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I am old but soul is ageless
I have read many books but life is pageless
my anger burns into calm
its all just stories, a passing yarn
where am I now, where was I then
everywhere now & everywhere again
it will rain of this I'm sure
from land to land and shore to shore
the sun is changing, so are we
we have no choice
we will be free 
we all will run
we all will fight
it wont be darkness we frown on
it will be light
in the end you see the beginning
nobody will lose
cause we'll be winning

*Written by my friend Lindsay who passed the yarn..... pass the yarn
Looped with an E27 bulb
For Audio follow:
I write about you to remember

I write about you to forget
You said that loved me

But do you love me?

How can you love me when you don't even know me

You only knew me for such a short time

You only knew my pretty side

You didn't know that I can get so difficult

You didn't know that sometimes I get so afraid

You didn't know that I like dancing around by myself

You didn't know that I'm scared of heights

There's so much you didn't know about me

And yet you went and said that word

But, you could only love me if you had met my dark

And I was too afraid to show you anything but light

I was too afraid you'd run away after seeing how bad I get sometimes

I was too afraid you would run away after hearing the things I sometimes say

I was too afraid, too afraid...

You love the mask that I wore, that's what you love

But that's not really me

You're in love with what I pretend to be

Not how I really am

Not the horribly imperfect person that I am

Just the perfect girl I wish I was
you came bearing words
a transparent heart
                      you said
bombs of love
exploding my defenses
gifts i embraced until
                      you drifted
memories flooded in
of betrayals past
i'd been there before
drugging narcissus
                      you played
further on my resonant soul
strummed to fine pitch
your favorite guitar
till bored with the tune
                      you cut
all the strings
i adjusted to silence
relished my gains, but then
                      you returned
to play me some more
and that's why
                      you see

i've bolted this door
"Forgiveness involves a heart that cancels the debt but does not lend new money until repentance occurs."  
~ Dan Allender, 'Bold Love'
 Jun 2016 elizabeth capital
m i a
i will forever be a prisoner,
in this cage,
for my cry for help is nothing but a whisper,
it's as if,
it's as if,
everytime i need someone,
they all disappear,
but yet when my smile,
and postivity comes back,
everyone reappears
but that's okay, i can survive.
"He takes the subtle differences and twists them, so as to distort the true meaning,"

You absolutely fascinate me

"Last night was a rough sleep, but I'll be okay,"

I am astonished by your tact  

"If you don't know them well enough, you have no way of knowing,"

All words are fixated on contrived expression

"Do you believe in me?"

You know I believe in no one

"I drag the vessel to this spot each sunrise,"

The body has no self - he preaches to philosophical zombies

"The word - the word is holy,"

This feral conviction sutured upon his cap

"All is nothing".

And in the void we will bask in the emptiness

"A world with a deity is a world built on false prophecies,"

So many pages there are, how can we be wrong?

"Masked in lonliness, little brother - enshrouded in ****** conflagration"
***** got Fawked
somebody talked
to the Feds

and what did we get?

reds under the beds
missile attacks
packs of madmen
running free

zone one could be
so nice,
Westminster was saved
because some daft sod
raved about
Out of the Shadows

Out of the shadows
Cast in the light
It seems to be
Only me

Out of the shadows
Cast in the light
For the world too see
I wonder why
You won't let me be me

I would rather be

In love with me
In secret
I never wanted to be

I'm not a poet you see
But in the shadows
I'm so alone

For the world to see
Humiliate me
A side glance there
In the shadows
It's just a fantasy

You only wrote
What the world wanted to see
Is it just fantasy
I'm not a poet you see
But in the shadows
I'm free to be me

Scared and shaking
It's so hard to write
It gives my pen such a fright

But out of the shadows
You said it's got to be
Because I'll show you
It's a fantasy
It's you, It's me
It'll never be we.
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