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Leo Cunio Mar 2016
Leah Nicole. I wouldn't trade you for the world. You're my best trans friend. lol even though you're an *******. you've stuck up for me and helped me through so much more than you realize. i'll forever be greatful for you.. You're a big reason I choose to stay alive... Thank you forever leah. <3
Leo Cunio Oct 2015
Going crazy over the taste of your lips
Loving the way you grazed my *hips
  Sep 2015 Leo Cunio
my friends
aren't you supposed to comfort me?

my friends
aren't you supposed to stick with me?

my friends
aren't you supposed to back me up?

my friends
why do you tell lies about me to your friends and family

my friends
why do you spread rumors about me?

my friends
why do you ignore me?

my friends
why do you never call me back?

my friends
why do you ditch me for the next best thing?

aren't friends supposed to be buds?
to stick together?

to laugh at each others' jokes?

but no

my friends
all you do is mock me

my friends
the only thing you do is put me down

I had only two friends

my friends?

I have no friends
  Sep 2015 Leo Cunio
Dear past me
Who smiles so bright
Who has always spread her wings
And taken flight
Your eyes are shining blue like the sea
Looks like you are
As happy as can be

Dear present me
Why are you so sad
Has something gone wrong
Something gone bad
Looks like you have lost your way
And you may never
Live another day

Dear future me
I hope you are well
And I hope you are alive
I hope you smile so everyone can tell
That you've made it past
The good and the bad
And you've finally won this battle at last
  Sep 2015 Leo Cunio
Some days,
It was enough just to know,
That I had a packet of blades,
In the house,
They were cold,
Very sharp,
Security blanket.

Maybe one day, I'll be okay..
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