Oct 2017
Follow your dreams
Is what we're told.
Burst at the seams
Let creativity flow.

But on the safe path
We tend to go.
For it would be daft
To perform at shows.

They sparked quite a fire
Then quenched our appetite.
Our dreams, they expired
They were scared off in a fright.

You might not know
That you even have a dream.
Our hunt for dough
Has become so extreme.

Engineering or law
Your dream might very well be.
But when you strip down to raw
Is that who you see?

A dream is crazy
A dream takes chances
A dream makes sacrifices
A dream is subconscious

Some say dreams are impossible
Some say your dreams are impossible

But to me
A dream is a part of you
That once removed
Makes you, not you

So find your dream
And make it happen.
Hard it may seem
Just do it with passion.
Jeremy Kuan
Written by
Jeremy Kuan  18/M/Australia
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