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  Apr 2016 Jocelyn Aguilar
Jack Jenkins
It's easy to say I love you when you are face to face.
It's easy to say I love you when you are inside someone.
It's easy to say I love you when they are caring for you.
It's easy to say I love you when the butterflies are in your
stomach and every waking moment is consumed with one another.

But it's not easy to say I love you when they want nothing to do with you.
It's not easy to say I love you when you know they don't love you.
It's not easy to say I love you when it's been a consistent battle to
remain friends.
It's not easy to say I love you when you always choose guys who
make you feel less than you are.
It's not easy to say I love you when I have been waiting four years for
you to feel anything for me.
And it certainly is not easy to say I love you when there is an ocean
separating the two of us.

I don't love you because I need you, I need you because I love you.
Love is not a feeling, or an emotional connection, or an opportunity not to be alone.
Love is dedication, a choice to knit your heart and soul to another because
nobody else can compare to the joy, peace, affection, and trustworthiness that you have.

So I love you. I love you. I love you.
You may never read this, but it's the deepest part of my love for you.
//On her//
This was my first ever poem, written in December of 2015.
People walk into your life.
They share their stories, they fight with you, they make love to you -

People walk out of your life.

Their entrance as unexpected as their exit.
But how different and miserable life would have been without them.

I just can't explain how much I want you to stay.
  Mar 2016 Jocelyn Aguilar
I've never been in love
but I imagine it's kind of like
skiing on a glassy lake
in the fresh July sunlight.

Or the bellyache you get
from laughing for hours
head thrown back, eyes watering.

Or the thud of the ball
on the worn hardwood floor,
the soft swish of the net
when a shot meets its target.

Love is like a lot of things,
and darling, you're a symphony
of sounds and smells and tastes and feelings
I could never tire of.

So maybe I'm wrong.
Maybe I have been in love
with you, and this world, and everything in it

Because love is like everything
and nothing at once.
It's defined by its undefinability.

Jocelyn Aguilar Mar 2016
You broke my heart over the course of a month.
I was on my knees and on the verge of tears
When I first realized we could not be saved but,
I endured it all in hopes that somehow, it would all work out in the end.
I pray,
Every day,
That the love of your life never makes you feel as unwanted and replaceable as you made it seem that I was, my love.
I wish someone had prayed for me, too.
Jocelyn Aguilar Jun 2014
Irreparably broken and utterly foolish heart of mine,
What have I done to deserve such losses?
Was she merely a feat too big to accomplish?

Why am I so emotional?
How could she forget so easily?
She can have all her declarations of love back.
That way she can give them to her new lover.
All I ask of her is that she keep the ones I gave to her
Because like her I'll never love another.

I felt like what we had was the start of forever.
*Why didn't you feel the same?
Jocelyn Aguilar Apr 2014
You are more than just "curiosity".
You are definitely not "just a phase".

You are more than that.

You are the air I breathe.
Because without you I would suffocate.
You are what keeps me afloat.
Because without you I would sink.
You will always be before anyone else.
Even myself, because without you, I would not exist.
Time will not change the meaning behind the words we have expressed towards each other.
This world shall never break us apart.

*Because we are forever and always.
You are mine, and I will always be yours.
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