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Kate Breanne Jun 2018
broken promises and broken hearts
are such a likely pair
you can never have one
with out the other there
Kate Breanne Aug 2015
Life is like a
Jigsaw puzzle

You can never
Find all the pieces

Therefore, you can't
Ever see the full picture

Until it's almost complete
A life lesson I know too well.
Kate Breanne Aug 2015
If you got close enough
To see all my insecurities
Darling, would you still fall for me?
I'm back! Just a little insight into my brain here.
Kate Breanne Apr 2015
I am but
a sparrow
who has flown
through a forest
of darkness
only to come out
with ruffled feathers.
A brilliant man once told me
"Hard times come to all, but life remains worth living."
Kate Breanne Apr 2015
Should I tear myself
To pieces and glue myself
Together to look like
A piece of art the world
Would rather have seen?
Why is it that the world tells us to be "unique" but then criticizes us when we don't "do it right"?
Kate Breanne Mar 2015
I'll admit
I never meant
To love you

But you were
The drug that
I tried once
And couldn't kick

I got addicted
To your soul
And the way
It brushes up
Against mine

I now crave
To inhale your
Entire being
And get the buzz
I've desired
For so long

But you admitted
You never loved me
And now I'm suffering

You broke me in so many ways...
Kate Breanne Mar 2015
You captured
my fluttering heart
in your butterfly net.

You studied
the breaks
in my wings
and made me
believe you would
mend them

But in the dead
of the night
you would tear
the fragile flesh
in the bed
of another.

You ripped
the beauty from
my soul as
you caused
me to tear
my patterned body.

You disguised
yourself as
sweet and caring
but before my eyes
you metamorphosed into
narcissistic and hateful.

My fragile heart
was caught
in your web
of lies.

We played
familiar roles.
You the
poisonous spider
and I the
naive butterfly.
this is horrible. I'm having major writers block.
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