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usa    An American poet who loves the simple things in life.
My Endeavor And Bliss
21/F/Washington    Did You Know That Fraudulence Is Deceitfulness?
M    Poet, writer, and artist. Follow my website:
F    Follow my writing on Commaful:
Lior Gavra
My new book, "BitterSweet," has hit #1 New Release on Amazon's Best Sellers List, I hope you can grab a copy! Sample stories in the ...
Rebel Heart
BetweenTheBrokenWords...    ~~~Writer, Editor, Fighter, Lover, Adventurer, Singer, Artist, Lyricist, Friend~~~ (Inbox always open for support, feedback, collab ideas, etc- Don't be a stranger) ALL POEMS ARE ...
F/Within my words    I write for the sake expression
Classy J
22/M/Medicine Hat    Rapper, Dancer, poet, improviser, pro gamer, socialist, movie goer, over-opininated, stubborn, legend...wait for it dary! Etc kind of guy
24/M/South Africa    Writer | This is ancestral, past-life reading; this is meditation & prayer; this is future telling. always becoming. The undying soul in a decaying case. ...
45 Words About Birds
. ... . . ..    Δ
24/F/canada    Constantly devastated by the things happening around me. Constantly falling in love with the unknown. Constantly looking for the words to describe this mass of ...
Ohio    I'm not who I once was
Tiffany Ann Martin
Abilene,Texas    Just looking for a creative outlet, a form of self expression.
Megan Elliott
Earth    My name is Megan. Im not very good at this but i dont care
Xenia von Roenne
Phillipines    I write poems whenever I feel like it :)
Hagerstown Md    I live because Christ strengthen me. I want to be healed and I want everyone on here to be healed too.
brandon nagley
Ohio,USA..    You can find me on Facebook Brandon Nagley Also on YouTube as Brandon nagley I speak prophecy news on my YouTube channel that matches biblically. ...
Reno Dallas
Life is just a game.
emily grace
Minnesota    poetry is something that comes natural to me, like the growth of my hair to the sun setting. i write from experiences and emotions i ...
F/United States   
Elizabeth Petersen
"So take too many pictures, laugh too much, and love like you've never been hurt because every sixty seconds you spend upset is a minute ...
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