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Groved Wall Mar 2018
Lying in bed,
can't get you oughta my head.

rehashing the things i said,
wondering how it was read.

feel bad
if I made you sad

Feeling glad
for the times We had

Wonder why
I made you cry

Firewood, flowers, food and fudge
haven't seen you since,
but from my mind you will not budge.

Closed purple tulips of royalty
for My Grace

She shows them open totally
reddens my face

The stars we say are aligning,
just something about the timing

You seem so close
but yet so far
I often wonder where you are.

Are you there,
do you care

Its hard to share,
do I dare

At the screen I stare
Its tough to bare
Another day in the Jungle
Groved Wall Feb 2018
There is beauty all around me, even in the trees
Near half a century here, yet still struggle with the birds and the bees - but **** I love those chickadees

As beautiful as they are, I love them from afar
my scarred heart tucked safely away in a wine jar
Crying in my beer, err, whining in my bottle... anyway something like that.
Groved Wall Feb 2018
I love mother nature
so i choose to live by the Sea
She can be beautiful,
as well as brutal
But She has always been good to me
Sitting on the dock of the bay
Watching the tide roll away
  Jan 2018 Groved Wall
Existential me
I love her.
No not ******* worldly,
But softly, purely , celestially.
Not necessarily, just completely,
selfishly and I'm sorry.
I love her unconditionally, some say unconventionally.
But they don't understand me.
Yes...I love her.
Most spiritually, asexually, platonically and wholly.
I love her, truly, honestly, musically and poetically...
She doesn't have to love me.
Your looks may fade... my love shall not.
Groved Wall Dec 2017
A whole year disappears
standing alone at the end of the peer
in fear
you will never be near
why aren't you here
where's my beer
bring on the cheer
I can't see you from here
So I'll shed a tear
My dear
Alone Happy New year
Groved Wall Apr 2017
I am mad
or so they say

Seems sad
the prophets way

I am bad
or so they say

Its always been
the prophets way

Shine the light
on the right

Resist and fight
ink is might

I am mad
or so they say

but I will live to fight another day
Groved Wall Mar 2017
Every spring I get this thing
where my thoughts take wing
and my soul wants to sing

It was after the last fall
when it seemed winter had taken it all
that my world became small

It was only then I could see
you were right for me
and maybe we were meant to be
after all
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