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1.2k · Jan 2017
We Have Guava at The Rooftop
Jean Lin Jan 2017
We have guava at the rooftop
I am diva in the bath tub
My brother has a panda called Bob
Dad drinks ***** with a plastic cup
Mom does yoga and listens to hip-hop
warm in the Summer, cold in the Winter
Welcome to my humble casa blanca
Only the guava part is true.
921 · Jan 2017
The Waiting List
Jean Lin Jan 2017
Waiting on the list
To get cut open
And have your insides stirred up

There are dozens of names on the list every day
And behind every name, there are
Double or triple or even multiple hearts

So please keep in mind that
There's nothing more precious than your body.
Trust me, you don't want your name to be on that list.

It's a waiting list on which you could be either
Waiting for salvation, or
Waiting to set your foot on that glorious "Stairway to Heaven"
Which you don't really want to climb
910 · Jan 2017
Sky isn't always blue
Jean Lin Jan 2017
Sky isn't always blue;
it can be gray, purple, orange,
and sometimes red.

Chocolate isn't always sweet;
it can be salty, alcoholic, sour,
and most of the time bitter.

People aren't always nice;
they can be sly, cruel, mean,
but most often, they are a mix of everything
humanity can be.

See, things are not always what we expect them to be,
yet you gotta keep on expecting
for the possibility will always exist.
800 · Mar 2017
Jean Lin Mar 2017
Time is ticking
Deadline is closing in
My brain is burning
My fingers are busy typing
The monitor starts to *****
My eyes sore
stomach aching
wrist throbbing
Yet I haven't reached the required word count
791 · Apr 2017
One Way Ticket
Jean Lin Apr 2017
You bought an one way ticket
        when you were young
You thought it'd be a good trip
You thought you'd never be homesick

Everything out there is fresh
Everything out there is sparkling
Even the moon looks bigger

All is fine
Until one day

You find the food back home was made for your stomach
the water back home tasted sweeter
the air back home suited your lung perfectly
And you starts to realize
       the moon back home were actually brighter

So you buy an one way ticket again
       to come home
There is a saying that goes: "The foreign moon looks rounder than the one does at home," in Taiwan. It''s a perfect demonstration of some kind of complex that lots of our people have, that we are,as a whole country, lack of confidence of ourselves. What caused this complex is actually complex so I won't explain it here. Sorry for the repetition.XD
699 · Mar 2017
When We Hold Hands
Jean Lin Mar 2017
When we hold hands
I feel the warmth dwelled in your palm
So I become warm too

I feel your pulse from your beating vein
So my heart starts to pump
Thus my blood begin to run

Do no drop my hand
Do I have to beg
If I want to be alive?
672 · Feb 2017
The Impossible Pair
Jean Lin Feb 2017
We had a fight this morning
But couldn't made up immediately
Then we were off to work

We met on the pitch as rivals
Still upset with each other
Shoving around
Swearing at each other
Like rivals usually do on the pitch

At some point we're so near to
Beat each other up
When he grabbed my **** to provoke me
That really got on my nerves
That I raised my fist at him
"Yeah, go ahead punch me in the face now! Or I'm gonna kiss you on the lips!"
I saw he stared right into my soul
My fist stopped in the air

He did kiss me
The whole stadium went mad
And I didn't know what matters anymore

Yes, you can guess.
We are footballers and rivals on the pitch
Lovers in bed in the dead of night
Let there be more kisses instead of punches. And I hope this happens one day and no one will be mad about it.
625 · Apr 2017
Are you surprised?
Jean Lin Apr 2017
Are you surprised?
When you see a man holding another man's hand
Or when you witness a girl kissing another girl
Or when you go to a hospital where
they hire female doctors and male nurses
Or a woman holds a position higher than yours
in the corporation where you work for thirty more years
Or when a black female police officer is arresting a white man

If yes, then sir, please take another ride on your time machine
back to the stone age.
613 · Jan 2017
Lovers' Cliché
Jean Lin Jan 2017
Take me by the hand
Hold me on the waist
Kiss me on the back
Stroke my hair
Caress my neck
****** my ears

It's all lovers' cliché
Yet I want her to do these
To me, or vice versa
486 · Jan 2017
It Will Dawn
Jean Lin Jan 2017
It was dark last night
When we were on the phone
Talking about the recent law reform

You complained about how it was disgracefully declined
by those people who have always despised us
I said that I wanted you to know
that you have me full-heartedly inclined
to you. Although we don't see each other often, that's fine.
We'll stay strong together, because
we have each other in mind.

Then I heard you smile.

And it starts to dawn.
I wrote this last year when our lawmakers were about to deliberate the laws involved same-*** marriage but was postponed because there were lots of people protested against it. That upset me a lot, but I thought we must keep pushing or we're gonna lose it.

I didn't personly experience what I wrote, but this conversation must happen a lot between real-life same-*** couples. And I think it's beautiful.
433 · Aug 2017
After Midnight
Jean Lin Aug 2017
After midnight, after I'm fed up with your lie
I pack up all my stuff and leave you behind
The bound between us that used to be tight
Now has become so heavy
That it sinks to somewhere I cannot find
And you keep on pretending everything is fine
Keep on blowing your pipe

But I am tired of all this disguise
Because Deep down I know
this gap has gone too wide
I have to give up reaching for the other side

Now, after midnight,
You get down on your knees and cry
Begging me not to resign
From being your wife
I say: Sorry, but I gotta fix up my mind.
429 · Feb 2017
It's Wet and Cold
Jean Lin Feb 2017
It's wet and cold
But the world is run on gold
So you'd betta get out of the door
And work your *** off

And at the end of the day
You'd be disappointed at your pay
What you get isn't what you expect
Plain dough is all that you collect

"It's not even enough for dope!"
You take it up with your boss

"Listen, kid. You gotta be patient.
I guarantee one day you'll own gold,
maybe when you get to this old
like me. But not now, kid, not now."
That's what he told.
420 · Oct 2017
Irrelevant to poetry
Jean Lin Oct 2017
We talk about breakfast
We talk about lunch
We talk about dinner
Sometimes "¿como estás?"
Or "buongiorno" "obrigado"
Even "aisiteru"

We fight with each other even when we speak the same language
We don't understand each other even when we share the same culture backgrounds
We hurt each other even when we live under the same roof

But most of the time,
We help each other even if we don't know the one who is in need
We offer comfort to each other even if the one who is suffering is not from our family
We hold hands with each other even if there is a war going on between our countries

Let's just forget about the differences we hold from each other
Let's learn to embrace the diversities we have against each other
Let's just make peace possible in this falling-apart world
Sorry, I'm here to promote my whatsapp group in which we chat in English

if any english native speaker feel like joining us?
407 · Jan 2017
My Lover
Jean Lin Jan 2017
My lover's a spider
And the world's toppest weaver
"Weave me a dreamcatcher"
Got one at the snap of a finger
Most of all, he's also a very good kisser
374 · Jan 2017
Made of Rainbow
Jean Lin Jan 2017
Red is my blood
Always energetic
Strongly and steadily give me support
Keeping me alive

Orange is my heart
Full of compassion
Warm and bright and it’s contagious
So I keep it open to everyone

Yellow is my skin
What I was born with
You can see where I came from at the first sight
And I am proud of it

Green is my mind
Peace-loving and nature-attached
Long for no fight
But will always stand with what is right

Blue is my thought
As calm and clean as the sky
So you see no shadows in my eyes

Purple is my spirit
I am noble not because of my property
But merely who I am

I am made of rainbow
And I know you are, too.
Thank Hello Poetry for granting my membership! It took a loooong time that I thought they're not gonna take me in. I'm glad I'm in :)

I don't know if what I create can be categorized as poems or not, either way, I enjoy the process and wish maybe someone will be cheered up by reading them. That would be great!
369 · Jan 2017
To America
Jean Lin Jan 2017
Now that President Trump is a sure thing
And 2016 is ending
People should be preparing
For the worst thing we have foreseen
Could actually happen
After he moves into the White House next Spring
Though it's none of my business since I am Taiwanese, I wrote this after 12/19, 2016. This morning I saw the news that your president force your environment agency to delete informations on climate change and Mississippi is allowing business refuse to offer service to gay people. This is sad. I don't know what America will become, but I'm sure you will shake the world greatly.
350 · Aug 2017
Rainbow Is about LOVE
Jean Lin Aug 2017
love is red
love is passion
not seeing blood

love is orange
love is warmth
not tasting sour

love is yellow
love is brightness
nothing to do with gold

love is green
love is nature
not longing for the advantage that you never own

love is blue
love is tranquility
not the sobbing sadness

love is purple
love is the delicacy in your performing humanity
not the superficial nobility you hold onto so tight
only to shame nobody
Please, let's not see things with bigotry; let's just see the beauty of life itself.
And I know, here I go again, Rainbow!
Jean Lin Jan 2017
The Decency of Being A Mountain

I have been here on this planet for longer than Jesus Christ's existence,
Even before the dinosaurs took over the reign.

With earth be the mother, tectonic plates be the father,
Together they created me and my other siblings.
Some are like me standing upright and tough,
Named the Mountain, by you human beings.
Some are flat and friendly, be the Ground.
Some are fluid and tolerant, be the Ocean.

With rain be my wife, together
We bring about plenty of trees, flowers, and grasses.

Ground provides you a home, where you get to settle down.
Ocean provides you weather, so that you won't ever get bored with this planet.

And I, as the Mountain, I provides you challenge.
Whenever you feel like going on an adventure
I'm here for you.
I don't especially love the content though.
I just want to write the title.
310 · Jan 2017
For the New Lunar Year
Jean Lin Jan 2017
I do my hair blue
and nails the color of grapefruit
of both hands and foot
to embrace another upcoming calendar of Moon
I hope it will be a year of smooth
For a certain reason, I don't like the term "Chinese calendar."
And I've just found out that it's not exactly a lunar calendar, but whatever......
Jean Lin Jan 2017
Your lover is useful
He is the chef only free for you
He is the plumber wouldn't charge you anything
He is the handy IT guy whenever you have problems with computers

Your lover is thoughtful
He would pick you up when you
have to work late, and even
put a mug of warm milk at your bed side
He would prepare everything you need when you're on period, even be your punchbag
He would not judge you when you've done something so wrong that you even regret it
He would even praise you for being regretful

Your lover is beautiful
He has the body that could rival David
He has the face that puts Adonis to shame
He has the disposition so graceful that Cumberbatch be disgraced

Your lover is so good
that you cross the sea to be with him

Your lover is impeccable
(Yet) Your lover does not speak your language
274 · Feb 2017
Till The Leaves Turn Red
Jean Lin Feb 2017
Till the leaves turn red again
Till we both are brave enough
That we dare to hold hands in broad daylight
We should keep our hands in our own pockets
Or maybe even stop seeing each other
254 · Feb 2017
The Lonely North Wind
Jean Lin Feb 2017
The lonely wind from the north
Gets bored of the monotonous whiteness
When Winter comes
So it decides to go on a trip
Searching for companionship
While it travels
It encounters the bird with long legs
Who usually carries people to the west
To pursue perpetual happiness
"Take me to your nirvana."the wind says
And the bird replies
"But the real paradise is in the south
During this season! Come with me,
I'll take you there!"
So together they go south
246 · Jan 2017
Turn On the Light
Jean Lin Jan 2017
Turn on the light
Let the room be bright
Hold each other tight
Everything's gonna be alright
238 · Feb 2017
Not Really
Jean Lin Feb 2017
Do you hate me? I ask.
"Not really."
Do you love me then?
"Not really."
Do you ever care about me?
"Not really."

Everything that you've ever offered me isn't real
But everything that you've ever received from me is all real
235 · Jan 2017
Jean Lin Jan 2017
Try to pretend to be a thousand things
that I'm not,
like, put myself in pinks
and polka dots.
Care too much about what he thinks,
begging for his nods,
although he doesn't even play on my heartstrings.

I cry out to God.
It commands me to stop
and go discover a million things
that I've already got,
and another man for whom my hearts springs.

There it starts another plot.
228 · Jan 2017
Take A Shower
Jean Lin Jan 2017
Take a shower
Before you touch a flower
For there's nothing holier
Than the fruit of the Nature
This comes in mind while I was taking a shower just now
220 · Jan 2017
Taking a break
Jean Lin Jan 2017
Running out of inspiration
So I take a break
Till I can run again

— The End —