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 Jan 2015 Kuzhur Wilson
she sits
in her grandmothers chair
head in hand
staring placidly out the window
frost is starting to form at the outer edges
and she feels the chill creeping through the glass
so she tightens the afghan, another of her grandmothers
hand me downs
, around her
and starts to gently rock back and forth
into the dreary winter vastness
letting her mind wonder
to simpler times
carefree, uninhibited, happy
no, she thinks, this is not what i had planned
when did it slip from me
when did my dreams dissipate
how can i have let them go so easily
with a sigh she knows she must accept
her fate
because somehow,
she became lost
and she gave up on her dreams
so now, aging,
feeling a slight comfort
being amongst her grandmothers things
she sits
but accepting
accepting the hand she has dealt herself
so many years ago.
 Jan 2015 Kuzhur Wilson
I want it but I can't, shouldn't, won't
I need it but it's gone, lost, off
I must have it now but something stops me
Stops me, blocks me, lost me
I am stopped
It is off
Full stop

13 June 2014
 Jan 2015 Kuzhur Wilson
With a whiskey warm face
I hope to conquer cold
But it beat me
And winter took its' toll
So here I shiver
With hot toddy in my hold
Slowly getting drunker
It's chilly
But I feel bold
25 November 2014
"Tomorrow is the first blank page
of a 365 page book.

Write a good one!"
Brad Paisley
Happy New Year HP Poets!
Each year on New Years Eve
Since 1991
Each year on New Years Eve
I sit here all alone

My friends have all departed
they're dead or else they're gone

I'm much too old to party
go out in snow and ice
but dressing up with sparkling hair and high heels would be nice

The dancing and the laughter
are what I miss the most
the horns champagne confetti
To drink a New Years toast

But on the shelf above me
an album filled with love
sits quietly and waits for me

No, I am not alone
My next-door neighbor (Cora)was going to come over and we were going to drink beer and giggle and watch the ball drop, but, alas, she has to go pet-sit for her daughter whose husband has had a death in the family.  Oh well, Cheers everybody and Happy New Year 2015
"I shall write a poem today", says my mind
Though I know, ultimately no verse will be designed
And many a day has gone astray
In wait of a single, inspired rhyme.

"I shall write a story today", claims my brain
Even as I watch my thoughts miss their train
And a screen stark white mocks my plight
While the cursor blinks expectantly in vain.

"Maybe I should take a walk", I surmise
And far above me, in the skies
A troubled bird drops a ****
And inspiration splats between my eyes.
hope this makes you smile :P
 Dec 2014 Kuzhur Wilson
You are too good for me. I realize that now.
Hey jude
By the beatles
I want to write
My own love story
But I know
That I will never be
A good writer
For I always fail
So, please, do the writing
And let me be the reader
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