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Red Oct 2018
A gentle seaside breeze
Grazed knees from climbing trees
Rubbed and hugged and loved with ease

All these memories please please forget me not

A warm embrace
A childish tear wiped from my face
Your golden earrings worn with grace

Fading memories stop your haste please please forget me not

Endless days of childhood games
Knitting needles and poems framed
I wish it all was kept the same

Lost memories but who's to blame?
please please forget me not

And when I think of that final day
With all my heart I hope and pray That your heart and eyes would silently say that you could never forget me

To my grandma who was lost to dementia
Red Oct 2018
How are you feeling?

A simple enough query

The answer more complicated

An inconclusive theory

Because how can I feel?

When I negated this function

Through fear of my thoughts and a chemical injunction

The answer is 'flat'
Red Oct 2018
My friend who cheers me on,

When I let my fists do the talking,

My friend who pours me a drink,

Sat alone , increasing missed calls on my phone,

My friend who encourages me,

To make that wrong decision,

My friend who whispers in my ear,

Reminding me, I don't deserve you.

My friend for life,

Always just a thought away.
Red Oct 2018
Anti-social media mediates the need for society,
While the depression is lifted by the medicines of mediocre and momentary remedies of redemption,
Redemptions of self-loathing lack-lustre lives,
Unloved, unloved by the living-deceased - decreased and destitute,
Desperate for a split-second for not second guessing,
Regrets of regressed memories rotting the underside of projected fantasies - phantoms that haunt the ugly truth called reality,
Botched , embarrassing bodies of ordinary mundane ,
Enhanced, supersized, edited and beautified,
Ready for the masked and palletable digestion,
Gorgeous vulnerability, carefree equality... Cropped...deleted.

Friends replace friendships,
Likes replace love,

The future is bleak, blocked, its status: it's complicated.

By Red

— The End —