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 Apr 2015 Leseywut
 Apr 2015 Leseywut
and all I need is physical affection to make things a little better. Come hold my hand, or better yet, just come and hold me. It makes everything a little bit better, a little bit easier.
I just need my friends right now.
 Apr 2015 Leseywut
eliza bonnet
we built that foundation
you were doing so well for so long
and we built our foundation
its not fair to me
I know how great you can be
but I know the bad is so much worse

I just don't know if its worth it
and that isn't something that I should have to decide.
 Apr 2015 Leseywut
we would be jazz—
smooth, mellow,

burning with slow passion
or running and stumbling with joyous laughter.
no matter where we go—
up or down,
fast or slow,
we’d hit all the right notes,
replete with trills and runs,
bringing us to both highs and lows,
making beautiful melodies.

though sometimes
we seem to be out of sync,
it does not discount
from the beauty
that is us.

nothing subtracts.

there is only harmony,
no cacophony.
simplicity or complexity,
staccato or legato,
we will always be
 Apr 2015 Leseywut
I envy the stars that light up the sky,
That you look up to when you’re sad,
That you count when you can’t sleep.

I envy the moon that shines brightly in the sky,
That you stare at when you feel bad,
That gives you light in the midst of despair.

I envy the rain that showers you from above,
That you cry with in times of misery,
That embraces you with its small drops.

But most of all, I envy no one but the one you love.
The one you love who doesn't cheer you up.
The one you love who doesn't care.
The one you love who doesn't love you back.
The one you love who just broke your heart.

I hope you love me just the way you love the stars,
The moon, the rain,
And the one you love.
Part 1 of envy. The real poem is missing. -_-
 Apr 2015 Leseywut
 Apr 2015 Leseywut
It's been a long way,
From where we begin,
So stay for a ride,
Through this last tide.

It's been pain and sweat,
But never regret,
Has been days of threat,
Now it's all set.

It's been a long ride,
For you now my friend,
I would tell you all about it,
When I see you again.

It's been a few years,
Without you my friend,
Come back to home land,
This is not the end.

It's been history,
No more cavalry,
You will be in memory,
You are always family.
For Paul
Rest in peace, for all that we miss.
My voice was a silent scream in the wind.
 Apr 2015 Leseywut
it would have been better if i was gone
for i have no strength or power to carry on

it would have been better if i disappeared
for my mind and soul had been smeared

it would have been better if i just fade
for my heart has been shattered and played

it would have been better if i died
for i was toyed, torn and lied
 Apr 2015 Leseywut
 Apr 2015 Leseywut
F for the fistfights I was asked to sit out of, because I was born with a different set of genitals
E for the equal rights I've been begging for, only to be let down time and over again
M for all the military applications that weren't even reviewed, because I seemed unfit for not having a pair of nuts
I for the inferno that you made me feel, fighting so hard to be a pilot that was obviously only ' a man's job '
N for the number of convictions the guy who ***** his girlfriend didn't have to face, because the way she dressed up showed that she "wanted"it
I for all the immoral stares that I couldn't counter back for the fear of your lawyers defending you saying it was a friendly one, for the fear of you blaming the shorts and crop top that I picked out for that lovely Sunday
S for all the standards that women themselves set for themselves, ***** standards; I'll do what I want and say what I want, I'll eat what and I want and dress the way that I feel like I need to, I'll wear bikinis that probably doesn't flatter my body and height but you know what? I don't give two flying f**ks
M for the mortals   that made it necessary for feminism to even exist
Hey, one kick to your nuts and you'd never see daylight again

sit down.
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