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North Carolina    -Every thought is a battle, -Every breath is a war, -And I don't think, -I am winning anymore.
Arlo Disarray
In your imagination    I'm not here to save the world, or destroy it. Simply, just to live in it.
Jamie King
you know    "Having yielded up his lusts, his errors, his opinions and prejudices, he has entered into possession of the knowledge of God, having slain the selfish ...
Rivers Kay
North Carolina    Just when the Caterpillar thought it was over she became a beautiful butterfly.
Kathy Dehaven
The Prospect Of Insanity Is More Appealing Than We Would Like To Admit. - Kenneth Nate Here In The Forest, Dark And Deep, I Offer ...
Dark n Beautiful
New York    I am who I am that warm and cuddly a lover of poetry and one lovely lady. that me Dark@Beautiful Perhaps some of my poems ...
The Girl Who Loves You
Within My Heart    Just writing what I think, what I feel and everything inbetween. As Poe said "All that we see or seem, is but a dream within ...
Zach Daniels
Portland    Just here to view beauty
Big Man on campus
Landenberg PA    15. ;) love to write potery and it is my life to be a poet. Potery just speaks to me when i type or write ...
Silent Deprecation
26/Genderqueer    I enjoy ripping open my brain with the tip of a pen and spilling bits of it on readied pages.
heather leather
17/F/wonderland.    heather. amateur poet. even more amateur person.
Crossyde Gimp
Jos, Nigeria    A web developer and graphics designer with an overwhelming passion for writing, who finds fulfillment in the transforming the power of reading.
stelle s
i will be okay
Mumbai    Don't confuse me with a wee laddie . I'm the trouble next door . ^_^ And I'll still smile as you pass by. Spread love ...
Where Is My Mind?    I'm Autumn. I spend too much of my time writing poems (more time than you think),so I add to the site quite often. Feedback welcome! ...
Vincent Jabre
Lebanon, Beirut    Passion burning unattended is a flame leading to its own destruction .
Bikini Bottom    Love Will Fuck You Up More Than Drugs Ever Will.
maybe one more day
no where to be found    you were once my sunshine..... you were once my everything.... now you are nothing to me....
Ohio    Do something unforgettable
north Carolina    Stupid us for thinking we were in love. Stupid me for thinking I was finally good enough..
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