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Jen Jo Feb 2015
Now everything I'm having feels like the second best

The meals I have
The laughter that clothed my days
The nights I spend alone

It's unfair to the life I'm living
But it hurts to blind my feelings
Heart broken days
Jen Jo Jan 2015
I don't see the meaning in everything anymore.
The cycles people gladly drag themselves in;
The brag about the glass thin love.

No meaning.
Everything under the sun is meaningless.
No meaning.
Jen Jo Nov 2014
I hate the idea of moving on
Letting go, again
Just so to dive into something else

Letting time split through
And get healed
Just so to get hurt again
I guess we'll always be moving on in life.
Jen Jo Nov 2014
Probably it's true
One person is enough to destroy you
Jen Jo Nov 2014
Time is wasted
When you're not with me
Because time is simply time, nothing more

Time is gold
When you're with me
But now, i'll always be short of time
How can I buy more of your time?
Jen Jo Nov 2014
I dream about you all the time.

Morning, evening, night
Of how life can be like with and without you
And the dreams themselves destroy me.
In my dreams.
Jen Jo Nov 2014
You will never know the true colors of your best friend
Until you work,
And analyze the way she manipulates boys
Always run, before your best friend becomes that person that one day snatches away what values most to you heartlessly.
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