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Kendall K Dec 2017
Please tell me

Are you the one?
Are you the one in my dreams?
Are you the one my heart stops for?
Are you the one that prevents my body from moving?
Are you the one?

Please answer me

Are you the one?
Are you the one I see my future with?
Are you the one that I can't live without?
Are you the one that becomes my life?
Are you the one?

Please hear me

You are the one!
You are the one I'd die for!
You are the one I'd sell my soul for!
You are the one I'd drop everything for!
You are the one!

Please just listen

You are the one!
You are the one that breaks my heart!
You are the one that does not change!
You are the one that plays those games!
You are the one!

Please don't go

I am the one.
I am the one that fights.
I am the one that tries.
I am the one that can't throw this away.
I am the one.

Please just stay

I am the one.
I am the one who is wrong.
I am the one who dreams.
I am the one who does not listen.
I am the one.

Please forgive me
This is a little something I based off of this crush I have that I'd literally do absolutely anything for even though I know nothing will ever be reciprocate.
Kendall K Dec 2017
I know its been a few years since I shared my times.
Its been hard to write, to rhyme.
But now I'm here to spit my fire and let my flames burn with desire.
Its gonna be new, time to pick up the clue.
Going from a joker, to possibly mediocre.
No longer talking about color, moving forward to a new lover.
The flutter of love that keeps me above.
The mutter of life that keeps me in a vise.
The shudder of laughter that keeps me thereafter.
It's a never ending cycle of a drifting mental spiral.
I know its been a few years, but now I'm back.
Back with random rhymes, and desirable new lines.
its been almost 3 years since I've posted anything new, so I'm getting back at it with a fresh mind and new stories to share.
Kendall K Dec 2015
I look though my telescope and think of the unknown , I search the stars for a signal of,..... you're not alone.

And as I gaze through this looking glass I see the universe as a cold, dark, and quite place; it will never be fully explored, it is daunting.

And yet, it is amazing, beautiful and mesmerizing. They never give up. The stars, large or small, shine their light for billions of years, they light the way to a different life in the new world.

They show me, as small as I am, that I should never give up either.
Kendall K Dec 2013
I'm frozen within the ice
I'm trapped
I feel like I've been here before
Before my world became a whirlpool
Spinning and spinning
Round and round
The world fly's by
It stops

I thaw and there's nothing
nothing but white
nothing but rain clouds
Its winter!!
nothing but happiness!
Kendall K Dec 2013
The clock strikes 5:30am
I look through the window
All i see is gray
What a miserable day this will be

Off to school I go
My heart brakes a little every step I take
Its like a prison that gives you homework
You change jail cells every hour
You dine with multiple people you don't know

Back home I just wont to collapse
I wont to dream of a better place
of no school no homework
just wonderful things
if I ruled the school we would learn
but with no homework.
Kendall K Dec 2013
In Fearful Day In Raging Night
With Strong Hearts Full Our Souls Ignite
When All Seems Lost In The War Of Light
Look To The Stars For Hope Burns Bright
This is the blue lanterns oath from DC.
Kendall K Oct 2013
what once was                              a nightmare
is now a reality
it                                                       ­                      hurts,
the                                                       ­               pain,
the                                         ­                  agony,
the                                           betrayal,
the                     animosity,
I am    living proof
people can hurt you
even when its not you who is hurt.
this is pointed to someone who was lost recently  10/20/13 we will miss you.
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