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Jean Lin Feb 2017
We had a fight this morning
But couldn't made up immediately
Then we were off to work

We met on the pitch as rivals
Still upset with each other
Shoving around
Swearing at each other
Like rivals usually do on the pitch

At some point we're so near to
Beat each other up
When he grabbed my **** to provoke me
That really got on my nerves
That I raised my fist at him
"Yeah, go ahead punch me in the face now! Or I'm gonna kiss you on the lips!"
I saw he stared right into my soul
My fist stopped in the air

He did kiss me
The whole stadium went mad
And I didn't know what matters anymore

Yes, you can guess.
We are footballers and rivals on the pitch
Lovers in bed in the dead of night
Let there be more kisses instead of punches. And I hope this happens one day and no one will be mad about it.

— The End —