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I knocked at the lonely book
To open the doors to an adventure
Between the labyrinth of words
Taking me towards the untold story
Unraveling the surprises, slowly
Every turn I take brings me to a crossroad
Words pulling me to different directions
Engaging my mind in wordplay
And I start interacting with the protagonists
Delving deep into their minds
To gauge the thoughts of the author
Trying to bridge the gap between our thoughts
Only to face a barrage of hypothesis
Until I find myself at the exit of the maze
The lonely book has managed to hold my attention
Another journey waits till I decipher every word

*Once, I was a hard sand stone
Neither had I made a tune nor a tone
I had broken after a strong shock wave
From a waterfall, I had fallen into a pothole but could not settle

After I was moving with a long stream as a rolling stone
Now I have no edge but only passing a phase
A few days ago, I discovered myself as a grain of sand
And day by day, I have been drowning beneath the ocean


@ Musfiq us shaleheen
Reply to the dearest Poet Joe Cole's this week challenge:
this poem is based on life how it has become changed in course of time like a rolling stone to a grain.

(Joe Cole's Challenge)

 Sep 2014 Karen Newell
True story, word for word*

17 year old Son
calls his Mum

and says

Can you stop
at the shops,
and buy me,
a pair of thongs
and a box
of condoms
Took the call at work. So glad he is being proactive about not making me a Grandma... just wished he called his Dad instead :)
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