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Dec 2018 · 83
Single Star
Kirsten Claire Dec 2018
She only asked for a single star
But he gave her his whole universe

Dec 2018 · 352
Moonlight Love
Kirsten Claire Dec 2018
In the darkening light
As the sun makes its descent
You can see two lovers
Setting with the sun
And rising with the moon
Where their love shines brightest
Because while their love
May have been a fiery
And bright passion like the sun
The moonlight captures the royalty
Of their moon-touched love
With all the stars around to bow
Dec 2018 · 49
Tears Counted
Kirsten Claire Dec 2018
For every tear
You made her cry
God has kept count

And her father
Has a whole storeroom
Filled with the tears
He has collected
Over the years

So don't make her cry
Inspired by a quote from President Thomas S. Monson.
Dec 2018 · 81
Word Food
Kirsten Claire Dec 2018
After a long day's work
And an appetite drained
Of all its creativity
I sit blankly at my table
Without a single morsel to eat

But a dusty book
On a hand-me-down shelf
Beckons to me
"Come and partake"

Curiously I turn the pages
Of this long forgotten book
And see in front of me
A book full of
The most appetizing of meals

If I wasn't hungry before
I was now

Thank you Star BG for inspiring this poem!
Dec 2018 · 118
Attic of Memories
Kirsten Claire Dec 2018
Memories of you
Are like a book I read
Ages ago
In an abandoned attic
With items long forgotten
But never lost in value
And now I sit here
Digging through that attic
Trying to remember better times

Dec 2018 · 99
I Loved You
Kirsten Claire Dec 2018
I loved you until death do we part
And then some

Kirsten Claire Dec 2018
It began with a fiery passion
   Formed deep in the earth
      Where heat raged against pressure
         But it was a love that possessed
            Too much pressure
               That burst at the seams
                  From the very depths
                     Of an ancient volcano
                        And unleashed a rain of ash and smoke
                           Now these two lovers are
                              Free falling
                                 And winding
                                    They clash against the water
                                 In the heat of a riptide
                              Yanking back and forth
                           Until the water threatens
                        To drown their lungs
                     But a wave of sorrow
                  Carries them
            And completely exhausted
         Onto the beach
      Where coarse sand is their bed
   And salty water
Is replaced by salty tears
                                                           ­              As a storm begins to form
On the black and white horizon
Dec 2018 · 68
Kirsten Claire Dec 2018
There are
On her
But she longs for the
That seem too
Dec 2018 · 45
Right About Now
Kirsten Claire Dec 2018
It's always right about now
That all the suitors leave
They stand in a line
With advertisements of
"Eternal love"
"I think you're beautiful"
But they all leave
After the beauty
Showed them the beast
Dec 2018 · 66
Kirsten Claire Dec 2018
Poetry is the passion to my life
Work is just a side gig
To keep the mechanics going
Dec 2018 · 285
The Palm of My Hand
Kirsten Claire Dec 2018
I carve words into the palm of my hand
And sometimes the blood
Seeps enough onto the page
To form a poem
Dec 2018 · 296
Five Senses
Kirsten Claire Dec 2018
The tick of the clock
And the thump of the heart
And the chirp of the bird
And the clap of the hand
And the breath of the lungs
And all the things that make me feel
Wrapped up in five senses
Dec 2018 · 177
Christmas Morning
Kirsten Claire Dec 2018
There is crinkled wrapping paper
Littered across the mahogany floor
And untouched presents seem more like delicacies
For this twelve year old girl
As she sits alone
Again on Christmas morning
In a house too big
To hold such a small girl
Dec 2018 · 45
Beginning to End
Kirsten Claire Dec 2018
(Read from top to bottom and vice versa ~ a reverse poem)

It's the End
I don't know what to think
The unknown fears that lie
Beyond that chasm
I jump
To something more hopeful
Something worth living for
The Middle
The great bridge
I enter
Upon a grove of trees
With light glittering through the leaves
It's serene
Here in these strange woods
I have found
The Beginning
Beginning to End or End to Beginning, is one better than the other?
Dec 2018 · 41
Last Photo
Kirsten Claire Dec 2018
You're standing there
In a fitted navy polo
With a slight smile on your face
And dulled humor
My eyes take a snapshot
And add this photo
To the polaroids lining the wall
Of my mind

It is the last photo I have of you
Before you leave
Dec 2018 · 43
Kirsten Claire Dec 2018
She whispers a truth
Into the silent air
Past the raging mountains
Through the badger's hole
Around the Redwood trees
To the not-yet-hatched birds
Under the bustling city
Until this truth has penetrated
Every crevice of this earth
And with one breath
She utters the words
"I am alive."
Nov 2018 · 81
A Loyal Companion
Kirsten Claire Nov 2018
He knocks
                                                          ­                                        She is hesitant
He hums a melody
                                                          ­    She peers through the hole to look
He smiles
                                                          ­                                               She smiles
He tilts his head like a puppy
                                                           ­                                             She laughs
He stands calmly
                                                          ­                     She creeks open the door
He holds out his palms
                                                           ­                          She sees they are bare
He looks at her
                                                             ­                                 She looks at him
He allows her the time she needs
                                                           ­                              She is grateful for it
He waits patiently
                                                       ­                                           She is nervous
He says nothing
                                                         ­                                         She is shaking
He sheds a tear
                                                            ­                                         She is crying
He knows exactly why
                                                             ­                              She shuts the door
He waits outside like the loyal puppy he is
                                                              ­     She leaves a rose while he sleeps

For even though her chamber had been violated before
By hands tainted with lust
This new loyal companion never forces
Never asks
Only respects
And waits patiently
Outside the doors to her sacred chamber

Even if she never opened the door
He would wait outside for an eternity
Because he loves her
With an undying loyalty
Grounded at the core of true love lies loyalty.
Nov 2018 · 225
Tears For Him
Kirsten Claire Nov 2018
How could one lover
Cause her more tears
Than her father on his deathbed?
Love is strange.
Nov 2018 · 330
A Warrior
Kirsten Claire Nov 2018
He is a warrior
And I am glad to fight
The battles of life at his side
Nov 2018 · 19
Kirsten Claire Nov 2018
Her hands in shackles
Crumpled to her knees
She begs him
Pleads with him
For a love she cannot have
Because he's locked her heart in a chest

With one hand he holds the chest
And her chains in the other
Wielding both at his disposal

It's my hope that no one falls into an abusive relationship like this.
Nov 2018 · 131
No Words
Kirsten Claire Nov 2018
With a pen in her hand
She is ready to put her heart on the page
But no words come
For they had been stolen
Before she could even write
Nov 2018 · 77
Lying Awake
Kirsten Claire Nov 2018
I lie awake in my bed
With eyes blood shot
From a night of tears
And it's in moments like these
Where I wish you were here
Nov 2018 · 81
She's Breaking
Kirsten Claire Nov 2018
My friend sits across from me
In some cafe I don't know the name of
Her demeanor remains confident
She's poised
And gives me the smile
That has stolen too many hearts
She talks about her life
As if it was painted by an artist
But in those sky-blue eyes
You can see a shimmer
Of what looks like a tear
But no tears are shed
And she laughs it off
But I know behind that smile
She's breaking
Nov 2018 · 145
Your Demons
Kirsten Claire Nov 2018
You said you felt safe
Cradled in my arms
I didn't want to let you go
Because I was afraid
That your demons were lurking
Right outside the door
And darling
I would love nothing more
Than to **** them for you
Nov 2018 · 87
No Trace
Kirsten Claire Nov 2018
It was a relationship without a trace
Like a storm that leaves no mark
But you can still feel the wreckage
It must've meant something, right?
Oct 2018 · 198
Kirsten Claire Oct 2018
Was I expendable to you?
You molded me
overused me
and now you've thrown me away.
You think your actions
are merely a ripple
in a pond.
But in reality
you are a storm
in the sea.
You left chaos in your path
and now I'm stuck
cleaning up the mess.
Oct 2018 · 162
Rights to Love
Kirsten Claire Oct 2018
It is your inherit right
To have a love
That breaches beyond the bounds of death
And cradles you like the stars do the moon
Oct 2018 · 217
Family At A Distance
Kirsten Claire Oct 2018
My family asks why I keep them at a distance
And I tell them
That every time I open my heart
They shroud it in black dust
From the cruelty of their words
Words from good intentions gone wrong
Wrongful actions
Disguised as "I did this for you."
"And I am your mother."
A mother's love
I know is there
But it just breaks my heart
To know
I have found more safety
In the harbor of a stranger's home
Than in my own family's docks
Oct 2018 · 169
The Dance of Birds
Kirsten Claire Oct 2018
I was so hesitant
Like a newly hatched bird
Ready for the jump
But I did not do it
Instead I stayed closer to the nest
Where it was comfortable
Where I could watch
But the more I watched you
Flying around in the sky
Coercing me to come forward
Just a little more
I wanted to know the dance
That you danced so well
So with the courage of a broken heart
I lept
Aug 2018 · 126
Catches The Eye
Kirsten Claire Aug 2018
He catches the eye
Only for a linger
And not a stare

But he catches the heart
Like a falling star
You only see once
But it is enough to make you lock the door
And throw away the key
Aug 2018 · 97
He Is
Kirsten Claire Aug 2018
He is
He is
He is
A natural wit
He is
He is
He is
A gentleman
He is
He is
He is
He is
He is
He is
He is
He is
Someone you can stay up until 3 am with
He is
Someone you can have endless laughs with
He is
A boy who has seamlessly walked into my life
And I am incredibly grateful for it
Aug 2018 · 80
Strut My Stuff
Kirsten Claire Aug 2018
If someone's got a problem with me
They can stand by and watch
They can even bark a few words
But girl
You best be knowing imma walk past em'
Because I am on my own runway show
And don't have time to stop
For those with bad fashion taste
Kirsten Claire Jul 2018
In response to a,
"How are you doing?"
I beamed the brightest smile
And responded with a,
But I was not good,
Nor bad
Nor fine
Nor any manner of redundant emotions
But I was lonely
Despite the friends
The family
The boy
And it stirred up a flame of anger in my heart.
How could I be lonely
When I did not deserve it?
In an attempt to fan the flames
I texted
I called
I talked
And did everything I could
To shun the feeling
That is loneliness
But what I did not realize
Is that at this moment in time
On this day
In this hour
I was meant to feel lonely
Loneliness was meant to enter into the home of my heart
And that is okay
So next time he comes along
I am going to open the door
Pull out a chair
Grab him some tea
And abide with him for a moment
Because as crazy as it sounds
Loneliness makes me feel
A little less lonely
An open letter to a feeling that made me feel a little too much yesterday.
Jul 2018 · 119
Intimacy in Moments
Kirsten Claire Jul 2018
I never knew such intimacy
Could be felt in a shared laugh
Or stories shared
Act as glue
Binding our souls
Ever so closer together
Apr 2018 · 140
Care For You
Kirsten Claire Apr 2018
Hands clasped over your eyes
Wet rivers of red seep down your face
You are covered in the stains of your tears
But I do not care
Not one bit
So I remove your hands from your face
Grab a clean rag
And wipe away the pain
I clean your clothes
And put you in something
Not marred by the stains of your hurt
So when I say that I want to care for you
Hold you
Help you
Know that I mean it
Apr 2018 · 108
Alive Again
Kirsten Claire Apr 2018
It was one breath
One step
One long free fall
Back to Earth
But I feel alive again
Apr 2018 · 62
Touching Without Feeling
Kirsten Claire Apr 2018
There was no touch placed
Upon my sacred skin
But your piercing eyes
Like an animal
Or someone of
Malevolent intentions
Were enough to make
My entire body crawl
Apr 2018 · 62
Light at Night
Kirsten Claire Apr 2018
She dreams in bright places
But lives in the dark
Her life is a blanket of shadow
But at night she always turns on the light
Apr 2018 · 78
Good Morning
Kirsten Claire Apr 2018
"Good morning,"
He whispers to me
And every morning after that
Apr 2018 · 73
Absolutely Beautiful
Kirsten Claire Apr 2018
Lips softer than a rose petal
Cheeks like plums
Ripened before the season
And fingers with the softest touch
Of a bird's feather
You are absolutely stunning
Apr 2018 · 64
Words Behind Gates
Kirsten Claire Apr 2018
There are words
Barred behind gates
That have been shut for too long
And wrapped in your arms
On a hand-me-down bed
I feel the gates crumbling
And the three words
I love you in my ear
Mar 2018 · 215
Treacherous Waters
Kirsten Claire Mar 2018
I fall through a chasm of cracks
Deeper into the depths of something
So treacherous and so fantastic
My breath is halted
And all I can do is
Fall into you
Into the water blue eyes
That are as tumultuous as the waves
It is a dangerous adventure that I gladly take
Mar 2018 · 198
Lover's Fever
Kirsten Claire Mar 2018
You and I on a summer's night
With our hands interlaced
It seems like Lover's Fever
But behind loud laughs
And complete adoration
There is a falling of something
So hard and so deep
Could it be love?
And shaking the thought from my head
Because love does not come so easy
I try to tune out the pounding heartbeat
And turn my gaze away
Straight into your eyes
And although the music
Is too loud for words
The look in your eyes says everything
Mar 2018 · 216
Kirsten Claire Mar 2018
Why do regrets only come
In the dark cloak of night
When you are most alone
And your thoughts spiral
Into the black hoard of darkness
Night is
An emotional tornado
And I am a flat landscape
Waiting to be wrecked
Mar 2018 · 237
Burning Flame
Kirsten Claire Mar 2018
I thought I was
   A calm breeze
      By the seashore
         Instead I became
      A burning flame
   That burned all
In it's way
Mar 2018 · 79
Kirsten Claire Mar 2018
She whispers to herself
As his snake-like hand
Slithers down her spine
But she does not stop him
For fear that the snake might bite
So she remains paralyzed
As anyone would do
If they were in the presence of a snake
It can be so hard sometimes to say the words needed </3.
Mar 2018 · 138
Complete Hearts
Kirsten Claire Mar 2018
To the person I will one day love
I know they will say you are my other half
But know that I was complete
Long before you came along
Because I had to ensure
That if you wrecked me
I would be whole enough
To fix myself without you
But although my heart is complete
I would still like you to have a piece of it
Mar 2018 · 83
Dead Love
Kirsten Claire Mar 2018
When my skin no longer
Prickles at the blow of cool air
Or the butterflies that ignite
Every time I see you
Or when the moon
Has traded places with the stars
Or when my body becomes a casket
For all of your grievances
I hope you know that as all things die
So has our love
Mar 2018 · 50
Kirsten Claire Mar 2018
When did I start worrying about
What to be
Instead of
Just being?
Mar 2018 · 45
Tight Corners
Kirsten Claire Mar 2018
Boxed off in a corner
I try to test my boundaries
Go to the limits
But the more I push
The more the line recedes
And I feel my small space
Growing ever smaller
So I submit to the space that confines me
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