Jeremy Kuan Oct 2017
Follow your dreams
Is what we're told.
Burst at the seams
Let creativity flow.

But on the safe path
We tend to go.
For it would be daft
To perform at shows.

They sparked quite a fire
Then quenched our appetite.
Our dreams, they expired
They were scared off in a fright.

You might not know
That you even have a dream.
Our hunt for dough
Has become so extreme.

Engineering or law
Your dream might very well be.
But when you strip down to raw
Is that who you see?

A dream is crazy
A dream takes chances
A dream makes sacrifices
A dream is subconscious

Some say dreams are impossible
Some say your dreams are impossible

But to me
A dream is a part of you
That once removed
Makes you, not you

So find your dream
And make it happen.
Hard it may seem
Just do it with passion.
Jeremy Kuan Oct 2017
Every time something horrific happens,
How can we deal with these lemons?
We could only make a drink so sour,
That makes us question those in power.

The police, the government, God,
How could you let these lives be robbed?
Why would you let us monsters have guns,
When we can’t even control our tongues.

I beg of you and plea my case,
For such weapons, in this world they have no place.
Too many lives have already been lost,
Humanity just can’t bear this cost.

To Las Vegas, I’m sorry.
Your burden I could never carry.
But you will pull through,
And tell the world this must never happen again.
Jeremy Kuan Sep 2017
the brink of adulthood
on the precipice you stood
staring into the unknown
ready to leap

armed with a plan
we will not reach its end
but it’ll set us off towards a fate
we couldn’t foresee

the feeling of excitement
with a slight bit of caution
can you hear the distant sound of the drums
beating to the rhythm of your new life?

we think it’s a choice
that we have a voice
it’s our decision to step
into this brave new world

is it really though?
or are we just following the flow?
the cards dealt out to us
did they sing the last note before the song began?

there are a million choices
opinions from infinite voices
yet you chose this one
or maybe destiny chose it for you

“I could have turned left
or played it close to the chest”
but the gravity was always pulling you
did you really have a choice?

we were all put on this road
set to this mode
and we’re all doing it, accepting it
it isn’t that bad
Jeremy Kuan Sep 2017
How’re you adjusting to the new city?
Oh it’s so pretty
With all the new sights
I’m busy exploring all the highlights

Do you miss your friends?
I’ve been busy making new frien-
Screw it, I can’t do this
I do miss my friends

I miss the comfort of my home
The familiarity of the streets

I miss not knowing all the secrets
The intricacies of the culture

I miss the ability to identify my cash
Just by its colour and size

I miss looking at the time
And not thinking about timezones

I miss when I want to go somewhere
I know how to use public transport

But really what it boils down to
I miss that I’m not in a place called
Jeremy Kuan Sep 2017
A crush arrives like a crush
at first
in the literal sense

It surprises you and
tackles you
like a wild animal

But the word really doesn’t represent
it completely
in the fullest way

Because when a tree falls on you
it hurts
with a sharp pain

When you are the one falling
for someone
it’s a dull throbbing desire

While a tree can be easily removed
a crush
you can only wish for its departure

Then again, you don’t actually want it to leave.
Jeremy Kuan Sep 2017
Say goodbye to the heat
The blazing hot streets
Thank God autumn’s finally here.

I can put on a sweater
Or just a t-shirt whenever
There’s no fear of sweat or snow.

The season is sensory
It triggers my memories
Of the best times I spent with great friends.

With the breeze on my back
And the school year on track
I feel I'm invincible.

But it’s spring here
and I miss the playful wind
sending a chill down my spine.

I beg of you, take me back to the Northern Hemisphere.
Jeremy Kuan Sep 2017
I don’t understand you.
I never will.
To step in your shoes
To live your life.
I simply cannot
Because all I see is a snapshot.

To the depressed, the despondent
The dejected, the dispirited
I think I know you.
Those rainy days of relentless sorrow
Those bottomless pits of self-doubt.
We all feel it
We all know you.
Not even close.
While we may not grasp you
Know this:
We search for the words
We want to help.
We feel for you
We cry for you.
But all that comes out
Is never right.
But all we say
Cannot help.

To the popular, the rich
The glamorous, the attractive
I think I know you.
You pathetic ungrateful people
You privileged and selfish jerks.
Think of the bullied, the victimised, the unfortunate
Think of the poor, the outcast, the defeated.
Don’t you feel grateful?
It’s lonely at the top
It’s brutal at the top.
An image you have to maintain
A status you have to preserve.
A never ending battle
But you could never say that out loud.
The eyes of the world watching you
The scum of the earth cursing you.
Oh how we wish to be your friend
But you, we could never comprehend.

To the heartbreak, the lover
The soulmate, the admirer
I think I know you.
How it feels to be completely infatuated with someone
How it feels to feel with such vigour.
I remember that one time
I remember that one person, that one feeling.
But it was just a time, a memory
It is nothing but a shadow compared to your present love.
We can only stand here and watch
We can only stand here and scratch our heads.
Even though they’re destroying you
Even though it makes no sense.
Though we see, we don’t feel
Though you feel, love is blind.
So love with all you have
So love with all you are.
And don’t be afraid to fall in
We’ll pull you out.

To the insecure, the ugly
The freaks, the losers
I think I know you.
Because I made you and I am you.
So I’ll let you in on something
If you’ll do some listening.
As you hear the insults and feel the shame
Your walls are torn down.
With each of your jokes and critical glares
You become the very thing you loathe.
You won’t like to hear this
But you don’t have a choice.
Yes you are broken
Yes life is hard.
I do not get you
I can only guess.
But all of us judge, we're all the part of the problem
So we need to be better, you need to be better.

To each and every one of you
I may not understand you.
But I care about you
I want to help you.
I know you are there.
I may not show it
I may not do my best.
But hey
This one’s for you.
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