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Jay Marie Jun 2016
I am a volcano; I will erupt
I can feel the blood pumping through my head
and it hurts
I've been bottled inside for too long
Oh, how much it makes me want to destroy
Destroy everything in my way
See these tears?
I'm tired, I want out.

Otherwise I'll destroy myself.
Jay Marie Jun 2016
I continue to grow alongside you.
Wanting to swallow you whole.
I am that constant reminder of pain in your heart.
I am that uneasiness in your stomach.
I am the reason you hide and cower.
You know I will take over.
I'll eat you alive,
but I'm not evil.
I'm your protector and guardian.
To keep you from experiencing pain ever again.
I'll save you from the monsters
by becoming one myself.
So use me
or run.
Jay Marie Jun 2016
She struggled to connect
as a result of emotional neglect
from a childhood she never had.
Growing up feeling alone.
She was there, but not.
She was surrounded with love,
but loneliness didn't allay,
for her mind has gone away.
Away, away
somewhere still in solitude.
They noticed this,
and they've tried.
Tried, tried
to find her mind.
Like catching leaves
in the whistling wind.
Feeling their efforts futile,
they stopped.
Oh, how fast they accepted.
Unaware that their efforts were effective.
Where would we go
if tomorrow never came
would the flowers still grow
if we never felt the rain
would you still love me
even after the pain
and miss me when I'm gone

Would fire still burn a flame
and would you call out my name
in dreams that only fade
would you still love me
when our eyes couldn't see
the memories we made

Would yesterday still remain
if I was to hold you again
and your heart I could mend
would you look at me
if I gave you more to see
would you still love me
if we were able to be
what we were in a song
Spiritwind ©2016
Jay Marie May 2016
Look at you!
It's been a rough ride, huh?
Tell me, did you find love?
Or did you fall out of love?
Are you still hanging onto your dreams?
Or did you find another dream?
Are you surrounded with your loved ones?
Or are you loving yourself?
Let me tell you this:
It's not over.
Are you ready to give up?
You probably know already,
but there's still a long road ahead of you.
It's up to you if you want to stop walking,
but it's also up to you on how you walk it.
Jay Marie May 2016
No longer a child;
not yet an adult.
It's at this time
that your emotions
are at its peak.
You see yourself
giving up
and giving in
to all the things
that aren't you
or at least you think
they are.
  May 2016 Jay Marie
Anne Sexton
Watch out for power,
for its avalanche can bury you,
snow, snow, snow, smothering your mountain.

Watch out for hate,
it can open its mouth and you'll fling yourself out
to eat off your leg, an instant *****.

Watch out for friends,
because when you betray them,
as you will,
they will bury their heads in the toilet
and flush themselves away.

Watch out for intellect,
because it knows so much it knows nothing
and leaves you hanging upside down,
mouthing knowledge as your heart
falls out of your mouth.

Watch out for games, the actor's part,
the speech planned, known, given,
for they will give you away
and you will stand like a naked little boy,
******* on your own child-bed.

Watch out for love
(unless it is true,
and every part of you says yes including the toes),
it will wrap you up like a mummy,
and your scream won't be heard
and none of your running will end.

Love? Be it man. Be it woman.
It must be a wave you want to glide in on,
give your body to it, give your laugh to it,
give, when the gravelly sand takes you,
your tears to the land. To love another is something
like prayer and can't be planned, you just fall
into its arms because your belief undoes your disbelief.

Special person,
if I were you I'd pay no attention
to admonitions from me,
made somewhat out of your words
and somewhat out of mine.
A collaboration.
I do not believe a word I have said,
except some, except I think of you like a young tree
with pasted-on leaves and know you'll root
and the real green thing will come.

Let go. Let go.
Oh special person,
possible leaves,
this typewriter likes you on the way to them,
but wants to break crystal glasses
in celebration,
for you,
when the dark crust is thrown off
and you float all around
like a happened balloon.
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