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Aug 26 · 47
It’s All You
Kenya83 Aug 26
You’re the light in my eyes before they open

You’re the strength of my tea

You’re the joy in my smile

You’re my gratitude

My hope

And my dreams of tomorrow
Aug 18 · 67
I love your eyes
Kenya83 Aug 18
Your acorn eyes
Look at me
Brown, earthly

My heart thuds
As all the worlds clocks
Take their last strike

Time ceases
Aug 17 · 85
Kenya83 Aug 17
A glance from you
I bow my head
How could I ever look straight ahead
Your eyes, they make me lose my breath
I’ll fall in love with my regrets
Intensity and hidden depths
Destiny’s laid I can’t forget
Slowly falling to my death
Your eyelashes fall to interject  
I remember how you kissed my neck
Aug 11 · 215
Soft Feet
Kenya83 Aug 11
Your soft feet carry your soft heart and I watch you move
Just walking, moving, nothing out of the ordinary
All of nature’s beauty roars inside you
You are your charcoal drawings wrapped in pain
You are freedom caged, gratitude pained
And of all the universe, and all stardust, and all the reasons against
We are here
In this moment
Aug 7 · 442
Kenya83 Aug 7
Theres a heart that beats so hard

And a glow that warms my blood

I’d choose your face a thousand times

(Every time)

It’s like I’ve never seen you before

And like I know your soul profoundly

Are we walking each other home
Aug 7 · 54
Kenya83 Aug 7
You are the most beautiful thing to fall upon my eyes

But underneath your flesh and bones

Is where your precious soul does rise
Aug 6 · 171
Precious Things
Kenya83 Aug 6
I long to see how you close your eyes

When the sun blesses your skin

God sends precious things  

To my heart,

I’m lucky enough to see you
Jul 28 · 146
Letter of Love
Kenya83 Jul 28
Transcending this reality, this moment, this place
Conflict between the ego and the soul, and truth

God lives in you, and you, in god
She is nature, she is nourishment
We are one

Renounce these rules of man or die a slave
Be love, like breath, like waves
Jul 21 · 47
Kenya83 Jul 21
Lying here alone  
I feel more alive
More pain
More hope
More peace
Than I felt the entire day
Surrounded by people
Spiritually I’m growing
Leaving the ones I love behind
There’s a blessing in that
I whiteness the beauty
And loneliness of truth
Jul 21 · 36
Kenya83 Jul 21
Be peace. Be truth. Be open to receive, and acknowledge the universe moving inside of you. Pain, happiness, sadness, joy, it all has purpose and language. Listen. Feel. Feel the energy you are experiencing. Be separated from the emotion. Look on from the outside. Recognise its teachings. Be present, aware of its impermanence. Here you will start to know truth. X
Jul 21 · 476
Kenya83 Jul 21
I like being with you
Seeing the trees
The greens change
In the sun
And the sky
Feeling nature
Jul 9 · 96
Kenya83 Jul 9
Today I died
As I awoke
A change, a gift
Tears of stories sting
I realise my being
A vehicle for living
This moment
I made it here
And I am love
Jun 7 · 99
Tied Up
Kenya83 Jun 7
I want to feel freedom
But my hearts ******* in you
Jun 4 · 107
Kenya83 Jun 4
I wrote three lines on a poetry site
Empty words wrapped in feeling
Hearts lie bleeding
We understand
Started trending in foreign lands
The willow weeped and held my hand
Depression cuts the strongest man
Jun 3 · 557
Kenya83 Jun 3
I feel numb
I feel lonely
I feel heavy
Jun 2 · 64
Forever Foolish
Kenya83 Jun 2
Am I foolish
Is this love
Am I impatient
Am I in lust

My heart lies bleeding
For your touch
I run to him
You don’t give me enough

Baby I want you
Darling I crave you
I don’t know where I’m supposed to be
How can I feel so deeply

You check them
Before you check me
I can’t give my body
And feelings for free

I wanted this
I admit
But I didn’t expect
To feel like this

Baby I want you
Darling I crave you
I don’t know where I’m supposed to be
How can I feel so deeply

You’re not mine
I realise
But who would I be
If I didn’t believe

Who would I be

If I didn’t believe

Jun 1 · 345
I Stop
Kenya83 Jun 1
Swifts soar in the ancient sky above me
Flapping wings to calls of freedom
I stop
Take in the watercolour sky
Brushes of wispy white
The sun glows bright
I hug my dog
I appreciate you
I appreciate the trees
And I appreciate the sounds of this evening
Jun 1 · 43
Kenya83 Jun 1
Your smell is fading away
I close my eyes, feel warm inside
“You’ll never feel more alive”
You say
You kissed me soft, you stroked my skin
You pulled me in
This ancient thing
Called love

Bit my back, tugged my hair
These feelings are so rare
I drink in your eyes
You’re right
I never felt more alive
I study your mouth
I connect with your soul
As stories are told
Your heart beats hard
Through my head
As I lay on your chest
Forgetting the rest of the world
May 9 · 114
Kenya83 May 9
Coloured flowers on your skin
Bird silhouettes fly over me
The tarmac is warm
I’d drive forever
I remember your kiss
But be satisfied with shadows
Kenya83 May 2
I inhale and exhale on the breeze as the ocean rolls in and over my feet
I stand looking out to a world of black with dragon fire in its belly
You cling to my heart, climb my ribs and kiss me
I’m drowning on repeat in a sea of flashbacks and fantasies
I can’t touch the bottom
I continue walking
Apr 21 · 100
Should We Kiss
Kenya83 Apr 21
You move like water
Over my body
Your wet mouth enticing waves
Visceral and tangible collide
In to the silk of your skin
In slow motion
Until we reach the shore
Of stillness
Apr 14 · 473
A Million Pebbles
Kenya83 Apr 14
I was thinking about what you said.
Have you ever walked along a beach surrounded by millions of shells and pebbles and out of all of them one catches your eye and stands out above all the rest? You have to pick it up, feel it’s smoothness and edges.
No one else stands out like you do. I don’t see you as average.
Is it ok to send this to him??
Apr 14 · 66
Kenya83 Apr 14
Love is all there is
It’s glorious
And painful
It’s beautiful

Love is all there is
It beats in your chest
Have you thought about the rest?
It’s everything

Love is all there is
If you open your eyes
Feel the world come alive
See spring bursting through

Love is all there is
Can’t you feel it?
The vibrations of world
Look up at the clouds

Love is all there is
Watch the sun crack through
Enhance your view
See the trees and flowers breathe


It’s all we need
Apr 14 · 87
FFS, Your Eyes
Kenya83 Apr 14
You, with your precious eyes
More wonderful than diamonds
I prefer to compare them to a silky stone
That’s travelled far for its character
One that catches your eye as you walk along the beach with millions more
But this one, this one is special
This isn’t *** luck that I’m crazy in love
With eyes that reduce me to silence
Shyness makes me look away
But one day, one day I’ll be laying on your chest
Looking up through my eyelashes
Studying your face
Working out the journey to this beautiful place
Fingers through your hair, your lips I trace
Your eyes tell me stories
Apr 14 · 55
Kenya83 Apr 14
And then my dreams started coming true
Walking bare feet on this pathway to you
Untamed ways, un-manicured trees
I climb in my mind to the peaceful canopy
You smile brighter than the moon
And finally mountain tops bring teardrops
But the superficial ways of a terrible trade
Means your heart is left suspended
Our suspended hearts connected at last
But I talk about your eyes too much
And how your beauty has me speechless
Like deep valleys and rolling hills
Your image thrills and the world beats
With luscious greens and lovely blues
You give me goosebumps
And I’ve not yet mentioned your eyes
I can’t let it lie
I’m falling deep but it’s a voluntary leap
I can swim
Oceans are my destiny
Apr 13 · 42
Thoughts and Jots
Kenya83 Apr 13
I didn’t look at you enough today
But I can’t live with regret
I tell you all my secrets
Though it’s always over text
Afraid of vulnerability, words escape my tongue
If you were inside my head, you’d see you turn me on
You send the sweetest pictures
I could look at them all day
I gaze in to your eyes
They have so much more to say
Apr 9 · 360
Kenya83 Apr 9
Words are my heartbeat to you
I close my eyes and follow the guide rope
Sharing music notes in the same place at the same time
How can you disregard what you cannot see
When love is our destiny
Apr 9 · 38
Kenya83 Apr 9
Inspired by these words I read
My heart was beating fast
There are all these reasons not to
But the ones that seem to last
Are the ones that fill my head
With romantic tales and ****** ***
Apr 9 · 171
Came Around
Kenya83 Apr 9
Falling in love with beauty
Could never be a sin
Heavens open, drench my skin
Steam undulates from fire
Burns deep within
I’m lost, I’m found
I’m lost, I’m found
I’m climbing mountains just to look down
Everything I longed for came around
Mar 27 · 98
Kenya83 Mar 27
I can’t help but love you
And I have no reason for loving you
Except for the love you provoke
I reflect love in your name
The world is solar powered
Daydreaming of bare feet on the terrace
My love heightened for all things  
The ocean, the field, the patterns in the sky, the busying birds...
That list is endless
Like my love for you
Mar 27 · 48
Kenya83 Mar 27
Somewhere, someone is admiring all of the things that you feel insecure about
Mar 24 · 46
The Lake in Your Eyes
Kenya83 Mar 24
The lake in your eyes
As mute as the swan
As the sun dies one more time
Darkness dances the rumba with the light
Day surrenders herself
Trees tell stories of thorns through your feet
Roots are severed
And you’re lost
Among the forest and the lake
Mar 24 · 138
Lost Moon
Kenya83 Mar 24
I went searching for the moon
With urgency to tell
Stars looked so deep in to my eyes
That it filled me with uncertainty
I rushed barefooted to the back
And then the front
I couldn’t bare
To never see the moon again
Mar 22 · 51
Kenya83 Mar 22
You told me to imagine all of my dreams
Ecstasy came and doubled them
I crave every delicate detail over and over again
I fill in gaps with ambience, touch, taste and smell
Words are powerful as hell
Mar 22 · 233
Flesh and Veins
Kenya83 Mar 22
****, you give me a heady rush
I’m not sure where it starts but it shoots through my body like a trapped, crazed dart with a flame through its heart
It fires to my chest releasing sparks
That rush down my arms
My fingers and bones tingle
What is this power? This electric current?
Your name?
Travelling light speed through my flesh and veins
My feet my toes
I write this super fast
Hoping that this feeling lasts
Kenya83 Mar 21
See, when that first line picks up speed and carries rhythm
Rises off of the page and off of your tongue
When there’s no rhyme but a beat
You feel it in your chest
Everything lifts, everything feels light or heavy
Where words conjure scenes in imagery
There is hope and satisfaction
And release
Mar 18 · 134
Kenya83 Mar 18
Rolling hills of country green, patchwork stitched together with hedgerow precision offers such satisfaction with its squared off edges and nurturing bends
Trees climb the steepest points with ease and gravity fails as they stand proud
In the distance they almost reach the clouds
And today, if I jumped high I could reach them
Mar 17 · 44
Kenya83 Mar 17
Should I seek a god
Of which my faith is far convinced
For answers to questions I’ve not yet worked out
I look to you, the only thing in which I trust
And go to the pull of the natural tug
So maybe answers aren’t needed nor questions either
Though the head may disagree
A heart forced to pound it’s plea
What you do with love comes naturally
Mar 16 · 70
Kenya83 Mar 16
A black sack flys up with dreary breeze
The skyward bird reflects wet pavement
White-grey mountain clouds roll on with weighty sighs
Thoughts on such lovely lips
And the weather could be torrential
But in my mind all calmness
Mar 15 · 141
Kenya83 Mar 15
Embers wither, new ones ignite
The heat, the orange, warmth of light
Trust unites in knowing we share
Secret desires that spark in the air
Mar 3 · 105
Kenya83 Mar 3



Mar 1 · 123
Kenya83 Mar 1
Shooting star
Escape your fate
My wish can wait
But if by chance
You hedge your bets
Give it to the one
Filled with regrets
Feb 25 · 92
Kenya83 Feb 25
She’s not sure if they’re lies
With the moon as her witness
That gives light the shadow, to the pavement cracks
Confusions dagger handed the power
To penetrate thoughts
Flesh is exposed
Tomorrow she paints a smile as blood drips to the beat of footsteps
Drowned out by music to ease the pain
Maybe this is necessary
Feb 23 · 109
Rushing to slow
Kenya83 Feb 23
Saturday night is full
It’s sunday morning where you lay
I hope that you have woken up now
I checked my phone throughout the day
Daydreams of skin on skin feel
Just like the darling buds of May
Spring time filled the air of
This late February day
I’ve dreamed this dream for so long now
I’ve been patient all the way
I don’t know what the rush is
The destination’s here to stay
Feb 23 · 39
Kenya83 Feb 23
You’re far away from home
Manicured rows
Of skyscraper homes
Even in your familiar city
Your heart is lost
Searching the streets for meaning
Regret stings your soul
Your eyes have accepted their fate
I see behind them passion and fire
They put me in a state of desire
Feb 18 · 874
I Remember
Kenya83 Feb 18
I remember you as you were in the heatwave
Cool and light with intrigue
Wide eyed and open soul
And words, words of a man, trials of a man but spirit of a boy
A fire child who found joy in the simplicity of the sun
A softens to your frame, and wave in your hair, like even numbers
The faintest grey lavender fields surround us as the city falls at your feet
I notice your eyes, every time, I notice your eyes
Feb 18 · 145
Kenya83 Feb 18
I crave the crisp,
The soft contradiction
The woody smell of nature
Of earth
Your words
In ink
Drip from your skin
A moment
In time
A part of your mind
And it fills me up momentarily
Feb 18 · 41
This Hour
Kenya83 Feb 18
Often at this hour, when the night is thick and deep
And the moonlight peers atop the sky,
Does my mind, heart and body feel most alive,
Most connected to the pulse of night,
Rhythmic time goes ever by
Through throbbing veins with hope for life
Envisioned as a tangible thing,
imagine string
connects all beings
All with soul and core
All with love and hope
Feb 3 · 391
Kenya83 Feb 3
I never thought much of angels before today
Then I saw moon-light in the light of day
And the majesty on borrowed wings
Of piercing white
More than just the sense of sight
Bowed in prayer among the still
Is this to believe in the supernatural?
Feb 1 · 106
Kenya83 Feb 1
Read between lines
Even empty skies
On starless nights
Offers light
From closed eyes
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