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Oct 2017
We talk about breakfast
We talk about lunch
We talk about dinner
Sometimes "¿como estás?"
Or "buongiorno" "obrigado"
Even "aisiteru"

We fight with each other even when we speak the same language
We don't understand each other even when we share the same culture backgrounds
We hurt each other even when we live under the same roof

But most of the time,
We help each other even if we don't know the one who is in need
We offer comfort to each other even if the one who is suffering is not from our family
We hold hands with each other even if there is a war going on between our countries

Let's just forget about the differences we hold from each other
Let's learn to embrace the diversities we have against each other
Let's just make peace possible in this falling-apart world
Sorry, I'm here to promote my whatsapp group in which we chat in English

if any english native speaker feel like joining us?
Jean Lin
Written by
Jean Lin  Taiwan
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