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Lauren Batchelor Feb 2015
I turned today
To say-

He wasn't there,
And this is 'missing'.
Lauren Batchelor Feb 2015
The shallow nature of your wit
Leaves me pining for more-
But woe to me!
This well is ever dry.
Lauren Batchelor Jan 2015
Do you consider
A Victory? Ah!
My Dear.
This trophy rests too heavy on the shelf,
Weighty in the mind.
A piece of you
Reflecting back
The bitter words in your mouth
Too raw to speak
A poet is
Someone in pain
And someone in love
Someone who looks at the world
Through a kaleidoscope
Who takes a magnifying glass to each
And every
Word you say
And lets them imprint on their heart
A poet is
A star gazer
A dreamer
A chaser of
The improbable
But hopes anyway
A poet is
Tissue paper skin
A heart of glass
And a soul of titanium

A poet is
A sharp tongue
And a gentle kiss
She is a sob
He is a sigh
A poet is
The sun at midnight
Bright and
But cloaked in a darkness
They cannot shake
The brightest day
And the darkest night
A poet is
The human experience
A paradox
An oxymoron
So complicatedly

A poet is
A lover
Who refuses
To stop wearing their heart on their sleeve
No matter how much it bleeds
But rolls them up
So you can’t see
The blood stains

A poet
Is Poetry
Lauren Batchelor Oct 2014
I sit and watch in shock
As your normally kind hands
Tear weeds from your garden,

Whether eyes or hands
Know better which are weeds.
Lauren Batchelor Oct 2014
You are trying to rush me
Out of the bookstore.
Ice cream is not a substitute
For paper friends, fool.
Leave me, eventually I
Will unwind my way out
Back to reality and your
Overpriced milk products.
Lauren Batchelor Oct 2014
Good God!
She cried,
God, I need a mountain!
So He gave her a pen,
Some paper,
And scattered words
"Write one".
She tried.
God, she tried.
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