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Kevin Robert Apr 2020
Feeling Lonely,
I thought You were My Only.
Never thought I would be Alone,
Can’t accept the Fact that You are Gone.

A Smile appears when I see Your Face,
So End the Chase.
Come back to the Start
Where I gave You,
My Heart.
Cause My soul is Burning,
To be “Alone”,
That’s what I’m Learning.

You said You’ll leave Me Never,
But Now I Know,
No One Stays Forever…
Kevin Robert Apr 2020
Why is it everytime I see you I skip a heart beat and loose a breath?
No matter how much we try I know,
We won't Forget each other till Death...
Silence is all we have Now...
And I still remember the day When we Said Our Last 'Ciao'...

When I Close my Eyes, I see a picture of Us Laughing...
Was that really Us? Now I am doubting...
I look back and miss those Memories
And we both knew, we were like Mac and Cheese...

So now here we Are
Somewhere really really Far
After all that we promised each other this all seems Bizarre...
Kevin Robert Apr 2020
I close My eyes,
I See You,
I open My eyes,
And Your Gone.
Memories with You are not Few,
With every Memory a feeling of
Acceptance was Born.

Moments with You,
That’s what I Miss,
You in My Arms,
That’s what I Wish.

I want to see You Smile,
So Your number I won’t Dial.
Hence I’ll go Away,
To keep You happy,
That’s the Only Way.

Then I ask Myself,
‘Who will be my secret keeper?’
In the ocean of My thoughts
I dive Deeper.
Kevin Robert Mar 2020
So I Said To Him!
Laugh! Smile! And Hide Your Tears
Cause No Man Will Understand You For Years
Being Called A "Cry Baby" Is What He Fears
'Don't cry like a Girl!' Is All He Hears

I asked him why do you Cry?
He answered," I wanna be understood by every passserby"
I know what you thinking, 'His Expectations are Too High'
I told him, The only one who will ever understand you is Sitting up In The Sky.
All your Expectations Shall One Day Die

Are you wondering who is this guy?
If I said it isn't me It would be a Lie....

— The End —