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Jean Lin Oct 2017
We talk about breakfast
We talk about lunch
We talk about dinner
Sometimes "¿como estás?"
Or "buongiorno" "obrigado"
Even "aisiteru"

We fight with each other even when we speak the same language
We don't understand each other even when we share the same culture backgrounds
We hurt each other even when we live under the same roof

But most of the time,
We help each other even if we don't know the one who is in need
We offer comfort to each other even if the one who is suffering is not from our family
We hold hands with each other even if there is a war going on between our countries

Let's just forget about the differences we hold from each other
Let's learn to embrace the diversities we have against each other
Let's just make peace possible in this falling-apart world
Sorry, I'm here to promote my whatsapp group in which we chat in English

if any english native speaker feel like joining us?
Jean Lin Aug 2017
After midnight, after I'm fed up with your lie
I pack up all my stuff and leave you behind
The bound between us that used to be tight
Now has become so heavy
That it sinks to somewhere I cannot find
And you keep on pretending everything is fine
Keep on blowing your pipe

But I am tired of all this disguise
Because Deep down I know
this gap has gone too wide
I have to give up reaching for the other side

Now, after midnight,
You get down on your knees and cry
Begging me not to resign
From being your wife
I say: Sorry, but I gotta fix up my mind.
Jean Lin Aug 2017
love is red
love is passion
not seeing blood

love is orange
love is warmth
not tasting sour

love is yellow
love is brightness
nothing to do with gold

love is green
love is nature
not longing for the advantage that you never own

love is blue
love is tranquility
not the sobbing sadness

love is purple
love is the delicacy in your performing humanity
not the superficial nobility you hold onto so tight
only to shame nobody
Please, let's not see things with bigotry; let's just see the beauty of life itself.
And I know, here I go again, Rainbow!
  Apr 2017 Jean Lin
My skin is
black and blue,
a tender bruise
that matches
my nightly muse.
silently expands
beyond my
So I sit
and observe
as my vision
blurs to
completely obscured,
then finds an even
darker universe.
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