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Jean Lin Jan 2017
Red is my blood
Always energetic
Strongly and steadily give me support
Keeping me alive

Orange is my heart
Full of compassion
Warm and bright and it’s contagious
So I keep it open to everyone

Yellow is my skin
What I was born with
You can see where I came from at the first sight
And I am proud of it

Green is my mind
Peace-loving and nature-attached
Long for no fight
But will always stand with what is right

Blue is my thought
As calm and clean as the sky
So you see no shadows in my eyes

Purple is my spirit
I am noble not because of my property
But merely who I am

I am made of rainbow
And I know you are, too.
Thank Hello Poetry for granting my membership! It took a loooong time that I thought they're not gonna take me in. I'm glad I'm in :)

I don't know if what I create can be categorized as poems or not, either way, I enjoy the process and wish maybe someone will be cheered up by reading them. That would be great!

— The End —