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May 16 · 83
bad moon rising
july hearne May 16
no blood,
no shells,
everything out of sequence

people were even falling down before the shot was fired

the only thing missing was the handmaid costume
otherwise, everything else about it was remarkably convenient

all over the world, it was as if the lights were about to go out
with india banning all the wheat exports,
it would be nice if they could also stop exporting
incompetence, dishonesty, and the caste system

because everytime a 737 crashes,
we all know what country the engineers are from
same goes for cyber security breaches
always the same link

maybe they made the video too,
it was pretty bad, even by cgi standards.
a whole lot of shooting going on
july hearne Jan 2
now that the season turned to hate
i'll take this hate and take you down

for a time, times, and the dividing of time

you do not see your own reflection in the iced sidewalks
never salted, never shoveled
just ***** ice to trod upon

the slippery filth of hills to

skip and laugh and break a neck
pet a dog who will soon maul all your children
but for now your laughter is an ugly war cry in the air

a ghislaine maxwell with longer hair
all her customers going free
a negligently tolerant church bell ringing somewhere

dog takes a ****
for a time, times, and the dividing of time

pack the filthy ice and pet the ******* dog
every time joe biden ***** his pants
for a time, times, and the dividing of time
And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time. (Daniel 7:25)
july hearne Aug 2021
he was the kind of guy who would have willfully participated
in the ****** of Sylvia Likens, and very much have enjoyed the interaction with the rest of the gang while doing so.

he is still that kind of guy,
just a lot older now
too good for most things
and all the women who now hate him
for all the discomforting memories he had left them with.

his mom had been a nurse
and now his sister was too
perhaps whatever woman he was with was too,

his mother loved him, how could she not,
she had been a nurse,
so he was absolutely sure that masks, social distancing, and mandated vaccines were how it should be.
anyone who didn't know these things was too embarrassing for him.
his mom told him so.

at the age of 44, he still had the exact same job he had had for the past twenty years. he was too good to do anything else other than making deliveries to restaurants, which were all requiring vaccine passports for dine in and perhaps soon delivery.

most of him felt very important
every time he unloaded his delivery van
or posted on twitter or instagram

or wrote about how many of those woman had deeply loved him
even though they were not worthy of his importance
and could never be

he was too desirable for them
and they needed to learn that
so he had taken the time to teach them that
long ago, they needed to learn
so he had taken the time to teach them that
if they had been worth remembering, he would still find a way to continue teaching them that.

life had been good lately, he made $95 CAD
on a baseball card trade, he was a good person
who had a lot to offer the world and only deserved
the most smoking hot of non-throwaway women
when there were so many throwaway women who needed to learn

he knew what all the good music and writing was
and knew when something wasn't worth listening to or worth reading, jack ketchum's **** was certainly no good, he knew it,
all the fun girls knew it too,
he knew a lot, so he taught.

he was a good person with a good life and smart with his baseball card investment strategies, he didn't need an undesirable life
he had good advice to give to baseball, football, hockey, and soccer leagues
it was easy to make all these excellent observations

as a good person,
he reached over for his smokin hot queenshit
earlier this very night,
kissed the nape of queenshit's sweet, whip-smart neck
and fondled queenshit's girl ****

while listening to the queen's vaccinated breathing
tomorrow he would make a youtube playlist for queenshit
that included drunken one off's he had recorded with his band 15 years ago
then, one of them would make an interesting, important dinner
they would both eat and talk about.
*David Bowie - 'Tis a Pity She Was a ***** [Audio]
july hearne Aug 2021
there was this part of a story
where a noah's ark was carved
along with all the animals
and given to the orphan girl

a little boy got mad,
destroyed the ark, the animals,
threw them down and watch them break

i can't remember which book,
maybe Heidi or the Secret Garden

just that part of the book

i can't ever hate you enough
i wrote your name
your city
your country
your employer
your most accurate description:

a loser
just a terrible person
who helps himself to everything
including the complete destruction of someone else's happiness
to make yourself feel important
you are that kind of man

i guess that's how weak they make them
in canada

i hope you drink yourself to death
and drown terrified in your own *****
i hate you that much
july hearne Jul 2021
it was a picture i didn't want,
that is what she gave and that is what i got

the scared children huddled together
in the middle of the shabby bridge
as the angel hovered wingedly behind them

a forever that comes stuck just in time
dressed in white and angel abright

it is all so suspended
implying they cross
and safely cross

well in that one way it's just so sad
that hell is real
and time so irreversible

and in another way it's just the way it has to be
when i see you from the ugly side
and i see you so uglified on the ugly side

getting excited at $40 CAD profit on a baseball card trade
a 5% gross profit $CAD
not so much now

you're just something
gathered in bits and pieces
by stray gleaners in strawless fields of straw
that or the unnecessity on the otherwise empty shelf

the events of the day are so embarrassing these days
some man in a wheelchair in the middle of the safeway parking lot
smelling up the hot sun,
stuck in the middle of the safeway parking lot,
he says, "yes, he needs help" when asked,
"he needs to be wheeled to the shade", he softly moans

but he does all the heavy wheeling as I push
when he gasps for spare change, he will get the $5 USD,
then leave his uneaten take out that someone else he met in the parking lot bought him.
he will keep the $5 USD.

stinking in the hot sun
looked as if he had been good looking once
making his money in the parking lot

Excited to make the $40 CAD,
not at all net of any uncharged packaging, shipping
or taxes,
Excited to make the $40 CAD
can always be counted to be

comfortable with trudeau,
uncomfortable with anyone vocal about their discomfort with trudeau

and to know the correct placement of commas, semicolons, and periods
never using the exclamation point
or regarding unhappiness,
other than his own

but we can't recross the creaky bridge
or get the $5 USD back
or ever care about $40 CAD
we can't uncross the creaky bridge

as sad as it is
that is the way hell has to be
the way you have to be
in a house built upon sand
that stands and stands
july hearne Jul 2021
It was feeling dark
and a lot like Eleanor Rigby.

The **** days were  getting progressively more ****
with each passing **** day, like a late stage cancer that could have been painlessly avoided had it been cut out early.
Now it was just too late.

The ***** fan had been blowing four days straight
the vacuum cleaner had broken when she tried to clean
her apartment two days ago, it was just hopeless
the carpet infuriated her and made her give up.

Giving up was a determination far beyond want.

The weather was so hot, so hot it justified its place as a conversation starter, even for those who hated small talk
and unauthentic conversation meant to lead only to short term gains that turned to ****, much like all the pervasive politics and tech startups on the west coast.

She walked to the chinese owned convenience store just last night.
The friendly check out girl was talking to the guy in line ahead of her about the temperature, so hot that it truly proved global warming was real, they said as they scoffed at those who didn't think global warming was a thing.

She was so disgusted after her cigarettes and canned alcoholic beverages were rang up, she was disgusted with the cigarettes and for supporting a chinese owned business whose entitled owners treated their friendly employees like ****, inferior ****.

She was disgusted as she remembered the just as hot days of her childhood,
and the total usualness of consecutive days of 100+ degrees fahrenheit every few years or so.
july hearne Jun 2021
all the produce was going bad in the refrigerator
the tulips on the coffee table had been dead for months
a filthy fan was blowing on the floor
she sat at her computer just like she thought she would
the hot day out had been wasted in a smoky room
biting her nails and such in a ***** apartment

she meant to clean
she meant to prepare for her interview on monday,
only one day left to prepare, she had wasted the whole saturday
in a smoky room on a hot day on top of that

she was afraid of the interview, her apartment needed a good cleaning, she needed to prepare for the interview
in the hot smoky room of the ***** apartment

the cycle just becomes a state of being
a never good enough state of being
because she was a realist

she finally wondered
why it always took reality so long
to show up
May 2021 · 55
in the arena
july hearne May 2021
hang your flag upside down in distress
wait for worse things to happen
bad things have already happened

look around you,
the red guards are kneeling hard
ching chong, wade across the water all the way to mao zedong
too unrepairable to understand
a stronger hand made strong
by an Almighty hand

and so in the confines of their cluelessness
tomorrow's chew toys are only useful idiots in black masks for now
conditionally loved by the even weaker minded, currently still cheering them on
as their small or fat black masked bodies laughably block the crosswalk of broadway and denny

some are robots running on outdated programming,
built to self destruct,
their particular model will run for president and answer to names like
judas pence or mitt romney

some cry wolf
but we've heard it so many times already
it doesn't mean anything anymore
the unfit mother might not even cash in
on the blown apart remains of her knifey daughter

most others are a sad, feeble kind of gladiator:
the andabatea, often found coding or developing at amazon, with limited or no visibility; always blindfolded and overpaid, always hearded, always hated by the end user,
the bestiarii never prepared to fight the imported beast,
the noxxi never meant to have a chance with their dull swords, always too worthless for opportunity
so many noxxi with their dull and laughable swords
blocking the crosswalk of broadway and denny

that class of gladiator.
"yes that was me with the doves
setting them free near the factory
where they build your computer love"

Neil Young : "Revolution Blues"
Apr 2021 · 180
soft white underbelly
july hearne Apr 2021
4/20 was ******'s birthday
my sister's birthday is 4/19 so it has been pointed out to me
very bad things happen on either of these days
some that i remember that the facist anti-facists with their black masks, red guard lust, failed parents, ******* teachers, and no future
haven't bothered to revise or laughably attempt to recreate yet:

oklahoma city bombing
some big oil spill
and maybe on 4/19/21
we will see rioters murdered by their own hands

wouldn't that be nice
to not have any psychopathic, worthless white and asian kids preaching to everyone?
it won't be any sort of loss since they seem incapable of comprehending the actual value of human life
or of being able to live it on their own

what i would like to ask this generation, the even weaker one that came before them, their failed parents, and their *******, demented teachers
is when will they all get tired of being the little ***** for their ******* legacy media/power for the few communist/big tech gods? when will they get tired of that?

when the chauvin verdict is announced and when he is not found guilty, because the worthless defense team couldn't do anything but prove this was all staged, this was all staged, this was all staged.

it doesn't seem like they will get tired of that soon,
in seattle, in san francisco, in new york city you can steal $1,000 worth of merchandise. it's just as good as legal.

the stores are moving out.
how convenient for amazon
and all the slave owner cheaters in china.

i don't think they will get tired of it anytime soon.
make a documentary about a dying, homeless man who prostitutes
himself on the streets and calls himself a woman.
after he talks about the neglect and abuse of his childhood,
while clearly displaying symptoms of mental illness and drug addiction
so they can all watch it and leave comments on how brave and beautiful the dying homeless man is. only they will say the man is a beautiful, lovely woman. "such a sweet personality, this beautiful woman has", they will all comment.

but the man is dying. he looks like a man. he has been abused, he is addicted to hard drugs that are killing him. he is bruised. he prostitutes himself and tempts death on a daily basis and all you can say is that he is a beautiful woman.

nothing is ever said of how sad his homelessness, occupation, drug addiction or childhood is. no one is concerned that he is at death's door, they just want to show the love for the delightful woman that he isn't. no one cares about the abused little boy he once was or the dying man he is now.

God is angry every day.
4/19/21 or 4/20/21 are both really good days to be angry.
also have a question for the ccp chinese, what will you do without us since the reavers aren't capable of creating any intellectual property worth stealing? since you can't create any on your own, what exactly are you planning on doing without us? we know making money through ethical means is out for you, so you might want to be worried about now.
Apr 2021 · 61
hoarders in tiny houses
july hearne Apr 2021
mornings wasted
spit upon blank pages
stop watch for a man who never shows up
every dream is a hopeful chance
to **** him in your sleep

pull a gun in this sleep
if not, then wait for cancer
a colt 44 is a cold kind of dancer

stolen graveyard flowers
life sentence hours
rabid dogs circling high towers

there's a movie inside
an unfixable life
a demon you thought
was just some pretty thing
something young
coming down the elevator
coming like communists made in china

ugly laughter made in china
something young like laughter laughing
a demon you thought
was just some pretty thing
ugly laugher made in china

something young
an unfixable life
hungry as a reaver
disarm for harm
stockpiles piling

buy your cancer,
cheap, chinese, and made of plastic,
made of slave and
made of master
made in china
buy your cancer
like a demon you thought
was just some pretty thing

hungry as a reaver
a seat at a ***** table
150 square feet
one burner hot plate
made of cheat, made of china
made to confiscate and made of hate

mornings wasted
spit upon blank pages
Joy Division

I've been waiting for a guide to come and take me by the hand
Could these sensations make me feel the pleasures of a normal man?
Lose sensations, spare the insults, leave them for another day
I've got the spirit, lose the feeling
Take the shock away

It's getting faster, moving faster now
It's getting out of hand
On the tenth floor, down the back stairs
It's a no man's land
Lights are flashing, cars are crashing
Getting frequent now
I've got the spirit, lose the feeling
Let it out somehow

What means to you, what means to me
And we will meet again
I'm watching you, I'm watching
Oh I'll take no pity from your friends
Who is right? Who can tell?
And who gives a **** right now?
Until the spirit new sensation takes hold
Then you know
Until the spirit new sensation takes hold
Then you know
Until the spirit new sensation takes hold
Then you know

I've got the spirit
But lose the feeling
I've got the spirit
But lose the feeling
Feeling, feeling, feeling, feeling, feeling, feeling, feeling
Mar 2021 · 39
imported from china
july hearne Mar 2021
the woman was dragging the little girl along
yanking her arm, speaking in unfriendly and resentful tones

the woman had a mean looking face
nothing pretty about it. her short black hair
and mean looking face had gotten all they would ever need
to remain forever mean,
forever short and forever mean

the man of the couple cluelessly held the hand of what must have been his other daughter, mostly in silence.
he might have said something to the woman,
too old, too mean, too chinese, too ugly  to be his au pair
so she might have been his wife,
or his girlfriend or his ccp incentive
but given the girls white supremacy he must have left another wife

both the little girls had long, thick hair; it was pretty hair

i saw them when i was walking home from work one night
i was tired and confused, it was getting dark out
all over the bricks of downtown seattle

given how old the man and women looked, the little girls could have been his granddaughters, but that didn't occur to me at the time
because children often have a good time with their grandparents.
Mar 2021 · 1.8k
pretard for the retard
july hearne Mar 2021
cherry blossom was his smoking hot girlfriend.
they moved in together, probably in 2007.
he met her online, he was married to a woman
who he said was a fundamentalist. they had four kids,
three daughters and a son.

he wrote a lot about how his fundamentalist wife had turned
the three daughters against him. as the years went by,
he forgot their birthdays and ages because it hurt too much,
so he wrote.

"cherry blossom, you're going to make it
with your unbroken man who i hope to thank
one day for making you happy", he wrote
in a journal entitled "the last one"
dated late September of 2012.

they broke up in mid August 2011

from a journal entry dated at the end of October 2012:
"ten things you want to say to ten different people"

cherry blossom was first on the list
cherry blossom's unbroken man was second on the list
cherry blossom's son of a different baby daddy was third on the list

his own son was fourth on the list
his daughters were not on the list at all.

he was glad she was with a good guy. he didn't have to worry about her. unbroken guy was a good guy, he loved unbroken guy for that. her son was a good guy, he was glad that her son got to hang out with him and his son.

according to the public messages his friends left on his profile and the last time stamp on his activity feed,
he must have died almost three years ago,
in mid August, 7 years to the exact date
he had posted a journal entry explaining
that they had broken up and cherry blossom was moving out.

7 years is the same amount of time
it took for jacob to get rachel as his wife
after being deceived into marrying leah.

he had other journal entries too,
they go back to 2008, so some of them
cover his time with cherry blossom

cherry blossom was smokin hot,
they had *** parties
cherry blossom got all the attention
because she was smokin hot

he had bottomed to his vanilla fundamentalist wife
who turned his three daughters against him
but cherry blossom was his submissive
so cherry blossom was the way

cherry blossom introduced him to swinging, ****, and gang bangs
his fundamentalist wife, who he never got a legal divorce from,
turned his three daughters against him.

he had 342 friends and 13 followers on his fetlife profile,
five left public messages on his wall after he died.
cherry blossom was so smokin hot.
"does anyone recall
the saddest love of all
the one that lets you fall
nothing to hold"

Paul Westerberg "Love Untold"

Michelle Obama took a page out of Dr. Levine’s opinion. She has a homosexual puppet sidekick to “inspire” LGBT+ children on her upcoming children’s food show.

In the new Netflix series “Waffles + Mochi,” the former first lady is joined by an effeminate puppet sidekick, Busy the Bee, to help Mrs. Obama teach children how to “eat healthy.”

Jonathan Kidder, the puppeteer behind Busy the Bee, makes sure that children understand Busy the Bee is LGBT. Why do your children need to know such ****** exists in a show about making healthy meals?

Kidder explained, “Making children aware of the puppet’s same-*** proclivities is important because he wants to use his character to inspire more LGBT+ kids.” He went on to say, “They never said overtly, ‘We need you to be as gay as possible, please.’ But I got the sense that they liked that I brought this diversity to the mix.”

So far, Kidder is one of the only openly gay creators in children’s puppeteering. A gay puppet with a same-*** loving handler.

He joked that “all puppets are a little bit gay” and he hoped to bring more diversity to “Waffles + Mochi” by channeling his own “dry, gay sass” personality and sexuality through Busy.

He said his job was to let Michelle Obama’s sidekick “be colorful and let my rainbow out through him.”
july hearne Mar 2021
he fatly wore the red dress
standing fatly as the  clergy
of the one true church of marxism,

most holy karla
carved, carved karla
coming for the kids

cuckold, cucked, cuck
judas pence
judas pence lives
what to do with his silver
what to do with his stagflation
fox ferried across the river
time for tomorrow
punishment for the sold soul of a nation

hope today is your first day of sorrow
hope many days of sorrow follow your first day of sorrow
july hearne Feb 2021
and is coming for your children next.

but please don't misgender richard.

richard might be a death bringer, but he doesn't deserve to be misgendered.

censorshit is the way!
Feb 2021 · 85
july hearne Feb 2021
a polyamorous couple moves from chicago
to new zealand

things were getting so bad in the states
they both tweeted on a daily basis
multiple times per day

once situated they began to lecture the locals
on the racist colonials who racistly named the country new zealand
when the real name could only ever be aotearoa

"here in aotearoa, things are so much better than in the states"
they would tweet on a daily basis

before moving to aotearoa, the female of the couple
sold her son to a man named richard levine

richard levine killed several hundred elderly people
and can currently be found advocating that children watch ****
and amputate their body parts

richard levine and aotearoa are always where it's at for polyamorous couples from chicago

a friend from chicago sent flowers on a regular basis
and the woman of the couple tweeted how the flowers were lovely
but she would rather have received money instead of the flowers

her next tweet was about how she had a talk with the friend who sent the flowers and how he agreed to send her money instead

there was also an earlier tweet about how another friend from chicago died recently

"it's sad because he gave people in the kink community a lot of money to help them out financially"
tweeted the woman of the couple who sold her son to richard levine.
july hearne Jan 2021
big mike sent them after us,

he reminds me of jezabel
thankfully, jezabel was thrown out of a window
and eaten by wild dogs

can't wait for that happen to big mike,
then big mike can finally feel like the woman he will never be
hopefully any day now since the cup of iniquity is quite full

i wonder if big mike will finally be proud of our country
as we watch his corpse being eaten by wild dogs on bitchute
since youtube will ban it.
Nov 2020 · 59
happy tYranny week
july hearne Nov 2020
kandis never raised her little girl voice
and was such a good person,
she had no use for evil people
who spoke their minds
kandis was so good, she didn't have unkind
words to say about ed murray

so good in fact, that she once escorted someone
out of a bar in bellevue, wa for talking about
what a ******* ed murray was and still is to this day
kandis did NOT want the world to be polluted by people
who called child rapists pieces of ****

eric didn't like his right arm or his left leg,
he would weep quietly into his lonely pillow
at night until the day kandis softly encouraged
him to cut off both

eric felt a sense of relief wash over him
when kandis suggested that,
so he proceeded to have his right arm amputated at the shoulder
and his left leg amputated mid-thigh

this did nothing to make eric feel whole,
when he confided in kandis that the amputation
had done nothing to relieve him of disphoria,

kandis would have none of it
and softly encouraged him to cut off his left arm
and his right leg,

which eric proceeded to do.

eric lies in bed with two nubs where his arms used to be
and two stumps where his legs used to be
each nub and each stub are beginning to rot,
blackly rot,
but he receives a lot of validation on twitter
because there are such good people in this world
and aren't you one of them?
Nov 2020 · 86
a thief in the night
july hearne Nov 2020
she was a good person
who had nothing to do
with the transphobic,

in fact, she had encouraged her coworker eric
to become erica,

when erica was having doubts about having her ****
fashioned into a ****** that would grow hair on the inside
she encouraged erica to go through with the surgery
so erica could finally be who she was meant to be

she wound up pregnant, though not by pre-op erica
and though she have would have  consented to lesbian *** with erica
because every good person knows that you should never
discriminate against trans erica's.

she met a guy named kyle, it was kyle who impregnated her.
a one night stand. kyle thought pregnant women were gross
and disgusting and would frequently say so in the work place
at the telecom company he worked for.

when kyle wasn't working at the telecom company, he was cutting in line at the grocery store, then filming all the women behind him who said anything about it. he would laugh at them and call them karens. "you're going to end up on youtube, karen", he would tell them.

she was grateful that they had magically found all those missing biden votes. 100% for biden. she thought of how wonderful it was that president harris cared so much for women's rights.

she considered an abortion, but kept on putting it off. as she was giving birth, she finally decided on an abortion. immediately after the cluster of cells was removed from her vaginal canal, she requested one. the doctors felt good about obliging, since they were honoring the sanctity of a woman's right to choose.

the little cluster of cells was no more.

proudly, she tweeted about the wonderful experience and had many likes. she included a picture of the before and after of the cluster of cells, which went over really well. she knew she had made the right decision when she got all those likes. a few people even retweeted. things were going to be good now. for everyone.
Nov 2020 · 40
july hearne Nov 2020
eric is a fat pasty faced white man
who votes for joe biden
eric is a closet racist
but wants everyone to wear a mask
he wants to shut down the economy
so he gets a free pass

the last person i felt this way about
was named ed murray

sarah jeong is an ugly person
who doesn't belong to womanhood
except there are so many ***** just like her

sarah jeong is asian and unattractive
she writes about the racist white
but is only attracted to white men

i don't think eric is gay
because the women at work hate him

eric probably vacations in thailand
eric's mother did a terrible job raising him
Sep 2020 · 129
Do What You Gotta Do*
july hearne Sep 2020
the flowers
broken from the stem
have been vibrantly colored and trampled
on the sidewalk for weeks
withstanding days of passersby,

a despotic government in town
and citizens so filled with their jodi arias kind of love

knowing nothing of
their coming gulags
or how they can only fail

because the dumb mob is the city
the streets of the city
the boarded up windows of the city,
the defunded police department of the city,
the shattered glass of the city and the ****
in the streets of the city

it is only important to who might as well be no one,
but not to the men who will never be men
but not to the women who will never be women
and definitely not to the men who will never be women
a generation hated from all direction
failed before they even began, they will never begin
there will never be anything in it for them

they totalitarian so much totalitarian
not exactly wild or stallion
just sickly miniature horses
tough as owned prison ***** bronies

no hope
for the plastic garbage in the ocean
plastic garbage intended to pollute the ocean

never a time to get over things and move on
in an intellectually inferior time zone,
never a time to teach or learn about mao zedong.
for Carmen Best

*sung by Roberta Flack
july hearne Aug 2020
yes, you got the guillotine
as previously mentioned
any culture that beheads
renders itself subhuman

first you started with voluntary castration
and applauded every man who dug a rotting hole
in his center

and now tries to fill it up with censorship

there is a developmentally delayed generation
unprepared to rule or even function
they read animal farm and 1984 and completely miss the point
they take to the streets begging for masters
they scream for segregation and unequal opportunity
they want authoritarian rule to command them how to think
and what to say,
they have no use for God and even less use for science,
unless it can be biased

soon they will be screaming for the rights of the *******
how predictable, the enemies of reason come in every color
july hearne Jul 2020
the male authority figures are strong and hard
to push through
but you keep at it
until they cop swallow you

lengthen your hemlines ladies,
the future doesn't want anything to do with you
roald dahl nailed you pretty good

you delete, you delete,
impaired and in the streets

at first i thought you were like the clockwork orange kids,
but then you appeared as yourselves, much more like
the ****** up people of all ages in the wicker man
walking jester up the hill

devil's jesters i guess
where will you find your devil's jester next
(also native americans owned Black slaves)
july hearne Jul 2020
the pregnant husband eventually had the baby
and referred to it as a they
it would have been wrong to force a gender on the child
chromosomes and genitalia are not valid voices,
they are only systemic bigots

dangerous, yet powerless
useless but busy tools
every hour of the day

i spend the hours of the day
distracted by the sirens and helicopters
and screams of stupid infantile adults
young and old and dangerous, yet powerless
useless but busy tools
disabled comments and pepper spray too
july hearne Jul 2020
strewn around, and dismembered
of reason, this won't be any kind of revolution

tools are not revolutionary,
they are not the ones who will change the laws
that is decided by the power of the few

systemic is their favorite word
and there is a whole lot more systemic
where they come from and where
they will soon force you to go

the good news is you will go willingly,
no one cares about the violations
of your integrious corpses,
not even you really

at this point, you are already donating
your children

karl marx, the slave owner,
will see to it that you too
endorse slavery, but don't you already

all the signs are there
all your subhumanity,
and beheadings in the last days,

any culture that beheads
forgoes humanity
can we all be equal
if the screaming mobs
praying to themselves and false gods
are no longer human

what the ***** of babylon loves most
is the **** of your children
and you are all so agreeably inclined to greet her.
Agence France-Presse in Paris

Thu 9 Jul 2020 14.10 EDTLast modified on Thu 9 Jul 2020 14.32 EDT

Authorities in France will investigate claims that human corpses donated for science were left to rot and be eaten by rats at a university research facility, the Paris prosecutor’s office has said.

An investigation into “violations of the integrity of a corpse” was handed over to magistrates by prosecutors who handled the initial phase of the investigation after l’Express magazine reported the scandal last November.

The newspaper said the remains of thousands of people who donated them for research were discovered in abhorrent conditions at the Centre for Body Donations (CDC) of Paris Descartes University.

Bodies were strewn around naked, dismembered, piled one on top of the other, with a severed head lying on the floor, l’Express reported, describing the scene, photographed in 2016, as resembling a mass grave. Some body parts were decomposing, others lay there chewed by rats amid overflowing bin bags containing pieces of flesh.

Frederic Douchez, a lawyer for families who pressed charges, said of Thursday’s announcement: “This is very good news.”

Investigating magistrates, he said, had much wider powers to get to the bottom of the affair.

Nearly 80 complaints have so far been lodged. The revelations caused the French government to order the shuttering of the centre and an administrative inspection by a panel which said in June the university was guilty of “serious ethical breaches” in its management of the CDC.

The centre, opened in 1953, was the largest of its kind in Europe, and until its closure received hundreds of donated bodies every year.
july hearne Jul 2020
there is good news for all the people
who are too good and too smart for God:
He has no more plans for them
He is done with them
He is no longer watching out for them

the seals might have finally been breaking, but
the racist firecrackers were going off
so they could not hear

though the valley carries sound all the way up the hill
why just the night before
i had heard the sirens

approaching the interstate
where the all mighty women
flew across the highway
soon to die for nothing,
soon to die for themselves
and only themselves, but still nothing
how the almighty women flew

what will you do
when cancel culture cancels you
and you lose your job to one of those little white/asian/hispanic/arabic/whatever kind is not you kids
who report you to HR for being an uncle tom and a race traitor
and get you fired because it's the only
right thing to do to end all the racial divisiveness
caused in this country
all by donald trump and fredrick douglas of course
Jun 2020 · 65
by summer's end
july hearne Jun 2020
she put down her coffee cup
upon a coaster
huge slippers on her swollen feet

and sighed a satisfied sigh
of one who had just finished reading
all the comments on a NYT's article
about BLM
enraged in agreement
that kind of satisfied sigh

set down her coffee cup
upon a coaster
yelled at her foster son
about how she was a single mother
in a world so racist

after yelling at her foster son
she decided being a good person
meant showing her foster son
the wonderful world of chaz
where the undispersed crowd
would save all the single mothers
from a world so racist
it was the only right thing to do

with the day

she put down her coffee cup
upon a coaster
huge slippers on her white swollen feet

and sighed a satisfied sigh
of one who had just finished reading
all the comments on a NYT's article
about BLM
enraged in agreement
and declared Martin Luther King Jr.
a racist, a race traitor, an uncle tom, and a facist
that kind of satisfied sigh
july hearne Jun 2020
from chaz to chop
camped so cozy
all around the roadblock

faded rainbows in the crosswalk

it's too late
it took too long to matter
his enemies have yet to scatter

jenny plans to stay in her high tower
but rabid dogs now repudiate her power

(white kids, the kind who use to *******,
dragged the Black man out with his star spangled banner,
white kids, the kind who use to *******,
called him an uncle tom, a race traitor, a facist
white kids, the kind who use to burn crosses,
yelled **** trump and schooled
the Black man and his star spangled banner
on race relations, who to vote for and all the rest)

all his enemies right before they scatter
hanging rabid all around the roadblock
camped so cozy in the crosswalk
july hearne Jun 2020
burdensome stone
burdensome stone
they can never leave this burdensome stone
they would eat their own
to claim this burdensome stone
as their only own

i see you in your true form
even with your middle carved out
you believe in all your lies
maybe they are not your own
but they are still lies
policing language and thoughts
and dehumanizing the vulnerable

into gaping wounds
growing repulsive hair
even on the insides
where the depth is always lacking
and the sensation is shot
but the lies are never true

and cutting off what can never grow back
is all you  are ever compelled to do

what then, but finally realization
or just more lies

burdensome stone
burdensome stone
they can never leave this burdensome stone
they would eat their only own
to claim this burdensome stone
as their eaten own
"You Got What You Wanted
Now You Don't Want What You Got"
july hearne May 2020
so proudly surrendered
to chains

He tries the heart
and He tries the reins

justice according to your lanes
He is angry every day

careful now, judgement might be coming your way
He is even angry on peaceful protest day
july hearne May 2020
nations run on fumes
and the wickedness of the wicked
sins of the father are the sons of the father
when two generations of pervasive mind rot gather

white and compliantly masked
with your fascist anti-fascist anti-capitalism sign
compliantly held as you walked toward the center of town
where there was glass to shatter and AR-15 rifles to steal

your sign says it all
you still don't get it
and you never will

nothing to ever put on the line
even when your standing at the front of the line
with your facist anti-facist anti-capitalism sign
so clearly defined

you'll always be on your own side
Van Jones: Forget the KKK, it's the 'white, liberal Hillary Clinton supporter' we should worry about

.  TLDR, the guilty among you will also be called out on their own *******.

Also, the reason why Van Jones is right is because most of you talk a big game, but you do not give a **** about equality, what you care about is conforming to societal norms, and those norms are all going to change and with that so will all your so called beliefs and stances. You have no conviction and no ability to stand up for what is right beyond what is convenient for you.
May 2020 · 220
zip it sex tourist*
july hearne May 2020
a state of standstill is a state of decline
an excess of sediment, an ineffective wine

i only hear that defining moment of time
in the less and less frequent creaking of the keys
the same old letters sadly clack

but can't ever get it back
heart's not in it
can't stay ******
overreactions come to attack

an embarrassing pervert that you already *****
every hour since a desperate hour
wolf crying wolf every five seconds
where the collective cower

****** is always his death name
dont wear it out
wear it where the collective cower

every hour since a desperate hour
hands in the pockets
of that dress with pockets

calling out his death name
when the coming time comes

wolf hands caught in the pockets
of that dress with the pockets
july hearne May 2020
unboard the windows
there is an expensive moment to come
when you finally figure out
the undoable has been done  

never fleeting, never free  
pay and pay but never repay

hope he was more than your hedberg ******
leading you on to childless and spinster

going going gone
all along you got it so wrong

dystopia ringing your doorbell daily
another package from amazon
****** censorship for all
aren't we all our own black swan

"oooh sadness
i have no more use for you"

sad trumpet of a lifetime
a state of standstill is a state of decline
july hearne Sep 2019
days and nights of bad days and nights
bad days without number
bad days without destiny
one thousand two hundred and sixty days
of bad days

you were in  all those bad days
an unnecessary sadness
that consumed me and consumed me

until i was nothing
until i was no one

a leather skin
on a clearance rack
before deportation

everyday i wait for the two witnesses to come
everyday i ask myself how can i unhate myself
when accepting is not an option wisest to pursue
when every day i wait for the two witnesses to come
burdensome stone
burdensome stone
they can never leave the burdensome stone
they would eat their own
to claim this burdensome stone
as their eaten own
Jul 2019 · 437
reprobate mind
july hearne Jul 2019
neil young is still the ocean
you're the plastic in the ocean

taking takes a generation
offspring of takers
vipers and invaders

twice the welfare
snap payments holding up the line
beware, beware
in the kinship of the reprobate mind
there is a point of no return
the self-righteous among nations can only pass
but never discern

tribe against tribe
gay blood on the pavement
a point of no return
a head to behead
a church to burn
a tall building uprising
a crane collapsing

a cat named nasty
a cat named ******
all meowing so loudly
across your delusional path

give me give me give me
me me and mine
tribe against tribe
in the fellowship of the reprobate mind
july hearne May 2019
russ drove down memorial drive
in his powder blue 1950's dodge wayfarer

the sun might not have been shining brightly
at that exact moment, since I was on the school bus
on my way home, it would have only been
an afternoon sun,
but in my memory it was the brightest time had ever been
because i sat in my black school bus seat
and looked out of the school bus window

at russ in his powder blue 1950 dodge wayfarer
with his green hair in carefully shaped statue of liberty spikes
russ was smiling at something

i would never know what
but russ's windshield was so clean and clear
that it just looked like such a colorful world
i was going to do my best to be a part of it

so excited about the life
i was going to end up
throwing away

such a wasted beautiful life
for the far-gone to forgo
Apr 2019 · 512
a song called belle
july hearne Apr 2019
butcher jobs
& butchered bodies
app economies
out of scale

just last week
a fig tree fell
in los angeles

maybe one day there'll be a permanent outage
& the real disruption will come

your turn to be nothing
your turn to be no one
in a busy Caracas steakhouse
in a blackout or under a stolen sun
a stolen sun stolen from the poor

hard times hitting hardest in the hurt
all alone in lonely dirt
no bright morning stars for belle

just last week
a fig tree fell
in los angeles

might be nice to know
what al green means when he sings
give it everything
before it becomes time to go
dead luke perry staying dead
& an end of the world that keeps on coming
Al Green - Give It Everything Lyrics

Love, what about the things you want?
What about the things you need
Versus the things you don't have?
You should have all of this world's desires
All of this world's entire bounty and beautiful love

The stars and the moon and the birds soar real soon
You should have all the things that you need
Give it everything, all the world to bring
If you believe in something, you go to give it everything

Love, there's no time to waste
There's no life to take
Believers don't have to make haste
Oh no, but, ‽I love you”
Are more than just some sweet words

‽I love you”, are the sweetest words I ever heard
One thing about I can't explain
That you are the world to me
When you're sure you love me
Show you love tenderly

The stars and the moon and the birds soar real soon
You should have all the things that you need
Give it everything, all the world to bring
If you believe in something, you go to give it everything

Why should settle for second best
When you haven't tasted all the rest
Listen to me, listen to my request
You should have all the things you want, the things you need
All of the things your mind can conceive

The stars and the moon and the birds soar real soon
You should have all the things that you need
Give it everything, all the world to bring
If you believe in something, you go to give it everything
Apr 2019 · 676
"Here But I'm Gone"
july hearne Apr 2019
filth compiles
with the lights on
all these letdown sunday nights

what's in this dust now
a forgotten name
that ruined my life

there was just no other door
to walk through at the time

i stayed and stayed
called your name
forgot i was a woman too
when my savior came
to save me, i didn't go with him
he wasn't you

i stayed and stayed
called your name

until i was nothing
until i was no one

he was my stolen sun,
a stolen sun , a savior came
to save me, i didn't go with him
he wasn't you, no he wasn't you
forgot i was a woman too

until i was nothing
until i was no one.
I Wouldnt Treat A Dog (The Way You Treated Me)

a stolen sun, a stolen sun
stolen from the poor
there was just no other door
to walk through at the time
Nov 2018 · 949
a lifetime of bad personage
july hearne Nov 2018
i waited at the ***** bus stop
for too long
and decided to hate the world
as the bus slowly, very slowly
inched along. too many people
in wheel chairs kept getting on

i took a seat next to the talkative fellow
who knew a lot about the DHS office

a few stops later an older man got on
and a woman, not a man, offered him her seat
because he was old (er) than her

he grossly accepted as she stood
tightly holding onto the hand-grip

then, an even older lady got on
and stood in front of the not old enough
to sit on a crowded bus man
while he grossly sat, glad or thoughtless
that he didn't have to stand like the older lady,

right there in front of him
probably old enough to be his mom.
It Be's That Way Sometimes
Oct 2018 · 3.8k
songs to get stoned to
july hearne Oct 2018
i like to listen to bobby womack
sing "fly me to the moon"
while thinking of jeff's blue origin rocketship
exploding in the air

all his pride
crashing down in pieces
recorded for the whole world to see

because i have walked
unhappily down the streets
of soulless south lake union
where clueless people walk by
dumbly raising rents
congesting traffic
thinking they are off to change the world

crying about peter dinklage
yellowfacing herve villechaize,

their stupidity knows no bounds
always hard at work in south lake union
producing nothing that won't be obsolete
the second it is completed
purposely designed to make our lives unaffordable

**** jeff and all his tech bro henchmen
who do nothing but steal the sun from the poor
a white european actor
a white european actor
july hearne Oct 2018
mighty mighty miners  
mining for a heart of cryptocurrency  
mighty mighty houses  
might end up empty  

for fake fortune  
for a drop of wine  
for a speck of grain  
for fake fortune  

nec·ro·man·cers quick with answers
will you be their broke financiers  
will you be their paraplegic dancers  

you've got nothing to lose  
just a shield of children  
wielding weapons  
no one knows how to use  

mighty mighty miners  
mine on empty  
too much vacancy  
in a heart of cryptocurrency  

all one person  
all one horsemen  
all fake fortune  
all one horsemen  

wish NPC weren't too dumb to understand
mighty mighty houses built upon sand
because every time jeff eats an iguana,  
he's got the whole free market in his hands.
*Roky Erickson - I Think of Demons

Micah 2:2
They covet fields and seize them, and houses, and take them. They defraud people of their homes, they rob them of their inheritance.

ISAIAH 5:8 (MSG Version)
"Doom to you who buy up all the houses and grab all the land for yourselves— Evicting the old owners, posting no trespassing signs, Taking over the country, leaving everyone homeless and landless. I overheard God-of-the-Angel-Armies say: “Those mighty houses will end up empty. Those extravagant estates will be deserted. A ten-acre vineyard will produce a pint of wine, a fifty-pound sack of seed, a quart of grain.
july hearne Sep 2018
i can't wait until we go through with 25A
once we remove trump from office
then ALL of our problems will go away
& world peace will be here to stay

i better start practicing telling everyone
what they can and can not say.
july hearne Sep 2018
we stood in our scarlet, costco bought handmaiden costumes
wordlessly taking a stand
because words matter

it is a stoic thing
to make history

kamala harris
wisely having her moment
so far, the height of her career

then we re-enacted various episodes
of House of Cards
all in front of Judiciary Committee

afterwards, we were given some money.

before going home to watch netflix, we had to educate the world
on the language they are and are not allowed to use,
because we need to control the world's vocabulary
especially since so many people are ******-phobes
and we still think the term "hateful bigot" holds power.

thank god for the 25th amendment,
there is no way in hell that we will lose another election,
but if we do, we can always fall back on 25A.
*Leonard Cohen-The Future
july hearne Jul 2018
the homeless are ******* in the streets,
well some of them are

the homeless have been ******* in the streets
a lot lately

when they are not getting scatological on the streets of seattle
they are conjuring the other images of themselves, because there is always so much more to this story
as they sit on the sidewalk and/or in entrances of shops, restaurants, and other commercial establishments
throwing empty beer cans in the street
at the people walking past

they say seattle is going to be the next san francisco
because that is what tech is, nothing new
forgotten already done ideas redone
same price tags same coast line same **** in the streets

they must have thought something better
was here, waiting for them
when they rode into town
from other towns
housing, more drugs, a new life
in these streets that they **** in

not sure what they heard
their tents under the over pass
their trash upon the hill
overlooking the highway

their tents always have a highway view
their trash too

i should be that afraid of my own life
of what tomorrow will be
oversharing in a voice
that is not my own
miss jean brodie in **** city style
july hearne Jul 2018
pennies on the screen
diamonds in the ground

deep under and down ticking down

pennies on the screen
down ticking down
deep under
they found diamonds in the ground

light going out
where baby stars surround
the dim star devoured the young planet
death star's got to eat

a refill of fear
then off the rails again
second hand smoke
would be a great improvement
Shame Shame Shame
Jul 2018 · 3.0k
a subsidized rocket ship
july hearne Jul 2018
after the crossroads
the wrong turns
and taken risks not worth taking

there came a time in my life
when nothing came next

no highways calling out for me
just painted rainbow crosswalks
for staying put

i stayed inside a lot
the more i hid
the dirtier the carpet got

it was cheap and poorly cut
to begin with, the dirt i was daring to become filth didn't help

the more i hated the cost of living
the dirtier the carpet got
the richer jeff bezos got

so stupid i thought

it was a daily thought
my own personal seventieth seven

antichrist and nothing
but crowds to fill his headquarters
hairless cat of a shepherd and his reusable sheep
i stayed inside a lot

so stupid i thought
the more i hid
the dirtier the carpet got
we can only hope
a subsidized rocket ship
can only launch so high
Jul 2018 · 1.3k
joyce carol oates wrote
july hearne Jul 2018
it's a surgical thing
to become so real

like the new thing, the next big thing
confirmations everywhere

tech bro's and rainbows
can't handle this season
of my life

can't wait until the rainbows

can't get along with the season
next one coming next

no one to talk to
marching forth like saints
the whole world a cult to join
or not join
july hearne Jul 2018
we are not safe
all the markets could come crashing down
it could happen any day now

a blue origin rocket ship
never making it to its final destination

no man knows the hour or the day
no man knoweth that

bridget jones had her cigarettes
with wine and mr darcy
but i only have **** and a plastic
one liter bottle of coke zero
and no mr darcy to know the hour or the day

helen fielding, enabler of the delusional,
recycled happy endings

but the plastic coke bottle
isn't a jane austen novel
and the chinese don't want our garbage anymore

there is enough garbage in china already

"there are 8.3 billion tons of plastic in the world"
8.8 million metric tons are chinese trash
for the yangtze river to carry to the sea

sometimes i feel just like garbage previously shipped to china

trash and blue origin debris
comeuppance for the yangtze river to carry to the sea

endless oceans end
same place plastic rocketship garbage begins

"Garbage previously shipped to China is now piling up in places like the processing plant in Elkridge, Maryland, where tons of trash arrive every day from the US capital."
Jul 2018 · 7.8k
emptiness, emptiness
july hearne Jul 2018
big mess
big miss
emptiness, emptiness

a big mess grows
all the places emptiness goes
can't always have a garden,
a flower garden
a  dancing kiss upon a fountain

two tiny feet standing on the fountain
two tiny feet, light as air
dancing on the fountain
where kiss on the cheek is a little unfair

i last saw you there
in pictures of what must have felt so weightless

could have been a little more gracious
not just some harmful acquaintance

sure as a black hole to fall through
moment i met you
doing nothing for you

king helpless child
my biggest miss
all the ways to my emptiness
nowhere to go
i've been to the places emptiness goes
in this big mess that grows and grows
Neil Young Lyrics

"Flying On The Ground (Is Wrong)"

Is my world not falling down
I'm in pieces on the ground
And my eyes aren't open
And I'm standing on my knees
But if crying and holding on
And flying on the ground is wrong
Then I'm sorry to let you down,
But you're from my side of town
And I'll miss you.

Turn me up or turn me down
Turn me off or turn me round
I wish I could have
met you in a place
Where we both belong
But if crying and holding on
And flying on the ground is wrong
Then I'm sorry to let you down,
But you're from my side of town
And I'll miss you.

Sometimes I feel
like I'm just a helpless child
Sometimes I feel like a king.
But baby, since I have changed
I can't take nothing home.

City lights at a country fair
Never shine but always glare
If I'm bright enough to see you,
You're just too dark to care.
But if crying and holding on
And flying on the ground is wrong
Then I'm sorry to let you down,
But you're from my side of town
And I'll miss you.
july hearne Jul 2018
it has been twenty years
since i once met him in person


we met in las vegas
and stayed at a cheap motel
in different rooms

and that is what i have been remembering
the most lately
is the cheap motel
as if there were marbles on the carpeting
of the motel floor
and i slipped on one

the marble game, just something to do
winner wins and keeps on winning
once i am tripped
even before i have fallen to the floor
for it is certain i will fall to the floor

tiny marbles to lose
tiny marbles rolling by
he aimed his tiny marbles at me
he shot his tiny marbles at me

i laid on the floor
for many years after
an easy place to be
got up, fell down, up once more
finally fell down and just stayed down

on the floor not seeing how
life could ever get decent again
a whole lifetime ahead of me
with no *** appeal
and nothing to fall back on

just a tiny marble
for my back to fall on
new skin too rough for any other skin
july hearne Jul 2018
marijuana, fourth of july,
and even then
that anthony bourdain look in your eye

never did know
how much i could relate

and that’s what i do these days,
i relate and relate

soon it will be time to remember
you'll be gone four years already,
and i've lived the kind of life
that knows better than to face you
around or gone four years already
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