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Julia Quizon Jul 2014
they crowd the palace
kings with golden scepters
and queens with glimmering crowns
one by one standing in front of
the tallest tower

inside there are
streamers painted with every color smudged on an artist's palette
the music is blaring
entering the ears of every listener

inside there is
food on every porcelain plate
and napkins folded into delicate shapes

there is a banner
looking down from the heavens
written on it is the reason behind this sudden celebration

congratulations my love for
once again you have managed
to make me the dust
beneath your feet and
the rust between your bones
Julia Quizon Jun 2014
how do i extinguish these memories
from my messed up mind
so ablaze and so vivid
burning up and eating me alive
you were once the flame to my fire
now i want you to be the ash
that rides the wind
i want those memories to rise up in the night sky and mix with the atmosphere
and i want to forget you
like how you forgot me
Julia Quizon Jun 2014
the thing about me is

i know that i am worth it
yet the voices in my head are telling me otherwise
there are thorns piercing my fragile heart
and with every insult and hurtful word
the thorns dig deeper
the voices scream louder
the light in my eyes fade slowly
as does the *** of gold at the end of the rainbow
as does the light at the end of the tunnel
my voice is hoarse and desperate
i know i am screaming for the light to stay
it's trying to
it's screaming back at me
darkness fills the room
it's pitch black and
i don't see the light anymore

the thing about me is

i settle for coal when in fact
i deserve scintillating diamonds
  Jun 2014 Julia Quizon
Rebecca Shain
Magic exists all around us.

2. When you laugh your nose crinkles up so perfectly that your freckles dance like little dandelions in the wind. Know that you are special.

3. One day you will find yourself. For now you are allowed to be lost, you are allowed to be confused and you are allowed to be scared. We all are.

4. You have experienced pain and you are still here. I am so proud of you. Do not disregard yourself you beautiful warrior.

5. You have stardust in your veins, you are a living, breathing, walking extraction of the universe. There are galaxies inside your head, moons in your eyes and the ocean in your heart.

6. You are enough.
Julia Quizon Jun 2014
according to the old & worn out dictionary i tossed away in the attic
to cry is to shed tears
to cry is to shout or scream 

the words in my dictionary are wrong 

crying is leaning against the wall at 1 in the morning
your hair messed up and
your shirt ruffled
the tears in your eyes build up until the world is just one big blur 

at 1:30 your tears are replaced with bloodshot eyes and trembling hands

at 2 in the morning you stare
right through the concrete wall and
all that runs through that twisted mind of yours is
what did i do to deserve
all this pain and heartache

you try to stand on your feet at 2:30
in the morning but your legs feel like they've been glued together and you sink right down back again

you are drowning and
you can't gasp for air
you'd do anything to breathe again
you would do anything for a touch of sunlight
but you realize you're not even underwater
you're drowning in all the pain
that happiness is far out of your reach 

that's what crying is
and maybe they should add that to the pages of my old and worn out dictionary
Julia Quizon Jun 2014
not even two years
and she has mended her heart
stitched back the pieces
and glued it in place

God it's not fair
it's not fair how she
kicked out the memory of Dad
and graciously opened up the door
for Another Guy
cozying up to him and
whispering sweet nothings
the shoe does not fit

while Another Guy woos her
with a candlelight dinner
new beginnings for the main course
and empty promises as dessert
my Dad's picture sits on a stool
covered in dust and dirt
waiting to be cleaned
waiting to be polished
waiting to be looked at
waiting to be held again

i am angry
there is an invisible bomb
attached to my chest
nonstop ticking
24/7 ticking
make it stop i say
to no one in particular

the porch light is on
i see the silhouettes of
the woman i once knew
and Another Guy
they're wrapped in each others arms
and i explode
pieces of my heart on the freezing floor
i'm forced to pick up a thousand tiny
broken hearts
by myself
always missing one

a piece of me is missing
is it stuck under a cushion?
did i forget it in the park?
maybe i left it in school?
no that Piece is watching
from up there

Dad's starting to slip away
so i rush to the abandoned picture
tripping over my own tears
and stumbling over my own heartache
i clean up the picture
so my Dad doesn't slip away
too far
for mja
you push with all your might for the
right words but they won't
so i opened the door and pulled them out
for you
Julia Quizon May 2014
the teardrop factory is closed
a rusted sign suspended by worn down chains read

the teardrop factory is closed
workers and co-workers retreat to their
teapot homes and their well paved streets

the teardrop factory is closed
usually the halls fill with shattering
screams or distant wailing
but now it's as if
Sound has finally kept quiet

but behind a door on
the 25th floor was a man

peacefully asleep he was
but his bare body
seemed to think otherwise

chained both hands and feet
bruised from top to bottom
his heart had been pierced
his soul spread out on the cold floor
the burden in his pocket weighs
another pound as the minute goes by

the poor poor man stirred awake
eyes bloodshot and puffy
remembering his misery
he began to sob

the teardrop factory is now open
a rusted sign suspended by worn down chains read
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