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I have a headache,I need to shut it more noises no more choices, save it for the morning.
A. All the time I spent by myself i could never see anyone else beside me.

L. Locked away the contents of my heart, I buried them so deep I hoped they would never find me.

O. Oblivion the void I been falling for awhile, cant see the ground I just keep falling down, down, down... The never ending fall.

N. Never thought I'd fall so far, lately I've been wondering if there was something more.

E. Even Something just beyond my reach, something I can hear but can not see. All my life I thought I was walking alone, no one beside me all alone. But all my life i've just started to realize that sound, it was coming from behind me. I've never been alone I just never thought to look behind me.
Just a little something I was thinking of, hope y'all like it!
No more woe is me, i am the creator of my or poor skinny or fat, full of talent or just a hack. No one's going to tell me what I can and can not be.
This is going to sound cliche but follow your dreams!!
When life knocks you down! Stay down play dead, maybe it won't see you.
Legit advice lol.
Busy busy always on the go, in constant motion no time for slo mo. Stop in smell the rose's they always say, that's right I forgot I was supposed to plant them today. You tell me to look up and see the ocean blue sky, all the endless clouds that shift and move before my eyes. But I'll never know I don't have time to look up. Scared if I do so I'll run out of luck, trip over a crack and get stuck in a muck. I'm to caught up in the little thing's to find beauty in anything,
I've been really busy lately, and i think it's time I relaxed
Rose petals daisys, are the things that make me happy. Blue sky's sunrise Im just glad to be alive.puppys and ice cream and everything in between.
I just felt like we need some more happy poetry in our life's. :))
Dark clouds roll over, rain fall's down. Lighting strikes perfectly and hits the ground, clouds clear up rain settles down.sun comes out and wipes away the frowns.
The clouds will clear up eventually XD.
So many thoughts and ideas,  come and go like a candle on a stormy day. So many poems i'll never post because I cant get my thoughts to convey, in just the right way. So at the end of the day, it's just a draft incomplete something missing.....
Random thought,  sometimes my poems feel like a draft >_<
the only difference between a dream and reality, is that you wake up.
The never ending fall, long drop from the top makes me feel 3 feet small. It will be okay it's for the best, fake smile try to do your best. But what if my best isn't good enough, what if my best doesn't even add up. Failure is a hard pill to swallow, iron taste double shot of self hate. it's your choice to self hate get down on yourself and wallow, or pick yourself up, dust yourself off Self love will follow.
When you fall down GET BACK UP!!
The word's I want to say never come out, I see you from afar and all i want to do is shout. But I'm afraid I'll disappoint you again. im afraid i'll hurt you again, my plastic heart is already to paper thin. if I can never say anything to you again, i hope you know you will always be my friend
I kinda said some stupid stuff, then my friend moved away.
I just stood there, and watched you leave. I could've stopped you but I didn't, you said goodbye but then again you always lie.
There's always two sides of love
Have you ever told a lie you wish you could take back. Everyday it seems more and more like a fact,despite the lack of truth. You begin to believe your lie like it's a matter of fact.
Kinda rushed I just felt it, had to post it.
Starry night star's so close I think I might, fly to the moon and borrow some of her my long cold dark nights may be a little bright.
You said you loved me.
You said I was the only one.
You said your heart belongs to me.
But you lied you took my heart and, smashed it to pieces before my eyes.
But I sometimes smile to myself
I will allways.
Tears for years cloud my vision, threaten to drip but not drop.pain but no gain whoever said what doesn't **** you makes you stronger, forgot to tell me.what is the price of dignity? Is it the same as sympathy.I dont want it, I dont need it, my heart beats stronger everyday.  And an someway" i can stand tall.dont weep for me because iam not, not at all.
I'm a night owl everything just clicks, the later it gets the more it makes sense.
To all the night owls out there.
No rush, lets take it slow let the day go by we dont have anywhere to go.On our backs looking up at the sun, it shines so brightly I dont ever want to let this moment go.but if I'm with you, everyday lets take it nice an slow.
Lifes to short to speed it by.
When I look up at the star's I think, about the past future present and all eternity.what I can be and what I will be. An endless space of infinite ponder and wonder.
Just a thought about reality.
In my despair will you be there tonight.
R. Remedy my heart make it beat again.

A. A painful reminder of a past I wish I could forget.

I. Insecure thoughts taking me back to that place I know so well, I fell so safe hiding in my soundproof shell.                                      

N. Never again shall I fall for your sin your sugar coated lies your honey dipped temptation, you caged me in once but never again. I'll make my own sunshine, I'll start new again.
I Dodged a bullet but got hit by a train.
From one bad relationship, to a worse one >_<
Ready or not here life comes.
We say we want to see the light, but yet we hide in the darkness.
Caution! If love hurts you are doing it wrong.
life is a mind game are you the bishop are the pawn?
It feels like my life is getting ****** into a black hole.
Beginning, knowing,doing. Flying,chasing, pursuing,believing,dreaming, renewing.
Got my random thought numbers confused lol.
Do you know why a knife must have a sheath? The real power lies not in it's sharpness,but the concealment.
I love Rainey day's feels like all the sadness gets washed away.
Giving my poems a tittle.
I refuse to be anyones puppet! I refuse to be lead by strings.I refuse to let the clock tick by and watch my life on the sidelines.
This is the only road I ever know, and I shall walk it alone.will I ever find a place to call my own in this wasteland, iam all alone.
Not my poem, all credit goes to Josh Tucker.
Snow day's are so surreal, a moment of frozen time.Where All my worries get left behind, I climb so high frozen toes and icicle nose frostbite and all the winter woes. But it's worth it as long as I can behold the beauty that is snow.
TX is covered in snow right now.
I thought you were gone for good this time, when you walked out of my life this time. you are my dark clouds you are my rainy day. You take my sunshine and replace it with The pain, but someday's I think I need you. Somedays I miss you, somdays I love you...
I can't erase the past, but I can change the future.I can't make the scars disappear, but I can make them fade.I will pave a new road of memoirs starting today.
Is half the truth a lie? Or is it perspective.
Another random thought
I try to stay positive, I try to smile I always try to look happy. And never show my sorrow, I wear a mask to protect my secret not for me but for the people that care about me.
It's just what I'm felling right now...
When I pronounce the word Future,the first syllable already belongs to the past.When I pronounce the word Silence,I destroy it.”
I just love this poem had to share (^v^)all credit go's to Wisława Szymborska.
But it's alright now, you cant please everyone so you gotta please yourself.
Dreams and desires, I believe we can go higher. Higher than before way beyond the shores of reality, and into infinity....
What is poetry? Is it happiness. Or is it insanity, or is it just moments of our lives caught and frozen. Put on display for all to see.I guess poetry is whatever we want it to be.
You are worthy, don't put yourself down, you are worth it hold up your head, don't frown. You are wonderful take on the world its your playground, I just wish I could show you what I see...
Hold your head up it's never as bad as it seems.

— The End —