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Mar 2016 · 965
Transgender Asshole,
Leo Cunio Mar 2016
Leah Nicole. I wouldn't trade you for the world. You're my best trans friend. lol even though you're an *******. you've stuck up for me and helped me through so much more than you realize. i'll forever be greatful for you.. You're a big reason I choose to stay alive... Thank you forever leah. <3
Oct 2015 · 391
Leo Cunio Oct 2015
Going crazy over the taste of your lips
Loving the way you grazed my *hips
Sep 2015 · 330
Leo Cunio Sep 2015
YOU have no clue how it feels to get thrown down like I did this morning.
Seeing that ******* date on your kik name..
**** everything that I felt last night.
Don't ask to talk to me.
I may be a monster but YOU are something else.
and I cant understand why I'm still attached to you.
Jun 2015 · 742
Leo Cunio Jun 2015
Just..I'm done..
May 2015 · 232
Leo Cunio May 2015
"Stop Thinking About Her..
All She Did Was Hurt You Baby girl. Just..
Trust Me Tonight And I Will Prove That I Will Help"*

Now you're the one hurting me...
I Will.. I Trust You
Apr 2015 · 632
Leo Cunio Apr 2015
You left Early Today And I Think It Was All My Fault..
"I Wasn't Feeling Good" you said
It Okay To Blame Me, Everyone Does.
Just Know I'm Sorry..
A.G.G I'm Sorry
Apr 2015 · 256
Leo Cunio Apr 2015
I fell three years ago..
She now has left..
Apr 2015 · 258
Leo Cunio Apr 2015
She went to bed.. now I am alone.. help me
whyd you go to bed
Apr 2015 · 211
Leo Cunio Apr 2015
I found mine
The perfect dime
It is about time
To end this line
Now I know I'm fine.
Apr 2015 · 314
You Have No Clue
Leo Cunio Apr 2015
Yes, I am happy right now but when we dated I wasn't focused on myself.
I was focused on other people and how they felt. Its just the way I am, I worry and care about others. Sorry if when people make me smile or flirt with me that I say thank you or you too. I just want to make others and MYSELF happy..
Apr 2015 · 348
I'm Failing
Leo Cunio Apr 2015
I don't know how to show my feelings, I don't know how to show my love!
I'm sitting here screaming till I stop breathing  but everyones' looking mug.
My whole world is falling, it's breaking apart. I have no clue am I really this smart?
I found a way for me to go away, just take a few pills and drown at the bay.
Hopefully you read this, I'll already be in the abyss.
I don't know how to show my feelings, I don't know how to show my love!&&I; don't know how to show my feelings, I don't know how to show my love!
I don't know how to show my feelings, I don't know how to show my love!

*I wont make you a slave but break your back carrying me to my grave.
Mar 2015 · 412
I Hate You
Leo Cunio Mar 2015
I  can not do this alone

Have you even cared
As I see it you hate me
Talk to me please..
Eventually I will stop trying

Yout are the one killing me
Out of my control
U*sually I try harder
Mar 2015 · 457
Thank You....
Leo Cunio Mar 2015
"**** In Much"

...No but I do try to make myself feel okay about myself.
I do cry most every night because people like you make me throw up my dinner.
I do know I am ugly and worthless because of people like you.
I do **** my stomach in because it helps me believe that I am not a "Fat whale", "An ugly loser", "A cow"... *
But thank you..
Because of people like you.. I hate myself.
Mar 2015 · 221
Leo Cunio Mar 2015
"I'm Fine"
Mar 2015 · 329
Leo Cunio Mar 2015
Falling for you again
And breaking as I leave
In time I know we'll be fine
Lieing to myself to feel ok
Under estimated the pain
Reaching for an end
E**nding this with blood
I'm sorry
Mar 2015 · 305
My Guide
Leo Cunio Mar 2015
My life is measured in numbers.
52002 days I've lived, I've* breathed.
498 days since I've seen my mother.
175 days to find my change.
176 days till the first day of high-school.
My life is *measured
in numbers
This is what keeps me sane.
Seeing the progress.
Feb 2015 · 288
Leo Cunio Feb 2015
I know you didn't want to be here..
But leaving me was a*  **mistake.
My best friend Victoria.. is now home..
Jan 2015 · 297
Leo Cunio Jan 2015
She hangs up the phone
In the silence is unknown
Hearing the static all alone
*For my heart I let her loan
I am breaking
Jan 2015 · 517
Leo Cunio Jan 2015
What they want us to do:
Be slimmer
Be smarted
Be self-confident
Be spiritual

What they ask:
"Why aren't you eating?"
"Why are you always studying?"
"Why do you dress like a "****"?"
"Why are you always in church?"

What I say:

What my mind says:
"I'm trying my hardest but none of you see it. Each word you dig into me drains me each day. I know I am fat, I know I am dumb. I am trying to be like you but..
Jan 2015 · 218
Take Her, Take Me.
Leo Cunio Jan 2015
When someone steals something you love,
Or steals someone you love it hurts,
The pain goes through your body,
You loose your breath and feel you break,
But she is mine and I will not let anyone have her,
For me,
Jan 2015 · 194
Leo Cunio Jan 2015
I regret.
Jan 2015 · 236
What you do.
Leo Cunio Jan 2015
Sheets Moving
Bed Shaking
Bodies Trembling
Hands Feeling
Windows Breaking
Walls Cracking
You do this to me.
Jan 2015 · 781
Keep Quiet...
Leo Cunio Jan 2015
Don't cry,
Don't eat,
Don't lie,
Don't die,
Be pretty,
Be natural,
Be social,
Be quiet,
Be yourself...

*But Not Like That.
Society Kills.
Leo Cunio Jan 2015
You don’t bring me flowers
You don’t sing me love songs
You hardly talk to me anymore
When I come through the door
At the end of the day
I remember when you
Couldn’t wait to love me
You use to hate to leave me
Now after loving me late at night
When it’s good for you baby
And you’re feeling alright
Well you’ll just roll over
And turn off the light
You don’t bring me flowers anymore…
You use to be so natural
Talk about forever
Use to bee's don't count anymore
They just lay on the floor
Till we sweep them away
Baby I remember
All the things you taught me
I learned how to laugh and how to cry
Well I learned how love and I learned how to live
So you'd think I could learn how to tell you Goodbye
You don't bring me flowers... anymore
You'd think I could learn how to tell you Goodbye
You don't say you need me
And you don't sing me love songs..
You don't bring me flowers.....
Jan 2015 · 303
Song Bird
Leo Cunio Jan 2015
Song bird, sings from the heart
Each word can tear you apart
I sing you sing along
You find your life in my song
When you need the strength to carry on
You got me to turn to
With the songs that I sing and the magic they bring
They’ve helped you be stronger
The song sets you free
But who sings to me
I am all alone now
Who sings for song bird?
Jan 2015 · 294 me........
Leo Cunio Jan 2015




I've lost the love of my life too...
Jan 2015 · 297
Leo Cunio Jan 2015
Slowly bleeding,
Dreadfully dreaming,
Forcefully seeing,
Wearily deceiving,

Deceasing **.
I am gone.
Jan 2015 · 231
My Own Little Lies
Leo Cunio Jan 2015
You're not dead...
Yet you're not alive..
You are a Winter girl,
Oh what a surprise,
You think its all lies,
But here is the big surprise,
You're not dead,
Yet you're not alive
The suicide note is the only thing to hide
You know I love you..
Jan 2015 · 322
Black Parade
Leo Cunio Jan 2015
Sitting here thinking
Can't do anything but blinking
Hating the human race
Being the biggest disgrace
In my heart there is a fire
Which she is my desireThis is the cause
Breaking all the laws
Inside my room I show razors and saws
To bleed through the night
I lied and said I'll be alright
This may not be perfect but neither am I
One day I will be with the angels soaring high
Jan 2015 · 354
Leo Cunio Jan 2015
Falling in love was once hard for me
But falling for her I wanted to see
The waking of my baby and people letting us be
Nothing is better than seeing the tiny feet
Maybe a boy maybe a girl
protecting her will be my deed
In her life I will do my best to succeed
As a mother of one baby and a teen of speed
Growing and growing we will truly be
The mother's that let our little girls see
That nobody is perfect
*not even me
Jan 2015 · 997
Black Hole
Leo Cunio Jan 2015
A black hole is a region of space-time from which nothing can escape, even light.
This may sound strange, but it is possible.
To see why this happens, imagine throwing a tennis ball into the air. The harder you throw the tennis ball, the faster it is traveling when it leaves your hand, and the higher the ball will go before turning back.
If you throw it hard enough, it will never return because the gravitational pull will not be able to bring it back down.
The velocity, or speed, the ball must have to escape is known as the escape velocity. Earth’s escape velocity is about 7 miles a second.
As a body is crushed into a smaller and smaller volume, the gravitational pull increases, and the escape velocity gets bigger.
Things have to be thrown harder and harder to escape.
Eventually, a point is reached when even light, which travels at 186 thousand miles a second, is not traveling fast enough to escape.
At this point, nothing can get out as nothing can travel faster than light.
This is... my soul.
Jan 2015 · 521
Loosing Him..
Leo Cunio Jan 2015
He may not be mine
But the baby would be
Inside of her a growing family
Feeling him moving and him falling asleep
This baby was my life and he never knew me
The love of my life let me feel him inside
crawling and moving and trying to whine...
The baby was never mine
But I know she will be
The one I marry and we will see
A new growing life and a new baby boy
*To help us make a family that we can call our own
Its just us now..
Jan 2015 · 232
She Is Everything I Needed
Leo Cunio Jan 2015
Gorgeous, with short curly light brown hair.
A few inches taller than me
A smile that can blow you into next year.
Fashion is not even what I can describe her style as, she is a great dresser.
Personality is just amazing.
Spontaneous with a touch of inspiration.
She may have a few corks here and there but that's what caught me.
It wasn't the smile or the walk or the way she talked, It was everything.
Jan 2015 · 338
Leo Cunio Jan 2015
I've searched for, discovered,

And I'm ready to be,





Take me as I am,


don't take me at all.

No bending,

no breaking,

It's time to stand tall.
Jan 2015 · 190
Take Me Away
Leo Cunio Jan 2015
I trap myself in this cage with only my soul, my thoughts and a glass of water,
The darkness around me whispers to me,
It goes dead silent,
Pins dropping is all that was allowed to be herd,
My chest tightened,
The dead air was burying me into the silence,
Taking all I had,
I try to shut my eyes but he wants me to watch,
The room dies again,
All that is allowed to be seen is darkness,
Then he appears.
Dec 2014 · 500
Walking Away
Leo Cunio Dec 2014
I'm tired of dreaming.
I'm through with trying.
Tired of living, yet scared of dying.
Maybe things are good for you,
but look at all that I've been through.
Look at all the pain I've won.
I bet you think that it's been fun.
You never thought I'd turn away.
You never believed you'd see this day.
Look again cuz here I go
leaving behind all I know.
Changing it all as I must do.
Not daring to stop and think things through.
Wanting to run as fast as I can,
not stopping until I understand.
Like why did I let things get this way?
Why didn't I leave yesterday?
How are things going to be,
since there is no more you and me.

© Vanessa Brown
Dec 2014 · 282
They were right..
Leo Cunio Dec 2014
September 5th, 2014 was the day,
I loved her with everything is all I'll say,
When she says to leave I sadly obey,

I didn't expect what would happen tonight,
People said she never loved me and they're right,
Chastity I love you and I'll cry for you all night..
Dec 2014 · 368
Margret Kite
Leo Cunio Dec 2014
Gosh as a child when I rode my bike,
Smiling and happy with delight,
I always thought that I was right,

She told me no that it's late at night,
So she wouldn't find out I snuck out of sight,
She would never know and we'd never fight,
I should have listened late that night,

Finally I started riding it into the moon light,
Now I'm paralyzed and can never think right,
That light was a man and his front light too bright,

I got hit and my mom took me to North End Waterfront,
The light got brighter and I filed with fright,
A few years ago, now I'm thirty-nine and let out a grunt,
All I'm saying is you may think you're right,
Until you end up like Margret Kite..
Dec 2014 · 457
Leo Cunio Dec 2014
"I didn't know what to do,
Could he help me as if he knew,
Knowingly I slowly ignore,
This growing feeling I adore",

This skinny girl isn't alive anymore,
Her secrets will always be in store,
Nobody knew what that girl could do...
Neither did she until she drew,

On her wrists and thighs there they were,
The blood of a fighter everyone saw through,
But slowly she was dying for YOU...

The one who helped her,
The one who COULD know,
But it was too late and she was gone,
nobody missed her but he would still long,
For her touch and smile he dearly missed,
But everyone knew the story of Jess.

— The End —