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 Sep 2014 Karen Newell
Just Melz
You come to me quietly
A whisper I barely hear
Thoughts in my mind
Suddenly you disappear
I relish your return
Whenever it may be
You take me by surprise
Your truth a mystery
You have a hold over me
Such is beautiful ecstasy
I understand your want
To be held in my soul
And you know I need you
I'll never let you go
You give me strength
To put thoughts to paper
You've watched me grow
You've made it easier
Everyday,  you're there
Staring at me
Wanting me to express you
My lovely poetry
Last night
in my neck of the woods,
I witnessed the death of six more stars.
Falling like lead &
glowing like the sun,
I watched them disappear,
get snuffed out quickly
into the darkness.
Of course,
I made my usual requests
& wished upon each one,
yet again,
I'm still wondering,
"Should I stay,
or wait
for more to die?"
 Sep 2014 Karen Newell
Death came to me at just 15
my brother never made it home
He died as a simple passenger
a car accident victim, not alone
It came to me again at 27
my cousin who became my brother,
lit himself on fire, literally
because he had no other
but he was married, with 2 kids
she had left him earlier
you could still smell the burnt rubber
from her skids...
It came to me 6 years ago
when my Dad succumbed to Cancer
the big C, to see him weakening
was a blow, but he started to know
God at this time.
It made me angry!
First to recognise his Athiesim
Second to see him succumb
Third to finally see him bribe
his way through remaining time
What do you know?
perhaps God recognised his crime...
Death comes to me
every time I read the news
It hits just as hard
as if I knew
each and every soul lost
even though they are just names
written on paper
I think I might know death
just like you do
I mourn, but prefer
It waits for me
Kiss away my awareness,
Sweet U,
It's in the letters...:D
 Sep 2014 Karen Newell
the crossroads are on the near horizon
its been awhile for this choice to be made
make it I must, and trust I will know the way
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