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 Feb 2022 Srujani
Priya Patel
You don't have to remember,
I'll remind you
I'll love you when it's dark
and I'll shower you with light  
I'll understand
when things do not seem right
I'll try not to be angered
because you were never with me
I will walk with you
forever, endlessly
Wherever there is dark,
there must be light
I will help you with this fight
I am here

~ Priya 🕉, 2/5/22
 Feb 2022 Srujani
 Feb 2022 Srujani
hold my hand
so your thumb
can tap that beat
on my wrist
the one my heart
decided to keep
(Thanks for all the attention on this one everyone :), I'm glad you enjoy it.)
 Feb 2022 Srujani
 Feb 2022 Srujani
Your presence is
A present to the universe
Your more beautiful then life itself
How can you go unnoticed
Your existence is
Mans greatest gift
You are the manifestation
Of peace
And healing
 Nov 2021 Srujani
Methmi Mandara
You had no money
We knew, that's not funny
To eat, To drink
Or to travel by bus
But now as a superstar, you got all
You pursued your dreams
And you see our screams
You are our rapper,

Cute thin long eyes
Which cannot tell lies
The soft smile of your face
Makes me happy, no matter what case
A kind loving heart
You had from the start
You are our rapper,
I wrote this for South Korean Rapper Suga of BTS on his birthday
 Oct 2021 Srujani
f e e l i n g s
I tried so hard.
I could feel you slipping away but I couldn't catch you fast enough.
Night after night, your memory haunts me.
Im tired.
I'm tired of thinking because its only of you.
I'm tired of dreaming about something I can't have.
Don't you see what you've done to me?
I've hit rock bottom and
the saddest part is that I'm waiting for you to come pull me out...
 Oct 2021 Srujani
bleeding out over a broken mirror
dissected reflection, here’s my deepest fear.
 Oct 2021 Srujani
Eshwara Prasad
All hail the eyes!

no strife has occured on account of misunderstanding caused by the feelings conveyed through the eyes.

Still more, Buddha's closed eyes radiate peace, even now.

Once more, all hail the eyes!
 Oct 2021 Srujani
Eshwara Prasad
The blighted nature turned into a brute, and the rude human race perished without a trace!
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