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Fionnuala Lidia Apr 2020
Drifting, I am floating between air flows,
The unseeable pathways guiding my body
Undiscovered spaces, a light
Sense of ever-existing freedom as
My weight shifts and my eyes
Point Eastwards.

Frozen streams follow paths over my body,
The sensations enlightening my nerves,
Over nostrils, and
Between feathers
Shivers illuminate my chest.

Forwards, my paths of flight leads me,
Shadows, possessions of the clouds,
Create illuminations of the blue
Reflective mass below.
My belly mirrored,
Moving as me,
Gliding across the ever extending
Shimmering folding currents.

Leaning my weight forwards
Gently, the images grow closer.
Every little reflected movement
Picked up by
The water.
Escapril day 5 - Prompt: The View From Up Here.
Fionnuala Lidia Mar 2020
Thoughts so rough, I look out to sea in search for calm
As I consider the waves and the mist, This tightness
In my chest only increases.
The bundle of wired electricity in my throat, filling my centre
Rib cage dislocated, the heaving never breaks,
The racing never halts.
Eyes Closing,
Tears rolling,
I cannot understand how you have power over me still.

Somehow the ripples of our bond still float over the reservoir of my existence.
Moving softly yet shifting the sand at the bed of my stomach,
Filtering the love I receive through a lens of insecurity.
- 18:49, 06/04/2019 - about h.
Fionnuala Lidia Jan 2017
Walking towards the future, but
Somehow time is still frozen.
As we sit and we breath, our
Pulses beating together.
An otter and its pebble, holding on
So tightly,
Refusing to let the sea take it away.

But as we co-exist,

Our minds in different places yet still
Somehow aligned.
I realise that this moment we are in will
only last for a second.

My fingers tracing the space between
Your knuckles,
Your warm breath fogging
Up my neck, like a window
In the cold.
Running your lips over my shoulder,
Kissing away the steam, that your
Breath had left on my skin.

This moment may be
Ending soon,
But I will savour
Every memory.
(11:34am, 19th January, 2017) - about h.
Fionnuala Lidia Jan 2017
A catalyst for this mess,
Why did I let you?
Sneaking your way in,
Peaking around the doorframe
Wiping your shoes on the mat,
Back in between my fingers,
Your hand intertwined with mine,

I undo our knot, falling
As I detach myself from the
Being that has kept me above
Water for so long.
That's what makes this situation
Even harder, even more impossible.

Everyday I spent with us,
With the person we made together
Has been wasted, by

Foolish words.
Did they leave my mouth
Or maybe stayed close, trapped
Like you in your net of a mind;
Holding you above the earth,
As you disconnect from
Everything that you are.

I may never manage to break your cold,
But I will continue trying to melt it,
And make you warm
(9:22am, 19th January, 2017) - about h.
Fionnuala Lidia Nov 2016

Due to this grey, titanium screen.
Somehow so far between us,
Stopping the chemicals of our brains reacting together, as one,
Restricting the emotion that is;
Shared between us.

Because this is in the past.

You and me, this entity we once were vanished in smoke and unfinished lines. Like a sketch of an artists, rough and uncut, fragmented and misunderstood yet so, very, silent.

Miscommunication runs in our veins, and i am not one to protest against that. You, quiet, I loud, and;
too loud.

So loud that your voice, so small, went misheard or not heard at all,
The twisted lines of my mind refusing to let your calming words in, but all you wanted to do was save me from the noise.
(2:00am, 30 November 2016)
Fionnuala Lidia Jun 2016
I am the wall in my path,
The feeling that i'll never get to where i want to be.
The possibility that maybe I will never be very special at all,
Never help people,
Never influence.
Maybe you and I will part one day,
And i will be free to live up to my thoughts.
Because this is a never ending circle
And what you do is holding me back.
Back from the soft breathing,
And floating, freeing notion of light,
And thoughts
And lasting wonders of contentment.
(9:46pm 11th June 2016)
Fionnuala Lidia Apr 2016
Why am I always here to save your soul, but whenever my soul is hurting you disappear into the smoke.
(written 00:24am/18/4/2016) - about h.
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