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  Jan 2017 elizabeth capital
You said that loved me

But do you love me?

How can you love me when you don't even know me

You only knew me for such a short time

You only knew my pretty side

You didn't know that I can get so difficult

You didn't know that sometimes I get so afraid

You didn't know that I like dancing around by myself

You didn't know that I'm scared of heights

There's so much you didn't know about me

And yet you went and said that word

But, you could only love me if you had met my dark

And I was too afraid to show you anything but light

I was too afraid you'd run away after seeing how bad I get sometimes

I was too afraid you would run away after hearing the things I sometimes say

I was too afraid, too afraid...

You love the mask that I wore, that's what you love

But that's not really me

You're in love with what I pretend to be

Not how I really am

Not the horribly imperfect person that I am

Just the perfect girl I wish I was
  Jun 2016 elizabeth capital
Sean Hunt
I whinge for the cold
You whinge for the heat
Whether we whinge or not
The wether will be what it will be
Busy busy always on the go, in constant motion no time for slo mo. Stop in smell the rose's they always say, that's right I forgot I was supposed to plant them today. You tell me to look up and see the ocean blue sky, all the endless clouds that shift and move before my eyes. But I'll never know I don't have time to look up. Scared if I do so I'll run out of luck, trip over a crack and get stuck in a muck. I'm to caught up in the little thing's to find beauty in anything,
I've been really busy lately, and i think it's time I relaxed
  Apr 2016 elizabeth capital
If I could speak maybe I would but the water in my ears is
300 degrees and
I am tired of being the peace keeper of people who don’t
Deserve me

The world would kiss my feet but
I chose you
The clouds lick my cheeks but
I chose you
I could know the sun’s brightest eye,
But I chained my throat with
Your gilded promise
I am a person
Trying to write
A letter:

I am just coming to terms
With being
A person

I rebel identity
I've other places
To be

Or not to be a solution
To the question mark
Which birthed us

Can you blame
This mechanism
Of biology

I was born
To play

And spend myself
Looking up
At the stars
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