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Katrina Erin Sep 2014
"Walking away was never something I learned how to do, but you'd never expect that from someone whose always gotten walked out on. And you have to believe me when I say I'm trying, but how are you supposed to forget the only person who ever made you feel like... A person? And even when you're gone, it doesn't feel like you're gone. So maybe that's the reason I'm still losing myself to someone who isn't even accepting the pieces anymore. And I'm still looking to you for all the answers even though you seem to be the one creating all the questions. And I'd shatter every clock I can find, if it would stop time from moving on without you. And even though we're a thousand broken promises away from where we should be, I can promise you there will be no abandoning ship this time... And I almost hate to admit that this isn't an act of determination, but better explained as a paralyzing fear. And I'm sorry that "goodbye" is starting to sound more like "I can't, I can't, I can't... " . The only place I was ever taught about letting go was in an overcrowded hospital room, so you'll have to forgive me for not being properly educated on the subject. I'm sorry, but I just can't get past this... "
Katrina Erin Sep 2014
Everyone knows you can't hold onto a heart that's shattered, and mine was a thousand different pieces long before you ever came around.. So tell me when exactly did you decide that it was a good idea to play with broken glass .? And I can find you every Sunday behind every church pew of every remorseful sinner, whispering the three words that always break you the fastest. But hey, what's a savior for anyways.? And you always said " I love you ", like an apology so maybe that's the reason I always played the victim. And boys like you were never meant for keeping, but try explaining that to the girl who always kept all her firefly's in jars long after their lights had burned out. And I should have known that you can't turn every abandoned house into a home... But maybe this is what you meant, when you asked me if i believed in ghosts. People are drugs, and everyone overdoses eventually. And I've wrote you a thousand different messages in a thousand different bottles, but I'm shattering them all against the shore.

Some ships, are better left sinking.

— The End —