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I am a stupid poem
that does not rhyme
with broken lines
and slurs formed inside.
I make you feel confused
you want to correct me
but after trying
you're anything but amused.
Because I am a stupid poem.
1) Do you know I've fallen so in love with the sound of your voice that I sometimes play back your old voicemails.
2) Sometimes when I think about all that we used to be I go back to that park and sit on the swings you used to push me on. Back and fourth. But then I look over my shoulder and you're not standing behind me.
3) When I look at old pictures of us I remember exactly where we were in that moment. I dive into the photo and relive the memory. I wonder if you remember them the same way.
4) I used to think if you missed me, you would tell me. But what if you're just worried I won't miss you back? Well,
5) You remember that old teddy bear you gave me? I still sleep with it every night. Close to my chest.
6) It's our anniversary today. Happy anniversary.
7) I was thinking about our first kiss earlier, and how my legs were shaking and your lips pressed up against mine slowly and how you tasted of fall leaves and pumpkin.
8) I saw you kiss her.
9) Do you love her as much as you used to love me? Does she make you smile as much as I used to? Does she care about you enough to remember every detail about you?
10) You kissed her without any thought of me. It hurts to see that you've moved on, but I'm happy you're happy. *delete
I still love you, but you love her now.
He taught dead poets like us
How to live
He taught me how to
**** the marrow out of life
But in the end
Life ****** the marrow out of him

He taught us
That sometimes
We just need to follow the music
Wherever it may take us
But when the music stops
What can you run to

He taught us
That there is always family in your heart
But when you need them most
They might fail you

All great men
Will return somewhere
Some will be revered for what they were
And others
Will be loved for what they left

R.I.P Mr. Williams
Everyday I walk upon hallowed ground
The music of the past still lingers all around
Try as I might, and as low as my ear will go
I can't seem to focus on the sound

I start each morning with a solemn, hopeful prayer
But it seems my dreams are in constant disrepair
For with the future, I am in an endless love affair
Oh I know my mind is gone, but I don't know where
Painless pleasures
Are buried treasure
Like falling asleep to rainy weather
I'm yours forever

— The End —