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Srujani Jun 15
From the time of
feeling alone in a crowd
To the days of
not alone anymore even being alone
it's you!
only you! who made some magic in this heart
without even getting in...
Srujani Jun 11
how can I say a person hating me that
"forget about hate even now, I still can't stop loving you"?
how can I take that, all this hate is
happening just like that with out any reason?
and how should I face the fact and then you that
one day we gonna see eachother on a reunion...
Srujani Jun 4
In the part of growing up
I realized that
crying is not a sign of weakness
anger issues are never an excuse
out spoken is not attitude
introvert is not an abnormality
keeping secret is not a matter of pride
being busy doesn't count under fake
choosing alone doesn't mean hating people
being sad doesn't mean you are not happy
and feel of home doesn't always need a house

meaning of words always do differ beyond people
time really do heal everything eventually
choices doesn't count with any friendship
mistakes are meant to be done just to learn
and perfection is almost an illusion

in the way of growing up
I tend to cherish the stays than crying on lefts
love these abnormalities which were always nah's being a kid
feel happy in dark days just remembering
the proud time of future remembering this today
I tend to thank my trauma which I used to hate the most
I tend to accept the reality just while am writing being lost!
The day I found there's nothing beautiful than to grow up
I felt my heart knocking in happiness
and I don't know why
Srujani May 27
Never knew you have The truth untold behind
to make you Hold me tight
am just loving this Serendipity
that you are the cause of my Euphoria
Begin during my Epiphany of Fake love Tear days
made it went smooth like Butter

you are the only Butterfly of My time that
I can't Let go on what Your eyes tell
Promise you never to Lie despite of any Purpose
let the rhythm of our Heartbeat make out a Magic shop
where memories can Stay Forever young

Love like Life goes ON Still with you
heart said I need u even
when i imagined being you Like! Pied piper Filter
even when it went all Blue & grey

now after all this Love maze
I know i can Make it right
there is no 00:00 needed to Fix you
let me be you're Anpanman
Stay gold....i found my Home
let me show you how it looks like
when it comes to a Boy with luv

ugh! Everythingoeson Just one day my Paradise!
but for now let your Inner child
sleep like Winter bear under the Moon Light,
Tomorrow let's Awake with a cup of Spring days Coffee
where i gonna Film out with The eternal smile of yours
& do anything For you!
  May 27 Srujani
Grace E
Quiet girl
Fire girl
She works like a machine behind the scenes
She makes big moves quietly
She’s small
But she’s all muscle underneath
The master of many trades
Tight lipped about her accomplishments
She wants you to underestimate her
Because she loves the look on their faces
When they realize
She’s a lion
Who looks like a kitten
Srujani May 26
that moment
when you
found out
that you
fallen out of love
from the
love of your life ;(
How to fall in love again?
How to live this life again?
Srujani May 23
Just imagine loving someone just looking at them
observing their smallest gestures and acts
& getting excited like a kid
where you never found yourself like this before

laughing just because they are laughing
getting touched with their words which were actually so usual

sometimes being lover feeling proud
sometimes feeling like a mom who is proud of her child

finding the cuteness in their hotness
finding the vividness when everything was blur
finding the similarities knowing more as if like a serious PHD

and that smile when you watch their pic
where one day suddenly finding out that you can hear pictures
finding out that their name had became an emotion

and finally accepting the truth that
they actually don't even know your existence
but also accepting that this will be the love till eternity
In the world of temporary loves
I feel at least this fangirling will forever⟬⟭
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