don't talk about you anymore
I've spoken of things I'm just passionate about

You know I'm a pretty good liar
You know I'm a good pretender

'Cause I've spoken of you like you're all my dreams in one person
A living fantasy reminding me of daydreams and nightmares

'Cause I've thought about you ceaselessly night and day
You're hidden under every word I've read

'Cause every song I listen to has always been about you now
Haunting, screaming under my breaths

'Cause even if I can manage on my own
I still write about you
Leseywut Apr 2015
I can't
the reason
why people
come to
your life
on your
and turn on
the lights
to leave
your hands
open with scars
with the lights
still open
and the door
Leseywut Apr 2015
A paradox
No one ever solved

Are we really inside time?
Or is time inside us?

An imagination tickling our little minds
An escape we use over our reality

We think we have time
There is no time

No one can ever make time
No one can ever bring back what was already done

But I want you to know
Among all these things

No matter how long we don't see each other
Even if time won't let it happen

Even if we won't make time
No matter how short we live

You are my time
A paradox I can't solve
Leseywut Nov 2014
When we remove the flowery, decorative adjectives,
In every love songs we listen to,
There we’ll find that every lines the world gives,
It says the same thing,
Over and over again,
Like thunder whispering upon our ears,

“Love me,”
“Why can’t it be me?”
“I love you,”
“Do you feel the same way, too?”
“Choose me.”

Desperate as it sounds,
The truth really may punch you through your guts,
Seeping through your veins,
Letting the blood drip,
From your broken heart,
I want you to know you don’t have to do that.

You don’t have to plead,
On your knees,
Your palms down,
No, not like that,
Put your head up and say,
“It has always been me.”
Leseywut Aug 2014
I'd like to think that I don't know you
That most of your pieces are still hidden under your sleeves
That there are still lots of treasures I haven't seen in your heart
Because it's the only thing that is keeping me stay ---*mysteriousness.
Leseywut Jul 2014
You know you're in a total lost when you can't seem to put into words the thoughts that are hiding beneath you.

In the front of the computer, fingers on the keys, eyes on the screen, lips pursed, heavy breathing, yet it feels like you've just been paralyzed.

The reason behind this still lies a mystery for me.

Cause everyday it feels like I've been paralyzed yet I struggle to move, to move towards you even though there are no movements at all.
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