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 Nov 2016 jane taylor
Ami Shae
adrift in an endless sea
of doubt and uncertainty--
but I know the day will come
when somehow
i will once again
find me.
I'm not giving up hope, just not a great swimmer. I'll learn tho...
My eyes were hooked on to the West
Feasting on the riot of colors the sun had cast
I stood dazed at an experience blest
That any poet would treasure with zest

By chance I glanced at the river below
It moved like an overloaded carriage slow
With floating weeds and ***** *******
Reminding one of an ugly heap of trash

I saw partially submerged bottles bobbing on the surface
Gradually filling with ***** water perforce
And slowly sinking down to rest in peace
With their sunken brethren at the river base

Spill of oil glistened iridescent
On the face of the river florescent
Its water was far from clean
But had turned murky green

On the still surface was a layer of ****
Like rancid butter annoying anyone’s calm
Reeking smell of rotten fish and mulch
Entered my nostrils with an obnoxious stench

I closed my eyes and turned my head
And looked away from the river bed
I thought of man’s callous audacity
In assaulting Nature’s pristine vitality

I heard the river’s rising lament
And me it did acutely torment
Any sensitive soul would be left grieving
Seeing the river in such agony heaving

In the far horizon, the sky had grown into flames
I wondered if Nature was mad at man’s tall claims
Suddenly I saw with the eyes of a seer
That Dooms day is drawing near!
Kerala where I live is  small state in the Southern tip of India. It is supposed to be God's Own Country with its beautiful greenery, geographical diversity and high rate of literacy. But unfortunately, the people have yet to learn how to keep public places clean. As a genuine lover of Nature, I am grieved to see how our rivers which some years back ran like silver strips with crystalline waters shining in sunlight have been polluted with industrial waste and other ******* callously thrown and made dangerous with sand mining ! In matters of cleanliness, our people have to learn much from the Westerners and the people of the advanced countries !
On the stage she stood,
a sculpted image

With music,
she began to sway

With rising rhythm,
she gyrated in frenzied joy

Her body flowed like a droplet
on a slimy lotus leaf

As she revolved like a top,
I got lost
in the poetry
in motion!
You are so beautiful I whispered in your ear
My sweetheart you are very near and dear
In our love affair no one can dare to interfere
Beauty is lucid and clear hence love is sincere

I love you ,I love you and love more and more
I appreciate your beauty and bound to adore
Please remain mine and never ever to ignore
Love travels in me, pace to pace pore to pore

Fits of insanity when touch streaks of beauty
Love dangles and dances to be just more free
My love has a plea I am in you you are in me
When love travels in beauty what state could be

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow
Down by the river
Fog dances and swirls
To mists in thought

Down by the river
Swims the desires
we keep hidden deep

Down within the river
Flows the hardwired
reality that speaks

Dance fleet shadows
of souls heavenly
they seek

Down by the river
ache and heartbreak
forms swirling clouds

Down by the river
rising from the tears
we weep loud

Let us dance
our lives radiant , free . . .
Down by the river
Inspised by the music of Shakey Graves
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