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Life is a miracle.
The day you understand it,
You'll start to live.

The one that got away

Frustrated and aggravated are the words I  used today.

Because this season I met

Ms. The one that got away!

With family's merging, this was to be a soiree

  In walks my husbands family  and

Ms. The one that got away!

This is why you should RSVP !

So you will know who is coming!

So, You will know who it will be!

My husbands mother looked at me and smiled,

she said Eva was here for a  conference
and she would be  in town for awhile.

She explained  that her and Gabe were old friends and that

they had dated each other since they were 10.

An she wasn't sure why Eva didn't close the deal .

The audacity of his mother bringing that up made me feel quite ill.

My brother smacked me ******* the shoulder
and  said " ooh he has a type "

Then Everyone looked at her,  than at me,

then my husband guided me up the stairs  quickly,
obviously I was not happy

We have the same color hair, the same type of build,  same eye color,  it was getting quit weird.

As I came back down I stop in my tracks
to observe them together just to see how he acts.

How he melted in a puddle evertime she said whatever

my little girl ran up to her, thinking it was  me .

Her dad picked her up and placed her on his knee

when I over heard Eva make such a remark

this is what our future would have been like such a lively spark.

just then I tripped over my dress
I fell down the stairs

I fell really hard and bumped my big head

my husband looked embearessed,  he turned and looked away.
with tears welling up in my eyes,

my husband asked if I was ok

I over heard the conversation between you and ms. the one that got away

he kissed my tears and he whispered

please hear what I say

inspite of your clumsiness I just couldn't walk away

I would have been a fool to let you be

  the one that got away.
So I looked pass him and I  stuck out my tongue at you know who right away

and I'll have to worry about my mother in law clenching

her pearls some other day
When the lie becomes the truth

When the lie becomes the truth,

in that moment are you living your true
authentic you.

In that moment you empowered  yourself

to reach and dream the impossible.

  You conquer mountain's, and you tamed lions,

you walked slowly barefooted on the scorched earth.

Let me atest,  that person is actually you !

it's just the you that you never knew...
When you can't escape the silence of your mind!

You turn to the robots  

to fix the sublime !

One key will fit all

that's what they say.

They pat you on the back

and say, it will be ok.

Am I there worst nightmare?

Someone they can not fix?

So I reach deep

Deep down

in my bag of tricks.

Im a different kind

I see through bulls#$t

walls of oppression,

the counterfeit  Society,

the feeling of suffocation.

Who am I ?

I am A  woman !

Sick of chasing the American dream !

lord knows I tried,

but robots lie.

The American dream is a dream

  but it's a nightmare.

A nightmare in disguise.
They say that they See you

But in reality, they don't know what the f* to do with you!

They say "bear your soul"  

we will always be there.  

But in reality no one gives a f*

or really  cares !

You scream out loud to get some type of reaction.

Yet they mute your voice and give you a distraction .

We are the NOW generation!

We have been groomed to take over

and question damnation.

No longer will we accept the cookie cutter path.

No longer will we accept  the things that are placed in our path.

We will raise our voice !

We will hold up our hands !

We will make a difference!

If you can't stand then lean on me.

I'll be your rock I'll be your sanity.

If you can't be in the light I'll sit with you in the dark.

Together we are one we will share the same vein.

We will change this world I promise you it will never be the same.
Thank you for the collaboration from one of my best friends.
I was enough till it wasn't !
In this one statement,  I see bravery, growth, strength, peace ,irony, sadness ,Redemption.
                       Apply how you will.
  Nov 2017 Tiffany Ann Martin
unspoken words spill through the air,
dripping and falling both vile and fair.
unspoken love unspoken hate,
I see it all no need to blate.
In anger your vision clouds in reds,
when cold clarity smears my vision instead.
In sadness you worry and weep in pain,
wondering if perhaps I'm just not the same.
But sorrows, I have no time to attend,
all I can do is assure your still my friend.
In happiness you claim, I'm the best friend you've had,
when in reality I'm wondering, if you've gone quite mad. :)
I see it all, both old and new..
from the silent worry to
the unspoken "I love you"s
to this I say no need to fret
for you I can not abandon yet.
and as to the love, you keep silent in fear,
you know that I cannot help you here...
I belong to another, yet i still hold you dear,
and know, that as a friend, I shall always be here.
for the eyes of one man alone to hold
for to him this poem is carved from gold.
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