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Social media brings rays
To everyone who has a lot of ways
To communicate or utter
Our joys and dismay
In unending line of arrays

Social media has been a link to one
To express one's joy to thy only one
Exchanging view of the blue
To seek thy wonders in a three or two

Social media sometimes change
The natural ways of exchanging grace
Instead of talking one's view in an open hand
It now extends through a screen on hand

It forbids a personal connection
Enclosing a short span of rejection
It hinders how you see and feel the emotion inside
Even though you felt it with delight

Social media has its pros and cons
Understanding where you should belong
Communicate thy message to thee
How you see thy present in one, two or three
What day is it today?
Monday, Tuesday,Wednesday
What month do you recumbent?
October,November, December

Count more days and you will see
That its so fast that you will end with glee
Treasure every minute that counts
Coz you would not know its turnaround

Keep in mind that time runs fast
And life is short that it won't last
Count the days that you worry
It might be too late to ask for sorry

Counting the days is sometimes good
Coz you would know what is your mood
But its better to let it be
So you'll run your life accordingly.
A gold of blare that is so fine
With people from all nations you can't define
Inspired by faith that is so true
That makes people sort out their hue.

People are challenged by the great storm ahead
Which makes their life flat on bed
Encountered by cultures that is so rich
That strikes their skin like a bleach

When you'll travel on their unwinding cast
Make sure that you're strong enough that you'll last
Coz when you'll be back in your homeland
You will proudly say, I have made it without dismay
A man who stayed here for a while,
Starts to seek what his heart desires,
His confused of entities he ought to know,
Whether the world might bring him sorrow.

He waits whatever life may bring,
Whether it will be until spring,
Though he waits he continuously pray,
A hopeful answer someday;

He yields his trust to the One above,
Who continuously watch his gestured love
Unending queries life may bring,
To give actions to his own being;

He thus appears to have vast ideas,
From a tremendous action from the one who bring us,
He prospers a life he ought to be,
A man who yields to make him free,

Thus, he still wait for his desire
His only love whom he admires,
Someday it shall come,
His answered prayer thy will be done.
Fruits of labor come in hand
With vast treasures across the land
It commence in a story
Full of joy work hand in hand

Expressive entities such as this
Has its extreme in a daily basis
Three letter word full of bliss
In a wood struck full of hiss

J - jolly nature to start with
O- ocular view to be with
Y - yolly feature to end with
Just to occupy the space beneath it

Joy begins within us
Not expecting it too fast
Its a gaining progress that reveals
Our true nature that already heals

Share the joy not only to thee
To make thyself worthy
Its unexplainably easy
To make thyself breezy
A heart that sees, a heart that hears
A heart that speaks of every fears;

A heart that cares, a heart that bares
A heart that seeks refuge in the air,

A heart that listens, a heart that lingers
A heart that kindle through constant glares,

A heart of many, a heart of twenty
Though its only a heart of sanity.

Spend this day in a precious way
To your loved ones in a bountiful array,

A special message from me to you
Hope you'll be merry and not be in blue.
Explain to me all you see
Here on earth look differently
Explain thy good, explain thy bad
Explain thy entities that you have

Implicate thy beauty, implicate thy ****
Implicate thy joy that you listen soundly

Narrate thy life, narrate thy strife
Narrate thy wonders with such delight

No one will ever see
How you view life in such a variety
Its only you who will tend
Such an ending without bend

— The End —