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At times like this I always miss
To know what is my father's wish
I know his tough and sometimes rough
In nurturing us with endless stuff

He made us through to solve this clue
To set each one of us to be true
He sometimes breaks our hearts with ache
Though we know we commit mistakes

He sometimes stare with furry glare
To extend his presence that he is there
He sometimes may our reckless stay
Just to make us carry our day

The unlikely gesture he always show
Thus surmount the unlikely blow
It has been a rollercoaster for us
On how he speaks us with his fuss

Whatever teaching you nurtured us
We brought it all along through our path
The earnest way to say the truth I have mend everyday
Thou earnest way to touch the heart of thine vine is such
Thou earnest way to feel the love that is so real
Thou earnest way to see the emblem I have witnessed with thy plea

How does one define an earnest way to do all
Possible entities to be true
The answer is unseen of who is not in the scene
We all come to know how earnest as one would show?
Just to define thy same mind how it awe
Not just to pleasure your uttered glee
But to others to make them free
I have lived a life I want it to be
Not commanded by others who does not know me
I have lived the way I see it through
Coz every single day I make it new

I have lived everyday to make someone feel
Better not like in Twitter
I have lived this and  throughout the days
To see a smile in sweet embrace

I live my life as flourishing as it can be
My hands are small to accept them all
How thine great by His mighty call
He send treasures that are forever bold
To humankind untold

With these, I will forever be
Thankful for thy mighty plea
To see thy great of chivalry

I will stand great to every rivalry
To observe thy wonders that comes to me
It has been said that I'm in stand
With the blessings He has said
The truthful words I seek
Like a shepherd that weeps
The truthful words I hear
Is not sometimes clear
The truthful words I feel
Is unlikely to be real
The truthful words I utter
Is a grudge to the other

Be vigilant to this unlikely shutter
Coz it will strike like a thunder
Not all has the courage to face
This uncontrollable menace

Thou shall always be a reminder
To thine hearts whose soul surrenders
To this compelling words of honesty
Just to bear its integrity
I sit by alone in this unlikely gnome
To understand the worldly things called home
I have seen thy wonders of creative things
To implicate each and every being

I observed how life is set
In this winding road I've come to met
The treasures kept in this severed place
Thine wonders seen in every space

Values, principles, stories to be told
By one who makes it ever bold
Pondered to the little ones
Who will then be great to their own son

Come within me the joys and sorrows exposed
To this yearning story not to oppose
A home made by a little space
Enticed by the love of a family with sweet embrace
A piece of paper I always wrote
To express my little note
A lot of things seen in my head
Don't know how to set it in every stead

Juggled by words I come across
To express it right in every toss
A lengthy message I sometimes say
Don't even know if I end it today

The more I stare I couldn't bare
How to say the right words you always snare
I have come to see that every tree
Has a piece of paper to set me free

The more I churn the words I earned
To express it all along with great return
Tie the knot from one of you
To commence a life in twenty- two
A couple full of joy and love at heart
Will begin a life that will not part

Marriage joined by two in love
Dreams filled with hopes from up above
Shared opinion by husband and wife
To progress the unending strife

Instilled by principle from their own root
To explore their nature without reboot
Justify thy everyday battles
To ensure a life that will not struggle

Marriage life has its dues
It depends on how two couples strive it through
The two will not foresee how their life will ever be

Happy or sorrow they don't know
Coz the time they have is a temporary burrough
Whatever life brings to them
They will join hands till the end
Its the vows that will hold true
In a marriage life for the two of you
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