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The clock ticks away
as we forget about yesterday
What did we do? What did we learn?

Can you recall growing up?
Sometimes easy, sometimes tough
Just too young to care enough

Reach for the Clouds
Pray for luck
A handful of sand
forget the muck

Parents losing touch
Divorce is just so much
For a child to take
So don't make a mistake

This world is a harsh place
Criticized for the stand we take
I do apologize for rambling so
Clouds and Sand is all I know

© 2019 Michael Messinger(All rights reserved)
I love it when she’s blue,
I love it when she’s gold,
I love it when she’s silver,
I love it when she’s cold,
I love it when she’s quiet,
I love it when she’s bold,
I love it when she’s calm,
I love it when she folds
I love her for her secrets,
I love her for her songs,
I love her for her rights,
I love her for her wrongs,
I love it when she moves me,
When she pulls me,
When she soothes me,
I love it when she’s red,
I love it when she’s gray,
I love it when she’s mine,
I love it when she strays,
I love her for her warmth,
I love her for her stare,
I love her for her depths,
I love her for her care.
I’m in love with ocean. Her beauty, her grace. The secrets she harbors, the life she gives to all creatures. I love the way she holds me & makes me feel free. I am euphoric, I can see her now. No caps because I am truly meek in her presence.
A bitter cold night to close out the year;
come sit here near the fire by me.
I have here a fine brandy
that was aged eighteen years,
but that never another will see.

So hold out your glass and I’ll give you a splash
to warm you and loosen your tongue.
Then we’ll each tell tall tales
Of our reprobate youth
And the disreputable things we had done.

We’ll remember with tears those we’ve lost this past year
Those who loved us despite what we’d done.
The Father who sacrificed all for his boys;
the Mother who lived for her sons.

A bitter cold night to close out the year;
I’m warmed by the fire’s soft glow.
If I shed a tear at the close of the year,
I pray don’t let anyone know.
"Thinking of those who have gone before us, two in particular
 Dec 2017 Joe Cole
Sharina Saad
My heart is gold
but my hands are cold
my magic words
hidden  and frozen
for  too long,
I was told.

wondering now
Am I too late?
Perhaps too old?
To pen a painful write
from a lazy soul.
I have been gone for too long now.
 Dec 2017 Joe Cole
Sharina Saad
It really doesn't matter if you love a human or an animal
If only that love is sincere
And love can be expressed
In many different forms
Like patiently waiting for mommy to come back from work...
like listening to all her grievances even if you don't
Understand a thing...
Even if it means
One day you have
to say good bye...
Love is queer in many ways
In happiness comes sadness...
In pain is sweetness...
Bitter and sweet
Part and parcel of life
And letting go
Is inner peace...
 May 2017 Joe Cole
Ryan Holden
 May 2017 Joe Cole
Ryan Holden
Glimpse of hope
Through those washed eyes,
As I envisage us surfing
The roughest of tides,
A million waves crash,
Heavily into my chest,
Because I'm afraid
I'll drown in a sea
Of emotion because
You're the ocean,
And I'm just a stone.
 Apr 2017 Joe Cole
Druzzayne Rika
I had walked on this lands
when I was young
The green nature ,
magnificent horses ,
multicoloured birds ,
the blue sky ,
tall trees , scattered sunrays
and wild flora and fauna
accompanied me on this walk
around this beautiful island .
This nature's land
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