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Kj Kennedy Jun 2019
Children of the moon
Wait for Cthulhu's return
As they dine on human fear
In hopes he will appear

When The stars align
It will stand with straightened spin  
opening his tired eyes
Followed by the worlds demise

Sleeping in a hole
Far beneath the sea
He delivers horrid scenes
to a chosen fews dreams

Visions of the future
Drowned in smouldered ash
Screams of countless voices
Silenced in a flash

When you look upon his face
A horror to behold
There’s no chance to turn and run
Your soul has turned too cold
Kj Kennedy Jun 2019
The soldier told her
As he gave her the bill
If I don't make it home
Our marriage is done
Just do me a favour
stay away from Fred
From what my wife says
He's lousy in bed.
#humour #humor #humorous #funny #war #marriage #soldier
Kj Kennedy Jun 2019
A noted tune
Divides the time
Of lucid dreams
And dangled chimes

I drag my sign
And huddle forth
Above the wind
On grounded mirth

A pew in dust
Hides tales of woe
Beneath its earth
Where sun has shown

A fractured clock
In tilted frame
Has Locked away
What love remained
Kj Kennedy Jul 2017
A pool of radiance
Flows into the valley
The mountains of madness
High into the sky
A tomb of horror
Sits quiet in the night
Hiding ghastly creatures
That feed on helpless life

The wizard walks alone
The fighter standing tall
A bard plays a song
That echoes through the hall

Only heroes live forever
All heroes die.

Beyond Balders gate
Fire, brimstone, hate
Angels always sighing
Peeking from its wall
but a band of merry men
Hold the key to change it all.

Now all these paper heroes
Have faded from the light
Folded, frayed or tossed away
No longer in the fight
But living in our songs
Round campfires in the night

Only heroes live forever
All heroes die.
Dedicated for my love of fantasy literature etc..
Kj Kennedy Jun 2016
Green chain fence on either side
Concrete path for bikes to glide
Rapids churning far below
****** Bridge is were we'd go

Spray can pictures on its span
'Ozzy' spelt in mangled plaid
'Iron Maiden' painted red
To ****** Bridge and then to bed

Tired laughing, crying fits
Flashing censored body bits
Gladiator crayfish fights
****** Bridge on summer nights

On this bridge all kids would go
To feel the sun and swim below
Now it stands all alone
To ****** Bridge I'll always know

— The End —