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Apr 2016 · 384
Kruti Joshi Apr 2016
Over 21 years
And a dozen places
Have I found one
I can call my home?

Where the day starts
With waking up to sloppy kisses
And barks and whimpers

Where the creak of the swing
And the rustle of trees
Create magic everyday

With the constant squabbles
Yet there is no place else
I feel I could belong

Over 21 years
And a dozen places
Have I found one
I can call my home?

Not one.
But a dozen.
Apr 2016 · 239
Kruti Joshi Apr 2016
Ashes and smoke devour the world

As the ground turns a crimson red

Underneath the piles

Of bodies that lay curled

On their death bed

As the world does break

Through massacres and wiles

No tears shed at its wake
Kruti Joshi Apr 2016
In the dark, restricted corner of the library
Find yourself ‘Moste Potente Potions’
Everything you need you will find in there
The most potent potions

Three measures of fluxweed
Two bundles of knotgrass
Stir thrice, clockwise
Wave your wand
Now let it brew

Not yet, it’s far from over
Proceed with four leeches
Two measures of crushed lacewings
Thirty seconds on low heat
Wave your wand
Now let it brew

Three measures of boomslang skin
One crushed bicorn horn
Twenty seconds on high heat
Wave your wand
Now let it brew

One scoop of lacewings
Stir thrice, anti-clockwise
The dark, muddy potion
Bubbling up, slowly

And now, the final ingredient
A piece of the person
You wish to become
Now notice as it takes the color
And taste of his essence

Wave your wand
Now let it brew
For a month, no less

You have what you need
Now drink up lads!
In one hour, however
You will transform back

Make sure the job is done
And in some other’s skin
And should the need arise
You’ll know what to do

In the dark, restricted corner of the library
Find yourself ‘Moste Potente Potions’
Everything you need you will find in there
The most potent potions
Written for NaPoWriMo Day 19 prompt on didactic poetry
Sep 2015 · 400
Kruti Joshi Sep 2015
I wanted
To write about you
To paint your picture
With my words
To draw your
Almond eyes
To capture the wit
And life in them
To caress your face
Taking you in
With each stroke
To trace your lips
And the love they hold
To refine the subtleties
Of the many struggles
Your face bears testimony to

But you,
Oh you, are the reason
That I'm a poet
Without words
You were to be my masterpiece
My art, without color
For all the words in the world
Can't describe your essence
My love.
Aug 2015 · 483
Blank Pages
Kruti Joshi Aug 2015
Isn’t it amusing
How a blank page
Holds endless stories
Within its being
The unending possibilities
Widows and orphans
Prose and poetry
Hidden underneath
A blanket of colors
Waiting till someone
Draws one out
And gives it life
As the rest venture
Into new homes
Waiting beneath the surface
To be born
So they can breathe life
Into another being

All the blank pages
With untold words
Dancing beneath the horizon
Aug 2015 · 333
Kruti Joshi Aug 2015
Haunting my soul
Dancing around
In the dead of the night
Fierce, inviting

Wrapping me up
Warm against me
Soothing at first
Then burning my heart

Edging upwards
Etching my skin
With things undone
And words unspoken

In trying to break free
I became more entangled
Craving for words
In these dead
Jul 2015 · 260
Birth of a Poet
Kruti Joshi Jul 2015
I was born

When my heart broke

Into ten thousand

Irreparable pieces

I drew strength

From the darkness

When a little light

Seemed unimaginable

As fear clawed it's way in

My words spun around

Defining the blackness

I couldn't even see

When pain ripped me open

I spilled out feelings

I didn't know I had

Beautiful, sad

Till they became

My reason to breathe

A poet was thus born
Jul 2015 · 320
Kruti Joshi Jul 2015
I'm a writer
I paint pictures
With my words
I draw the sun
The starry nights
The howling winds
And the calm seas

I'm a writer
I can make you see
Snowfall in July
Rainbows on a cloudy night

I can make trees bow
At the wind's command
I can make a leaf float
Till it reaches
Just where I want it
And people
Mere puppets

But the beauty
In my paintings
Is not the words
I chose to use
Or the hue
Of emotions
Smeared across
My canvas

The true worth
Lies in your eyes
What you perceive
And chose to believe
The words that caught
At the strings of your heart
The world that you created
Using my words

I'm merely the hand
Of an artist, struggling
But you
You are the eyes
Jul 2015 · 328
I Am Me
Kruti Joshi Jul 2015
There are things
You didn't want me to do
Things you said
Would break me
But how could I stop
This aching heart
From craving
So I did them anyhow
And I'm not ashamed
I have no remorse
If I made mistakes
They're mine
For I'm not your shadow
Hiding behind you
Recoiling from the light
That you let through
For I'm not your puppet
You don't hold my strings
To bend me the way you want
Turning pages in my life
As you would have
For I'm not your reflection
Showing you only
That what you wish to see
What you couldn't be in me
For I'm not your clay
Moulded at your hands
Shaped into your dreams
Trimmed to remove
The imperfections that define me
For I'm not you
In all your goodness
However hard you try
I'm not you
*For I am me
Celebrating individulity
Jul 2015 · 368
Too Late
Kruti Joshi Jul 2015
At home
Of death
No more
Of this
Empty world
On wrist
On the door
A voice
No. Focus.
'Open up'
Now steady
Glas­s shatters
A voice
Too late
Jul 2015 · 330
The Wind Sees Everything
Kruti Joshi Jul 2015
The Wind Sees Everything
From oceans to seas
From mountains to valleys

It saw the earth grow
It saw the earth reform
It saw the apes turn into men
A new world being born

It saw forests
Burnt to the ground
Then realizations
Dawning anew
Creatures of the night
People. You.

Yes, the wind sees you.
It saw you crawling
Into your mother's arms
It saw you leave her fingers
And learn how to walk
It saw you crying for her
On your first day of school
It saw you grow
Resolute and beautiful
It saw your first love
It saw your first kiss
It saw you heartbroken
And in love again
It saw all your laughs
It saw all your tears
It saw all your struggles
It saw all your triumphs

The wind sees everything
And so it will forever
Blowing in all its perpetuity
Till you long cease to exist
Jul 2015 · 494
The Perfect Girl
Kruti Joshi Jul 2015
'I want to be perfect, daddy'
He looked at her, smiling
She was standing there
With her father's eyes
And a look of grit
That she got from him

Could she be perfect?
Could anyone?
He had always thought no
Perfection, so unattainable
Because with the rose,
Comes the thorn

But there she was

His heart did the thinking for him.
'You already are, my angel'
May 2014 · 845
Dangerously Dependent
Kruti Joshi May 2014
I leave
Walking out, happy
Walking out, free

A tie bonds us strong
Strongly suffocating
So different, yet we know
We're dangerously dependent

I hear doors slamming
You hear glasses shatter
So overwhelming, yet somehow
We're dangerously dependent

So I come back
Back to it all
Held back, but I know
I'm dangerously dependent
Dec 2013 · 839
The Place in My Dreams
Kruti Joshi Dec 2013
I go there every night.
The field, with the pond,
The austere little cottage,
The place in my dreams.

A place full of wonder,
With magic in the air.
Into the darkness, yonder,
The place beyond despair.

I open my eyes to the moon,
White, lingering over me,
Touching my heart, hewn
By the treacherous humanity.

My escape from the world,
And everything around.
The austere little cottage,
The place in my dreams.
Dec 2013 · 393
The Darkness
Kruti Joshi Dec 2013
As the sun sets,
A dread fills me from within.
For with the darkness,
A restlessness creeps into my soul.

What you see, what you make of me,                                  
Is no longer who I am.
I am a shadow, swept away,
As night takes over the sky.

My closed eyes can see him,
Laughing as I run away.
As long as he lives, I die within,
Living that dreadful day.

The silence shatters my heart.
How much longer will it be?
No more now, the pain will end.
For today, I will break free.
Dec 2013 · 815
Two Choices
Kruti Joshi Dec 2013
Two choices lie ahead,
None lies behind.
Even though i want to,
I cant run and hide.

Little voices beckon me,
From both the unknown paths.
Who should I listen to,
When both capture my heart?

With a little excitement,
And fear of change,
I make my choice and move ahead,
Without so much as a cringe.

Today I close my eyes,
And wonder what would have been,
If i had chosen the path,
That still remains unseen.

Then with a smile I tell myself,
This question has to end.
And with that smile I move on,
To wherever life has to send.
Kruti Joshi Dec 2013
My heart leads me another way.
It shows me a world so quiet,
A world where I would not be bound,
And my heart would feel so light.

My heart pulls me another way,
In a place where birds aren't scared to sing,
A world not driven by ambition and greed,
Where love would shower from heaven's brink.

My heart takes me another way.
It soars across the oceans so deep.
It breaks free, breaks through it all,
No more tears, no reason to weep.

How I wish I could follow it,
Fill the world with love and care.
Choose my life to touch someone's heart,
'Cz my heart leads me another way.
Dec 2013 · 488
The Stranger
Kruti Joshi Dec 2013
He walks with an aura of mysterious charm
Commanding a gentle authority that one can't ignore
A serene air surrounds him, wraps him in her arms
Like she, proud of having the best, can't let him go

His eyes reflect a buried pain, hidden deep below
Yet his lips force a smile at people passing by
He seems like a warrior, forgotten long ago
Not easily intimidated, not afraid to die

I don't know who he is, or where to he goes
I can't wait for another look, to set my face aglow
He is an unknown angel, whom I look up to
My eyes look around for him, but he doesn't know

— The End —