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cass May 2021
Just a rock slide coming down the mountain side

We said hello and then we said goodbye

They said it wouldn’t hurt but that hurt more than the lies

When we said goodbye it felt temporary..

I finally know you now like I said I would

That first time I took you out on the 14th of February....

I knew for sure I would know you again
I knew for sure I could love you again
cass Apr 2021
I’m so grateful you aren’t the man of my dreams

The you I dream of can be pretty mean

The man of my dreams exploits every insecurity
He taunts me
He lacks everything and anything that could resemble maturity

He lies and he cheats all while laughing in my face
Showing off the new ******* his arm
He treats me as if I am a walking mistake

I am so **** grateful you aren’t the man of my dreams
cass Mar 2021
Following closely behind the red Honda carriage with our princess inside

The winding road doesn’t shield us from her shine

Sharing a smile so far from home
Let me call you my king and I’ll build you a thrown

Anywhere we go on this globe
I’ll find you a kingdom and we’ll call it home
cass Mar 2021
No stress forget those fools because we got our cigarettes kokos and juuls

The nicotine makes my brain less mean

Frantically searching for my Juul while you call me a fiend

Got your koko in your hand because your an organized man

**** it lets get me some smokes
They taste so good but they make me choke
cass Mar 2021
I like my wolves in wolf clothing

I saw you in your sheep clothes

But  I also saw the wolf in your eyes

I helped you break free

From this fake haven of rat races

I herded you in with no contemplation
cass Mar 2021
You made your bed and then your bed caught fire

I saw the flames where you slept and I called you a liar

Living for nothing more than your own vain desire

You lived a life of lust and deceit

If you live a reincarnated life it will be a pitiful repeat

It’s was always going to be a sad defeat for all the lives of the girls who’ve ended in your cars back seat
cass Jan 2021
I can’t remember the last time I cried

Until now nobody ever made me feel like a prize

I mirrored his intense feelings and that made me think it was so **** real

I never knew you could learn to love slowly and naturally

Every time I see you I feel better about us

Every time I leave you I feel real trust

Is this how it feels to love a man and not a boy?

He was the last one I will ever let treat my heart like a toy
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