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Oct 2017 · 970
Jeremy Kuan Oct 2017
Follow your dreams
Is what we're told.
Burst at the seams
Let creativity flow.

But on the safe path
We tend to go.
For it would be daft
To perform at shows.

They sparked quite a fire
Then quenched our appetite.
Our dreams, they expired
They were scared off in a fright.

You might not know
That you even have a dream.
Our hunt for dough
Has become so extreme.

Engineering or law
Your dream might very well be.
But when you strip down to raw
Is that who you see?

A dream is crazy
A dream takes chances
A dream makes sacrifices
A dream is subconscious

Some say dreams are impossible
Some say your dreams are impossible

But to me
A dream is a part of you
That once removed
Makes you, not you

So find your dream
And make it happen.
Hard it may seem
Just do it with passion.
Sep 2017 · 423
what lies ahead
Jeremy Kuan Sep 2017
the brink of adulthood
on the precipice you stood
staring into the unknown
ready to leap

armed with a plan
we will not reach its end
but it’ll set us off towards a fate
we couldn’t foresee

the feeling of excitement
with a slight bit of caution
can you hear the distant sound of the drums
beating to the rhythm of your new life?

we think it’s a choice
that we have a voice
it’s our decision to step
into this brave new world

is it really though?
or are we just following the flow?
the cards dealt out to us
did they sing the last note before the song began?

there are a million choices
opinions from infinite voices
yet you chose this one
or maybe destiny chose it for you

“I could have turned left
or played it close to the chest”
but the gravity was always pulling you
did you really have a choice?

we were all put on this road
set to this mode
and we’re all doing it, accepting it
it isn’t that bad
Sep 2017 · 785
Jeremy Kuan Sep 2017
A crush arrives like a crush
at first
in the literal sense

It surprises you and
tackles you
like a wild animal

But the word really doesn’t represent
it completely
in the fullest way

Because when a tree falls on you
it hurts
with a sharp pain

When you are the one falling
for someone
it’s a dull throbbing desire

While a tree can be easily removed
a crush
you can only wish for its departure

Then again, you don’t actually want it to leave.
Sep 2017 · 1.1k
When I Was A Boy
Jeremy Kuan Sep 2017

when I was a boy
there was magic
when I was a boy
we were wizards.

the pow'r in our fingers
to build and destroy
fearless hearts
able to experience pure joy.

no darkness no pain
no sorrow no hate
no problem too big
that spells couldn't fix.

our magic distinct
like personalities unique
but they belonged to us
it’s what made us tick.

as age caught up
and minds ‘matured’
we decided to leave
a new narrative we weaved.

now don’t get me wrong
it was not our intent
it crept up so slowly
eating at our bodies.

engrossed with our work
caught up in our lives
we forgot to take
a moment to dream.

before long
the people around me lost hope
they could not
find a way to cope.

“Look for the magic!” I said, “Grow up, magic was fake, it can’t help me” they replied.

I pleaded with them
I said you must try
but it was no use
they had closed their eyes.

the feeling of joy
the wonder of flight
to have no fear
to soar to great heights.

given away
disposed like a toy
the thing they say
separates man from boy.

hope, joy
fun, innocence
friends, trust
peace, self-confidence


these are some names
of the magic we lost
but was it really
worth the cost?

my friend it’s ok
if you find you forget
it isn’t too late
to bring it all back.

so what is your spell
the stuff in your dreams
are you willing to find it
though hard it may seem?
Sep 2017 · 1.3k
That Moment
Jeremy Kuan Sep 2017
That moment when you see her
for the hundredth time
like it’s the very first time

That moment when you stare at her lips
and wish that they were
touching yours

That moment when you find yourself
speechless and unworthy
standing in the presence of this angel

That moment when you remember
she was always there for you
and saved you from yourself

That moment when you realise
you need her too much
you can’t risk losing her friendship

That moment when you know
she’s too perfect
so you can never have her

That moment when your shoulders
are nearly touching
but you have to pull away

It all happened in an instant

I wish my eyes were never opened
Sep 2017 · 342
Who Am I
Jeremy Kuan Sep 2017
A ******* ****,
A self-centred *****.
A ranting bore,
An attention *****.
A pious saint,
An animal without restraint.
A silent glare,
An uncomfortable stare.

To each person
and every individual
I am nothing but a
different angle
You might see me as one of the above
but all of these just fit me like a glove.
That can be removed
when I need to be approved.

Which one of these is truly me?
Am I nothing but a hollow shell?
I tell myself
these are just parts
I portray
but in the process
have I
Who am I.

Or maybe I know
who I am
deep inside.

Dare I find me?

— The End —