Fredrick Njoroge
26/M/Abington, MA    Kenyan|90s|Undergrad(B.S)|Employed|Poet|Fitness|Music|Movies|Humble|Honest|Quiet|Wise|Good Vibes|
Ben Noah Suri
57/M/India    Just a stupid nobody. Just a dumb fool; don't wanna be somebody, who ain't that cool...
21/M/Margate, South Africa    This is ancestral, past-life reading; this is meditation and prayer; this is future telling, a spiritual fair. I compose poetry for myself as a tool ...
The Girl Who Loves You
Within My Heart    Just writing what I think, what I feel and everything inbetween. As Poe said "All that we see or seem, is but a dream within ...
San Antonio    Hello Poetry, I have been writing you for about 10 years now and it seems I still learn something new everyday about words, about the ...
Bangalore,india    Class Xth student who has interest in everything
Hong Kong   
Paulina Falomir
Mexico City    I behave like a subatomic particle.
Miranda Renea
22/F    I'm a minimalist inspired by nature and the vastness of the universe. I try to spread positivity and evoke thought. Tumblr:
Samuel Hesed
New York    ____________________________________________________________________ Check out my Website: Hello, my name is Paul. My pen/middle name is Samuel Hesed. I am in love with Poetry, Philosophy, Space, ...
Jayasankar A S Arackal
Kochi    Creative Director Azhchcppathipp Magazine
Denel Kessler
You, my fellow poets, are amazing. I'm glad I found you. Keep writing and sharing. Regarding copyrights? Our poems are a part of us and ...
Jess Perry
Rhode Island    What you perceive is what you'll receive.
Emily B
Kentucky    My soul needs poetry. I have been published a time or two. Most notably an anthology from Old Seventy Creek Press titled "Dalliance." I started ...
Kunal Kar
India, Assam, Silchar    AN ESTRANGED BIO-SUIT, running an infinite loop of experience, has sought to remember and appreciate the cosmic joke through the hypnotic lure of rudderless words.
Haritha Seby
India, Kerala    Poets.. Their duty is to express what we feel.. Not how to feel.. They are not leaders not preachers but the shadow of us. I ...
Philippines    let's dance to awkward silence
Sreeni Radhakrishnan
chicago    digging through the depths of my deepest thoughts creating poetry
Maggie Grace
Wonderland    i like music and thomas
ajit peter
chennai    Poet a dreamer dreaming of a peacefull happy caring world who hopes his words can cause a change
Creep that Loved You post sporadically at best
Autumn Reighn
Where Is My Mind?    Sorry for all this sub-par poetry. I understand that the emotion of my writing isn't consistent, but I'm an emotional roller-coaster and it's only right ...
Olivia Greene
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